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Build a high performance application backend with VOCSO, your trusted backend development company. We leverage most advanced frameworks and practices to build robust foundation, which is scalable, reliable, performant, and efficient.

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  • Web App Backend Development

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    We build a strong foundation encapsulating the business logic and databases that power your feature-rich web applications, ensuring seamless functionality and performance. This ships with a secure administrative panel for accessing insights and data

  • Mobile App Backend Development


    We build a robust infrastructure for your mobile app, enabling data synchronization and real-time communication while ensuring a secure and reliable experience for users. This ships with a secure administrative panel for accessing insights and data.

  • API Development & Integration


    Code reliable APIs to seamlessly interface with backend and front end applications, allowing them to communicate and share data efficiently.

  • Custom Backend Development

    Custom Backend Development icon

    We create a completely unique backend platform to meet your highly personalized project requirements, offering flexibility and scalability for diverse front end applications.

  • Custom CMS Development

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    Custom content management system from scratch to give organizations full control over any type of content you wish to manage.

  • NodeJS Development

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    Leverage NodeJs for high-performance and scalable modern server-side applications, ideal for real-time web applications and APIs.

  • Strapi Headless CMS


    Leverage Strapi, a flexible and open-source headless CMS built on NodeJS, for efficient and versatile content management for modern websites and applications

  • Maintenance and Support

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    Ongoing maintenance and support to keep your APIs and integrations running smoothly.

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engagement models

Dedicated ResourcesDedicated Resources/ Team Hiring

With a Dedicated Team of experienced Backend Developers at your disposal, you control the whole development experience.

  • black tick arrow 160 Hours of full time
  • black tick arrow No Hidden costs
  • black tick arrow Monthly Billing
  • black tick arrow Dedicated account manager
  • black tick arrow Seamless communication
  • black tick arrow Transparent tracking & reporting
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Fixed CostFixed Cost
(Project Based)

This model provides cost predictability and is ideal for well-defined projects with a clear scope, where changes are minimized, and the project stays within a fixed budget

  • black tick arrow Budget predictability
  • black tick arrow Well-defined scope
  • black tick arrow Cost efficiency
  • black tick arrow Milestone-based progress
  • black tick arrow Quality assurance
  • black tick arrow Transparent reporting
  • black tick arrow Seamless communication
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Time Resources BasedTime & Resources Based (Pay As You Go)

You pay as you go, leveraging a flexible approach where you're billed for actual hours spent by our backend developers.

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  • black tick arrow Agile adaptability
  • black tick arrow Efficient resource use
  • black tick arrow Transparency
  • black tick arrow Ongoing communication
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How does it work?

Tech Consultaion

Project Discovery And Proposal

Understand your requirements and agree on commercials.

wireframe design

Architectural Planning

Based on thorough discussion and strategy

  • Develop a high-level architecture plan.
  • Select the appropriate technology stack.
  • Identify major components and modules.
  • Define component relationships.
  • Describe data flow within the application
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Schema Design & Environment Setup

Add functionalities with plugins and customization

  • Select the appropriate database system (SQL, NoSQL).
  • Set up the chosen database system.
  • Design the database schema.
  • Provision hosting instance.
  • Configure network settings, security groups, and firewall rules.
  • Set up a CI server (e.g., Jenkins, Travis CI, GitHub Actions)
content setup Icon


Make your website business ready

  • Implement core backend logic and functionality.
  • Develop APIs, routes, controllers, and services.
  • Handle business logic.
  • Integrate with external services (e.g., payment gateways, third-party APIs).
Test Launch Support

Testing & Deployment

Perform complete quality checks and go live

  • Conduct comprehensive testing.
  • Deploy the application in a production environment.
  • Create automated deployment pipelines.
  • Monitor the application's performance and functionality in a real-world environment.

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1Headless Backend Development with Strapi - a NodeJS based backend framework

Headless backend development is becoming popular for its faster development speed, scalability and flexibility. Strapi is a Node.js-based backend framework, empowers developers to create serverless backends efficiently.

Strapi facilitates easy management of content type and content, builds APIs, and implements user authentication, within a flexible architecture. This combined with an intuitive admin interface makes it even more desired.

Headless Backend Development with Strapi - a NodeJS based backend framework

2Choosing the Right Backend Technology for Your backend application

Selecting the right backend technology is critical for your application's success. Key considerations include scalability, development speed, community support, and security.

Popular choices include NodeJs, Python, PHP, Java, and Ruby, along with frameworks like ExpressJs, Django, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and Spring Boot.

When it comes to databases, options like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Redis offer versatility. To make the best choice, we look into the objectives and factors such as scalability, development speed, security, ease of management and cost implications.

3Best Practices for Efficient Backend Development

We follow a set of refined guidelines and practices for creating backend applications for building a platform that adheres to the requirements, is robust, scalable, secure and reliable.

Over the years, these practices have proved to be critical to ensuring that backend application not only operates with maximum efficiency but also scales effectively, meeting the evolving demands of your application.

  • Efficiency: We focus on efficiency in every aspect of the application, keep the code simple and focused on each functional task.

  • Database Optimization: Optimize database design, leveraging techniques such as normalization, indexing, and structured modeling.

  • Scalability Strategies: Optionally utilize horizontal and vertical scaling, along with modular microservices, for flexible and efficient architecture.

