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Website Pricing Calculator, Free and Fast

You are probably tired of the different quotes being given by different agencies. The quote that you get from one website design agency might vary from the quote you get from another agency. This is because of known and mostly unknown and illogical reasons. Our Website Pricing Calculator is a quick, transparent way to estimate how much it will cost taking into account all of the factors that go into building a website, before you spend a penny

Budgeting for your website has never been this easy. We provide an easy to use a calculator that lets you determine how much you should be planning on spending on your website.

Instantly Get a Web Design Cost Estimate with Our Fast and Free Website Design Cost Calculator

When you're building a website, it's easy to get lost in the details and lose track of your overall project budget. It's also easy to spend more than you need to by adding features that aren't necessary.

This tool will be beneficial no matter what you need the website for. All you have to do is choose the features/options from the simple interface, and you'll have your comprehensive estimations with component breakdowns. The pricing is very transparent. As a result, if you decide to add or remove a feature, the pricing will be modified proportionally, providing you with an accurate cost estimate.

The web designers to consider

When researching for a web designer, potential clients need to see if the company can create professional and quality results. Businesses looking for a web designer want someone who will be able to stick within their budget and still produce great work. You should always research a potential web designer because you have to work within your budget.

Freelance Designers

Freelancers are generally available for a price and can be on your side for as long as contract runs. They have creative freedom without company restraints, they're affordable and they're generally creative people. The disadvantage of hiring a freelancer is that they can't dedicate themselves to getting things done the way you want them. They lack the understanding to maintain work after the initial project finishes, which means the website may devolve quickly or be difficult to edit in the future.

Website Budget using Freelance Designers

$8/hour $85/hour
min max

International corporations

When you hire a web design company, they can get the job done quicker than single freelancer because they have more designers working on it. The disadvantage is that the corporate giants have a hard time meeting client goals because of the sheer amount of work they are doing. International partners also make it difficult to coordinate.

Website Budget using International corporations

$1,000 $1,600
min max

Specialized Design Agencies

Design agencies are generally more expensive than either outsourcing or using online tools. However, design agencies offer a wider variety of services than freelancers and can provide content with the same level of quality.

Website Budget using design agency

$1,000 $150,000+
min max

Understand Your Costs with VOCSO's Website Cost Calculator

When you’re planning your website budget, it can be tricky to balance how much you spend and the website’s value. Vocso’s website cost calculator provides you with the cost to see how much your site might cost based on its features and complexity, or how much different features would increase your costs. In order to understand the true cost of web design, you need to consider what the website is going to do for your business in the future. The value of a webpage isn’t just determined by its price - it’s also about how easy it is for potential customers to find and access your site.

There are many factors that can influence the cost of a website. Each factor has a different effect on the price of the site, some small, some large. If your site is being built on WordPress and you're going for more than one level, it will be more expensive. However, if your company does not offer a high volume of traffic, that could be one of the less expensive factors. Figuring out what factors would influence an individual website to be more or less expensive could help you know how much you should spend on it before building it. See the top factors that influence the cost of a website and what factors our website cost calculator considers when providing you a cost estimation:

Website Cost Variation Based on the Size of a Business

It’s true, that the size of a business on the primary website cost factor. If you’re part of a company that’s considering a web design budget, you have to think about the size of your business. There are certain criteria to consider when figuring out just how much you can spend on web design. For example, how big is your company, and how big are your aspirations? Are you a small business that will grow quickly in the next few years or are you an established corporate presence that wants to maintain its position as industry alpha? Your answer to these questions will guide your decision about the kind of website design that you want to pursue. The calculator on our site was developed with this in mind. So let's know exactly what type of business we're talking about.

A. Small Business Web Design

If you're the owner of a small business, the last thing you need is to spend any more money. So first, make sure your site's basic elements are in place. This includes things like a logo, navigation, sitemap, and homepage design. Then, work on areas that will give your company the most competitive edge such as language and content updates. Unfortunately, working on a smaller budget means you can’t treat everything at once. Instead, decide what your immediate priorities are and start implementing these changes as soon as possible. For example, a website overhaul will probably require more time and resources than creating a sitemap or a homepage redesign. Start with the easier tasks. Working up to this long-term project will help you achieve success in the short term, too!

Website Budget using Small Business Website

$1,000 $2,000
min max

B. Medium Business Web Design

If you manage a medium-size business website then you can get benefitted from following the same design strategies that help small businesses. With all the enhancements you can make to your web design for medium-sized businesses, you can go beyond the basics and incorporate web design elements that are more geared toward growth. By incorporating growth strategies into your web design, you will show your competition that you’re ready to give them a run for their money. You don't need to conduct a full website overhaul in order to improve your company's online presence because by simply adding more focused designs, your business will stand out from the crowd.

