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Mobile App SEO Strategies To Rank On Top Of Search Results

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Mobile App SEO Strategies

The leading retail brands and mobile apps for food chains etc. are getting benefited tremendously now with increased visibility for them through the organic search results of Google. You can search for Amazon, Groupon, QVC, Uber, or Target to find their apps listed. Alongside the website listing of the brands, there are local listings and social profiles also of searcher interest that could be seen.

The most exciting news for the search engine optimizers was that the organic listing of apps came along with the install button on the search results. With this, the users can instantly install the apps of their choice directly from the search engine result pages. Giving credit to the deep linking capability, users also could be sent directly to the page or product of their interest within an installed app from the SERP instead of landing on the homepage. However, so far, this is available only for Android apps. Along with this, using the short links ( for Android and iOS apps, users will be sent directly to the exact content they search for if the app is already installed.

Mobile app marketing

As Google now confirms that the majority of the online searches are now happening through mobile devices than desktop, the importance of app being visible on mobile searches is very important. For businesses that have an app, mobile app marketing should be a priority. Along with the optimization of the website, app store optimization too to be considered as a vital part of mobile marketing by keeping all relevant aspects of it in mind.

In this article, we are listing the most relevant things one should know about mobile app SEO to get your apps listed on top of the search results.

1. Optimizing app popularity in organic search

This new opportunity has popped as a byproduct of the syncing of desktop and mobile search worlds. There is increasing popularity for apps, which is now redefining the web link graph around the Android Market and App Store. The most “Popular Apps” at the App Store and marketplace are driven by the number of downloads as well as the ratings by the users. However, the app profile page of these apps is web pages like any other page.

As the search engines index pages and rank apps for listing for the mobile search users, the app-mania tend to drive the expansion of backlinks to apps and the social popularity of these profile web pages. This can further result in an increasing influence of these on the organic search engine results.

2. Let your app name feature your brand name prominently

For the App Store and Android market, it is the app name which doubles up as the anchor text for the link. In order to get the listing link to your app profile, you may best use your brand name as the link to relate it easily. You can see how well Amazon, Groupon, and eBay are doing this. Along with this, also feature the brand name in the URL of the download page as well.

3. Keep a link to the profile page of the app from home page

To ensure app search optimization, you need to set the goal as link equity for the most relevant pages at the app download pages. You need first to consider making a landing page that is dedicated to the app with it reviews, features, screenshots, etc. However, this must have a link to the most relevant pages of the site and also follow the other met the other tips we discuss here to ensure entry to the first page for the brand queries.

4. Embed the brand name at the link text to download the page

Many of the app promoters make the mistake of linking to the profile page for the app without including the brand name on the link test. The common link texts are like “Download the Android App” or even worse “Available on App Store” with graphics. However, this is a big opportunity missed. Instead, you need to wisely use the anchor text t make it more relevant for optimization. You should signal the App page as to what the destined app is all about. More specific link text could be “Download Walmart Android app” or “Get Walmart App for iOS” etc.

5. Offer QR link for app download

The usage of QR codes will give the desktop visitor an opportunity to gain access to the app download easily. This QR should be embedded in such a way to rigger install the download of the app on the right onto the device used for scanning. You should also compress the link before generating the QR for it.

The native Android and iOS app page URLs may exceed 50 characters, which further produces high-density QR codes and may fail to scan properly if displayed in reduced size. So, for the best results, you should compress the link or. We can expect that QR also will become a major ranking signal for mobile searches over the next couple of years. So, this is the right time for you to start experimenting with it.

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6. Try and cross-promote apps to searchers, bots, and mobile users

This is one area where you can do magic in-app search visibility. You may already have a mobile audience for you to make it further easier to be discovered through relevant mobile pages of your app. When the Android or iPhone browsers get your site, either desktop or mobile version, it provides a link on top of the page for users to download the appropriate app version of it based on their device.

We may assume that the desktop pages got indexed in the search engines may redirect appropriately for mobile searchers. So, for app SEO, you may also make sure that the latest smartphone Googlebot is able to crawl your app links from the mobile pages too by using an anchor text which is properly branded.

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