  • Performance Excellence: Focus on performance optimization, including code efficiency, query optimization, and algorithm enhancements.

  • Robust Security Measures: Prioritize security with encryption, authentication, and access control to safeguard your system and data.

  • Error Handling: We follow strong error handling and logging practices to discover and resolve any unidentified issues during the development.

  • Quality Assurance: We perform all essential tests ( unit, integration, and end-to-end testing ) to ensure consistent high quality of the backend application.

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Develop clear well organized documentation to aid in troubleshooting, future enhancements, better collaboration and knowledge sharing

  • .
  • Efficient Deployment: Utilize DevOps practices and CI/CD pipelines to automate deployment and configuration for efficiency.

4Securing Your Backend: Best Practices and Strategies

A backend platform must implement best security practices and mechanisms to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities and defeat any attempt to gain unauthorized access. We follow some or all of these practices based on the nature of the project.

  • Authentication: Every access should be properly authenticated and authorized based on role/permission.

  • Data Encryption: Encrypt all sensitive data while submitting and storing.

  • Input Validation: Property validate and sanitize form inputs to devoid common security bypass attempts like SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

  • Implementation of firewalls: Utilize software firewalls to monitor, identify and mitigate any malicious attempts.

  • Regular Software Updates: Keep all tools and components, such as operating system, web server, and packages, up to date. These come with patches for new security vulnerabilities.

  • Tokens, Keys & Security Headers: Secure your API endpoints are secured with appropriate security headers, tokens, keys, and/or OAuth to limit access to authorized users and enhance overall security in the application.

  • Audit Trails and Logging: Implement detailed logging and audit trails to track system activity and detect unauthorized access or suspicious behavior.

  • Two-Factor Authentication: Enable 2FA for user accounts to add an extra layer of security for any sensitive activity or data access.

  • Data Backups and Recovery mechanism: Setup regular and fail-safe data backups, which can be easily restored from, in case of hacks or data loss.

  • Adherence to necessary compliance: Backend may be required to adhere to industry specific regulations, such as GDPR for data privacy.

5Building a Scalable Backend Module

Most of the applications are developed to grow and hence the backend needs to be able to support. Backend module plays a crucial role in ensuring that your front end application can accommodate growth and increased traffic without any foreseeable performance bottlenecks.

  • Estimate for the amount of data you may achieve over the next 6 months, 1 year and 2 years and accordingly plan for the server resources

  • Adapt the use of microservices approach to break functionalities into less complex and independently deployable services.

  • Use of cloud servers to accommodate growing needs. E.g. static media files could be stored on AWS S3 or Cloudinary.

  • Implementation of caching strategies to reduce load on database and improve its speed.

  • Develop clear well organized documentation to aid in troubleshooting and future enhancements

6Essential Components and Deliverables of Backend Development

The deliverables or components of backend development can vary depending on the specific project, but these are some essential components, that are the part of most backend development projects:

  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): APIs are interfaces that allow different software components to communicate with each other. Backend developers typically create APIs to allow frontend developers to access and interact with the backend systems.

  • Databases: Databases are used to store and manage data. Backend developers typically choose and implement the right database for the specific project, and they also develop code to interact with the database and perform database operations.

  • Business logic: Business logic is the code that implements the core functionality of the application. This could include things like processing payments, managing user accounts, or generating reports.

  • Access Control: A module that governs who and how these backend services can be used. Required security measures include things like authentication, authorization, and encryption.

  • Deployment and maintenance: Backend developer team is responsible for deploying and maintaining ( optional ) the backend systems. This includes everything from provisioning the required server, setting up the environment, configuring IP/domain c and monitoring system performance.

  • Administration panels: A secure administration interface allows the authorized personals only to access the functionality/data in the backend. This ideally includes the ability to create new content, users, access reports and handle configurations.

  • Background tasks: Some applications may require certain tasks/processing to be done in the background, without any user interaction. This may include things like sending email or text notifications, report generations, payment reminders, checking subscription expiration, etc.

  • Third Party Integrations: Integration with any third party tools/APIs to facilitate functionalities, such as SMTP for sending out emails, processing payments, generating AI based content, analytics tools, etc.

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frequently asked questions

You should choose our Backend Application Development Company because:

1. Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced backend developers who excel in backend development.

2. We have a proven track record of delivering successful projects to clients worldwide.

3. Our client-centric approach ensures a deep understanding of your unique business requirements, leading to tailor-made solutions.

4. We provide cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, ensuring a high return on investment.

We ensure application compliance and data privacy protection through:

1. Signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to safeguard your confidential information.

2. Adhering to specific industry regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and others, as needed.

3. Implementing secure coding practices and robust data protection measures.

4. Conducting thorough employee verification before recruitment.

5. Establishing advanced security measures like firewalls, encryption, and VPN services to prevent online security breaches.

We specialize in a wide range of technologies and frameworks for backend development. Our expertise spans across NodeJS, PHP, Laravel, Python and Strapi.

Absolutely, most of the projects require APIs in order to interface with front end applications such as websites and mobile apps.

We ensure timely delivery and project deadline adherence by:

1. Utilizing agile development methodologies for flexibility and adaptability.

2. Maintaining transparent communication throughout the project.

3. Assigning dedicated project managers to monitor progress and resolve issues promptly.

4. Conducting regular quality assurance checks and testing phases to meet project milestones.

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