Website Budget using Medium Business Website

$2,000 $3,000
min max

C. Large Business Web Design

So, how do you tackle design when you have a large business? When it comes to web design for businesses of any size, it's important to invest in development. With custom web design, you can create an experience that is clean, easy to navigate, and highly eye-catching. You’ll also be able to get the best design elements to help your site stand out from the competition. There are no limits on what constitutes a great design for businesses that need high-quality website development. The trick is to create a site that customers will be engaging with and one that will produce results. A large business needs something that looks polished and professional as well as easy to navigate. When you’re operating a large business, your competition is constantly breathing down your neck, from local businesses to big corporations. You need to make sure that your website looks the best possible they can in order to beat out your competitor.

Website Budget using Large Business Website

$6,500 $10,000
min max

D. Corporate Web Design

When it comes to web design and graphics, many companies in the industry choose corporations as their customers. That's when the real fun begins! When you're at a higher level of success, you have a lot more money with which to spend on your website's design. But for a small business web design can be challenging because of low gross annual earnings. Similarly, the big-size Corporate businesses have no challenge for funds because they are already established. Their primary concern is to establish and maintain themselves as the top brand in a niche industry. If you’re the big man on campus, then your primary concern is to establish and maintain yourself as the industry's top dog. That takes a lot of money and a lot of time. Designing websites that perform properly and are easily navigable by your visitors, not just their current visitors but also the ones looking for you in the future. That’s where the web design budget comes into play. With so many possible outcomes, it can get really pricey really fast. Don’t go all-in blindly without considering your budget first. This doesn't apply only to website design but also to other aspects like logo, and marketing materials(ads).

Website Budget using Corporate Website

$0 $10,000+
min max

VOCSO on Business Size

VOCSO has been in business for a long time now, starting with a few people 10 years ago and quickly growing to a team of more than 30. From the beginning, we’ve been focused on providing web design, development, and marketing services for all-size businesses. Our aim was never to be the biggest but rather to be the best at what we do. In recent years, even larger companies have approached us looking for help in mobile app development and website design. The size of your company means nothing in terms of what you can achieve using our services. There’s no need to pick between a small and large company when you can work with anyone who needs support!

Website Cost Variation Based on the Level of Design

There are different levels to web design, and they all impact a website’s final cost, which is why our website design pricing calculator includes design options. With our pricing calculator, you can easily see how much your website will cost based on the level of design and features. A top-of-the-line website offers many interactive qualities to help improve the user experience, and that’s fine for high-end projects, but each project is unique so it might be better to save on some of those higher levels of design for more budget-friendly projects. See the levels of website design:

A. Basic Web Design

What's the difference between a website and a basic web design? The main difference is that a basic website provides only the bare essentials of what makes a website look attractive. However, despite its lack of features, it can still be effective in some industries where it may cost too much or just not worth the cost to build out a custom CMS. This is why businesses should consider using a basic website to provide all they need. Basic website design is easy to pick up and implement for any business and the most affordable of all website types. This type of website design is also the best way to keep it simple and avoid budget-busting costs. For these reasons, a basic website is great for startups that are just starting out and maybe unsure of their target market.

Website Budget using Basic Web Design

$2,000 $3,000+
min max

B. Standard Web Design

If you want to start a company and look good doing it, consider standard web design. Standard designs typically allow for more personalized branding, which means people will remember your site over the other companies out there. With standard website design, you have all the essential features but there is one downside is that they don’t provide as much flexibility as custom website design does. This doesn’t mean that standard websites are bad or anything! They’re great for starting small businesses and getting noticed in the industry quickly.

Website Budget using Standard Web Design

$3,000 $5,000+
min max

C. Excellent Web Design

Excellent web design often means using a combination of patterns, colors, and fonts to create a more unified message for the viewer. The seamless use of the website's design is what makes it so successful, as well as being innovative with new fonts or colors on specific pages. This can help create an identity that’s easily distinguishable from other sites in your field. Successful web design is not cookie-cutter if your company does something to set itself apart from its competitors. One way for a business to do this is to create an excellent web design based on their desire to become the number one in their industry.

Website Budget using Excellent Web Design

$5,000 $10,000+
min max

D. World-Class Web Design

So what makes a world-class web design? At the top tier, web designs include all of the cutting-edge trends and functions that site visitors would expect from a premier company. These designs are streamlined combinations of visual effects, UX, customer interaction, and more. When a business uses a world-class web design with an equally strong UX design, they place themselves in a league of their own, raising the bar to force their competition to catch up. And in the meantime, they reap the benefits of being the best. That's why companies like these hire trendsetters who understand how to work with global audiences in order to keep up with changing times and meet ever-evolving market demands.

Website Budget using World-Class Web Design

$10,000 $15,000+
min max

VOCSO on Web Design

After years of working with small and large companies, we at VOCSO decided to take a few minutes to discuss the realities of web design options. It seems as though more often than not, there is hesitation when it comes to picking the right design for their website. This is natural because most people are afraid that their choice will be wasted when their competition gets the same advice and chooses a different path. The best web design option to go with is the one that's going to work best for you. This means it will fit your budget, meet your goals and help make you happy. There are other factors that you should consider as well, such as fit and market viability. VOCSO help business owners build a better website so that they can offer their products or services to more people in the industry. That said, our focus is always on what works for the business owner, not for marketing purposes.

Website Cost Variation Based on the Functionality

Website Cost Variation Based on the Functionality. The degree of functionality When we talk about function, we mean the capabilities of your web design. Interacting with customers, offering useful to visitors, and selling products are all examples of different levels of function. Like web design itself, the function can range from the bare necessities to an enthralling experience. With our website design pricing calculator, you can select needed functionality, like for an eCommerce site.

A. Simple Website Functionality

When it comes to your website, there are choices that you need to make about what your site will look like and what your business will offer and you have a few options when it comes to costs. Some people prefer a simple, low-cost option. Others want a beefed-up website with fancier features than the straight, basic options. Before you commit to a website, try the basic website functionality offered. This will allow your business to have a splashy, professional-looking web presence while staying within your budget. You won't be able to offer everything that some of the larger websites do, but starting out simple is an important step in growing your brand into something special and exciting.

Website Budget using Simple Functionality

$2,000 $4,000+
min max

B. Advanced Website Functionality

In a recent study, we found that people are spending more time on the internet than ever before. With this increased time online, web design needs to become more advanced to keep up with the demand for new interactions. The concept behind advanced functionality encourages your website’s visitors to experience what you have to offer. They might create an account to access information, shop for products on an eCommerce site, or look through a listing of different downloads to find one that they want. Regardless of the specifics, advanced functionality in web design makes a site more versatile, engaging, and user-friendly. So how do advanced features make websites more exciting? The answer is simple: they give people more choices and opportunities to interact with your content and services.

Website Budget using Advanced Functionality

$4,000 $10,000+
min max

C. Enterprise Website Functionality

When it comes to website design, there's a huge difference between the industry and enterprise-level features. This can be done by choosing your Enterprise level CMS (Content Management System). Its sole purpose is to allow businesses to combine several industries together, allowing each company on a website like yours to use its own website navigation, layout, and content-driven features. An enterprise website design takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not something you can just slap together with some basic code, though, so that’s why I wanted to talk to you today. If your company is looking for a great way to both improve its online presence and make an impression on competitors, an enterprise website design is a way to go. For example, let’s say your business offers a service or product across multiple cities. Instead of building four different websites for each city, you can simply build one single enterprise website design that clubs all those cities under one roof; it will set you apart from the competition and earn your company a greater customer loyalty rate as well.

Website Budget using Enterprise Functionality

$10,000 $25,000+
min max

VOCSO on Website Functionality

Our team at VOCSO can create virtually any level of functionality for your website. We love to challenge ourselves and our clients with the connections we develop between a company’s needs, budget, and goals to find what really works best for them. The truth is, that simpler websites are more cost-effective and easier to maintain over time. However, as long as companies challenge themselves with more complex sites in the fields that they’re passionate about, they’re still making an impact and will have success in the end. One of the most important decisions to make when building a website is determining the level of functionality. This decision will have implications not just for company goals, but for website visitors as well, so it’s best to be prepared. VOCSO can provide something for everyone — everyday functionality or highly functional, involved websites.

Website Cost Estimate Based on the Type of Content Management System

Depending on the content management system (CMS) at your company, the cost to manage a website can vary dramatically. It all depends on how much expertise you want in-house and what features your CMS has to offer. Content management systems are incredibly helpful for updating websites without going to a designer or developer for code. These behind-the-scenes programs allow a company to make changes to the pages of their sites without the required know-how of coding, servers, and other technical details. Instead, all of that knowledge is compressed and simplified into an attractive, easy-to-use layout that lets anyone alter a website without modifying the actual code behind the pages. So the type of CMS is one of the big factors that hugely influence your website cost.

A. Basic Content Management Systems

As a business owner, it can be difficult to determine what your website is going to cost. One way to get an estimate is to use the Basic CMS option on the CMS provider’s website. You can choose between a few different types of packages that have varying price points, depending on how much functionality you need. A basic CMS is a great starting point for web design, as it gives a business the base-level functionality of adding and altering individual pages. With a basic package, companies can usually update a homepage, landing pages, and possibly blog posts. While that might not sound like much, the ability to quickly and easily refine a few key pages on a site can significantly improve the site’s overall design and SEO.

Website Budget using Basic CMS

$2,000 $4,000+
min max

B. Advanced Content Management Systems

Let's say you want to put new content on your website - it may be a blog post, product launch, or rebranding. You need to get this information out there quickly in order to capture the value that is coming with your change. If you don't have an advanced content management system, then you could potentially spend hours of coding time (and even more than that if it's not up-to-date). With this kind of CMS, you can roll out the update without needing to worry about all those hours of coding time. Advanced content management system (CMS), you have better reach with huge gains in the accessibility of your design for the company database. The new technology has integrated with pre-existing technologies which can save some time on development work.

Website Budget using Advanced CMS

$4,000 $10,000+
min max

C. Full Content Management Systems

A full content management system is a website that gives you complete control, without any back-end coding whatsoever. Most website owners are under the impression that a CMS requires advanced skills or knowledge of programming languages, but this simply isn’t true. With some basic training and knowledge of WordPress and HTML, anyone can use a CMS to support their website, greatly expanding its functionality and usability. The Full content management systems features allow enough customization to make any change to your site without the necessity for back-end coding whatsoever. Instead of having to go through long procedures, someone can control any element on a page and easily create whole new pages in an hour. Whether someone's writing a blog or adding a product, a full CMS covers it all

Website Budget using Advanced CMS

$10,000 $25,000+
min max

VOCSO on Content Management Systems

VOCSO believes CMSs are a huge time saver and they should be used in every case. These systems can make managing your site much easier and provide a ton of functionality whether you're using it for business or personal use. It's not difficult to get started with these services, either: WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs on the market and straightforward to teach yourself with each update. A CMS can be an absolute godsend in terms of making your website easier to manage.

Website Price Estimate Based on Database Integration

Let's take a look at the grade of database integration. Database integration involves connecting a website to vaults of data. This data can be virtually anything you can imagine, including inventory management, customer usernames, credit card information, downloads, directories, and more. Databases are necessary for back-end web design, particularly for large, information-heavy sites. Integrating databases into a website allows customers and employees to access information on any relevant topics without leaving a site, and it also lets businesses store personalized user data so they can plan better UX designs.

There are a lot of factors that make up website cost, one being database integration. These integrations usually offer many benefits, however, they do come at a cost. Depending on the complexity of the project and your goals. The most important factor that impacts a website's cost is database integration. Database integration involves connecting a website to vaults of data. This data can be virtually anything you can imagine, including inventory management, customer usernames, credit card information, downloads, directories, and more.

That's why the VOCSO price estimator tool includes a database factor to calculate a website design cost.

A. Basic Database Integration

As for what to expect when it comes to the cost of building a website with integrated databases, that will depend on the size of the website. Basic database integration will be the least expensive form of information organization and retrieval, but websites that offer additional features such as content creation and management will carry a greater overall price tag. This type of integration allows for standard username/password storage, and it could also work for small quantities of downloadable files, directories, or other data. With those basic functionalities integrated into a website, users become more trustworthy immediately.

Website Budget using Basic Database Integration

$2,000 $4,000+
min max

B. Advanced Database Integration

To get a full view of the overall cost of website design, consider adding Advanced database integration. With this added feature, you can complete tasks like adding secure webpages with varying levels of access, tracking eCommerce shopping carts, housing a content management system, and more. This level of database integration is a great standard for any company, even new startups, because of its range of possibilities. On the downside, it’ll drive up the price of web design as a whole. Using Advanced database integration will increase the cost of web design because it gives companies more information storage abilities than non-integrated websites. However, it’s still a great option for new sites as long as they already have a linear website.

Website Budget using Advanced Database Integration

$4,000 $10,000+
min max

C. Full Database Integration

It takes a lot of time and money to create a website. That's why you need something that can increase revenue with little time or cost. What is this magic something? Full database integration will take your website to a new level. It's a high-level and high-speed service that provides big companies with everything they need to make their websites capable of handling huge amounts of information, data, and customers. Full database integration also creates a beautiful UX design that any company would be happy to use.

Website Budget using Full Database Integration

$10,000 $25,000+
min max

VOCSO on Database Integration

It is important for businesses to secure comprehensive data across the enterprise. However, many companies do not have access to a central data resource and therefore they suffer from poor visibility into their full business process. This can lead to faulty decision-making that could lead to lost profits as well as missed opportunities if it takes too long to retrieve what you need. To improve your business, you want complete visibility into where key information is located in your company and to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Database integration is great just because of how much time it can save you year after year. The amount of time it takes someone to retrieve information from unintegrated sources may not seem like much, but it can add up over the life.

When determining the cost of web design, you need to take into account the various factors that can influence the price, including specific needs and requirements. Here we’ve explored some key considerations when preparing your budget for a web design project. But in our website price estimator there are more than 20 factors used to determine a website cost.

Why Businesses Should Choose Vocso for Website Design and Development

VOCSO has some of the most unfiltered web design experience in the industry. Our team is constantly challenging ourselves with new techniques and trends and we’ve been able to achieve exponential success when coming up with new ideas and utilizing innovation. WebFX can adapt to the way your business is growing on a daily basis. We are always learning new skills, crafts, advice, tips, and tricks it’s no wonder that our services have had such an outstanding response time. As a custom website design agency, VOCSO understands the need to provide you with an interactive and effective online presence. A website is more than your blog it's where visitors come to find out more about your company and products. With this in mind, we make sure you're equipped with the web design knowledge you need, taking care of all of the various design options so you can focus on what's important.


About the VOCSO web design cost calculator

The cost of designing a website ranges from $1000 to $15,000.

The cost of website design can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the size and complexity of the site, the market in which it will be used, and the specific needs of the client. In general, however, most website design projects will fall into one of three categories: simple, medium, or complex.

A simple website might only require a few pages and basic functionality, while a complex site could have hundreds of pages and need advanced features such as e-commerce or a custom content management system. The size of the website will also affect the cost, as more pages will take more time to design and build.

The market in which the website will be used can also have an impact on the cost. For example, a site for a small local business will have different design needs than a site for a large international company. The target audience and the overall purpose of the site will also play a role in determining the cost.

The cost to build a responsive design varies depending on the size of budget, complexity and requirements Companies and business owners can approach responsive design in two ways:

If you're looking to provide the best possible experience for your website visitors, responsive design is a great option. This design option automatically adjusts your website to fit the user's device, whether it's a laptop, tablet, desktop, or mobile device. Not only does this provide an optimal experience for your visitors, but it also shows that you're invested in providing a seamless experience for them. While the initial cost of responsive design can cost around $3000. but, it's worth the investment to ensure that your website visitors have the best possible experience..

If you're looking to support tablet and mobile users, you may want to consider creating a separate mobile site. This option allows your company to have an independent mobile site, which can be customized to meet the needs of your mobile users. However, this option comes at a cost, with prices ranging from $5000 to $25,000.

There are many factors to consider when incorporating a CMS into your web design package. The average price for a standard CMS is $2000 to $25,000, while a custom CMS can cost significantly more. Even if you're opting for a free CMS, like Magento, your web design agency will likely charge a fee for adding and configuring it. It's important to consult with a web design agency to determine which type of CMS is best for your needs, as they will be able to advise you on the best option based on your specific requirements.

For any business, it's critical to invest in routine site maintenance. This annual investment ensures your site remains functional, secure, and live. It also provides your company the chance to improve the usability and content of your website, which can impact shopper decisions.

The average price of maintaining a website is $400 to $60,000 per year. This may seem like a lot, but it's a small price to pay to keep your website up and running smoothly. Plus, routine maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

Investing in website maintenance is an important part of doing business in the modern world. Don't let your company fall behind by neglecting your website. Make sure it's a priority to keep your site running smoothly and looking its best.

When deciding whether to hire someone to build a website, it is important to consider the cost. Website builders can range in price from $0 to $300, while freelance web designers cost $500 to $5000 and professional web design agencies cost $3000 to $100,000. In most cases, the cost of hiring someone to build a website will be less than the cost of hiring a professional web design agency. However, it is important to consider the quality of the website that will be built, as well as the experience of the person or team that will be building it.

There are a lot of factors that affect the total cost of a website. The most important ones are web design, website maintenance, and website marketing. Other important factors are the type of website and whether you use a website builder to make the website yourself or hire a designer to create a custom site.

More specific cost factors include your domain name, SSL certificate, hosting, site style or theme, ecommerce functionality, database integration, website size, responsive design, interactive media, and content management system. All of these factors need to be considered when budgeting for a website.

There are pros and cons to both hiring someone to build your website and using a website builder. If you have the time and skill to build your website yourself, then a website builder may be the best option for you. However, if you don't have the time or skill to build your website, then hiring someone to do it for you may be the best option. Ultimately, it comes down to your own personal preferences and needs.

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