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Reimagine your brand's growth in digital world with innovative approach towards user experience and automation with VOCSO's Digital Strategy Consultants & Strategists.

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Digital Strategy and Consulting

Meaningful Growth requires More than Good Ideas
the execution

Having good ideas is one thing, being able to execute the plan is what is required for the transformation and growth. VOCSO is a Digital Marketing Agency that helps entrepreneurs and leaders focus on growth by discovering ways to create new revenue streams. Identify and build digital capabilities and skills and map the same with transformed ROI.

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Find out why VOCSO is a better Digital Marketing & Consulting Agency

VOCSO’s Approach

Transform businesses by re-imagining growth in digital world

Our digital strategy consultants start by learning about your business, capabilities and goals. There is no template that fits all, thus we brainstorm to create a strategy that is build for your case. Every piece of digital asset is created to provide a WOWifying integrated experience for the end customer. We work like trusted advisors and partners to from the ground up to ensure any tangible developments are based on the strategy developed. Making right decision and acting on the same is essential, our strategy consultants ensure that to be the case. The result is incremental growth in the traffic volume, conversion & profitability.

Leverage our Strategic approach

4 ingredients to building successful online business



Design great user experience with rich content, strong value proposition and call to action.



Target the right audience and attract them using lead magnets and other methods to come on board.



Engage them via customized strategy for web and mobile and convert via a personalized customer journey



Use analytics to learn and optimize based on the data decisions to increase life time value of a customer

VOCSO is your TRUSTED Digital Consulting Agency
for meaningful growth

We leverage your expertise in your domain to create perfect digital strategy for success

We understand that for traditional businesses it may not be a straight forward process to just jump in to the digital journey. It needs to assess the effectiveness of the current system and create the right benchmarks. What are the capabilities required, gaps to be filled, pre-requirements and training. Everything needs to fall in the right place. An effective consulting plan will address all these questions and concerns during the strategy preparation and coordinate accordingly. We will bring you new perspectives to look at your business in digital space.

  • Brand Strategy & Planning

  • Content Strategy

  • Digital Asset Development

  • Brand Voice Development

  • Social Strategy

  • SEO Audits and Recommendations

  • Search Strategy (SEO & SEM)

  • Mobile Strategy

What is digital strategy?

Digital strategy deploys technology to enhance commercial performance, be it designing new products or reinventing existing processes. This guides where and how a company should approach establishing themselves online. Having an edge over other competitors and the associated methods in achieving this all underpins digital strategy. Models may be applied to project trends and potentiate abilities too. Innovation, integration of frameworks and planning are all crucial elements to achieving a successful digital strategy. By implementing digital strategy into your business you can be able to create a clear path to achieve your goals and stay ahead of your competitors.

What is digital strategy consulting?

This is essentially where a digital strategy expert helps guide you to best practices for your product marketing. Whether it’s improving efficiency or increasing profit margins and maintaining pertinent material, this serves to enhance your brand value. What’s more is harnessing the networking capability, converting rivals into partnerships and expanding your scope. Make sure you are using the digital strategy consulting services at the right time so it can potentially boost your traffic volumes and subsequently, ROI (by generating new revenue streams). Using predictive trend analytics, content development and responsive social media, you can enrich your brand too.

What should a digital strategy include?

This does mainly depend on the type of industry that your company operates in, although generally, a digital strategy does comprise of these components:

  1. 1. Your business online presence

    Whether it’s your actual site or over other platforms including social media, this is important to reinforce for maximal impact.

  2. 2. Digital marketing to promote your business using online resources and tools

    Advertise and promote your brand, applying SEO principles along the way.

  3. 3. Selling online

    Ecommerce is a powerful way to directly connect with buyers and sometimes even other sellers.

  4. 4. Customer interaction to access online business products and services

    These touchpoints enable rapport building with customers to ensure a seamless user experience for them. This encourages greater generation, conversion and retention rates too.

  5. 5. Online security for small businesses

    Always safeguard yourself and more importantly the customers using your site from cyber attacks and other unwanted threats. Encryption also protects sensitive data exchange, especially during transactions. Backup and restore systems help to manage CRM better too.

  6. 6. Supplier interaction to establish potential supplier relationships

    This helps to formulate better relationships with other partners or suppliers, augmenting logistics, service delivery and understanding too.

  7. 7. Mobile-based solutions into your business

    As most traffic originates from here only, mobile device optimisation for easier access will help to drive further engagement to your site. This is more scaled and responsive with custom pages.

  8. 8. Efficiencies through digital technology

    Save time and resources by harnessing the power of automation, AI and other integrations. You can deploy these for repetitive tasks.

  9. 9. Cloud computing for storing and accessing data

    Want to have access to your content from any location globally? Well, cloud based platforms allow you to do just that with data transfers, saving and easy retrieval from secure servers.

What does a digital consultant do?

The team of digital strategy consultants at VOCSO help you to shift more products and services which you sell - i.e. increasing your digital presence on different platforms and growing your turnover significantly. Whether it’s seeking leads, converting or marketing implementation, that’s what digital consultants do. This helps you to save time (and in turn money) as well as benefiting from their acumen for a sustainable strategy. Ranging from social media ad campaigns, email cum content management, SEO and web design, you’re all covered.

What is a digital marketing consultancy?

This focuses on educating and making clients aware of where they can improve their marketing and brand strategies. These areas need to be maintained and fulfilled in order to remain or up your game. They offer advice on SEO, PPC and social media advertising, suggesting the best course of action for your marketing needs. Adword account reviews, website development and hiring an FB business manager may just be some of the recommendations that a digital marketing consultant may make. Be it brainstorming new ideas or just enhancing existing business, this is certainly worth considering.


When do I need a digital marketing consultant?

More frequently than people usually think. It could be upon launching a new business vertical to running an idea past an expert for review. Whatever the case may be, a digital marketing consultant is there to unify and smoothen the entire transition process of placing your brand out there. The results will often speak volumes for themselves. Don’t stall and stagnate but rather invest and recreate something meaningful to drive business successfully. Thinking to hire a digital marketing consultant? According to our experience early is better.

Which types of business need the help of a digital marketing consultant?

As per the experts recommendations and based on our own experience or achievement of our results driven digital marketing consulting services, we’ll assist to involve digital strategy consultants virtually any type of business who need or desire to improve their online marketing strategy. This is irrespective of the domain or industry they’re in.

  • MSMEs who have never engaged in digital marketing may require guidance in setting up accounts to do this. Alternatively, they may wish to boost their existing frameworks to create new revenue streams and boost ROI.

  • Larger brands usually have their own in house digital marketing teams, however are still searching for innovative methods to increase their outreach. As they’d often wish to retain their existing team, an external member may be hired to augment this process.

What should be included in a digital content strategy?

Content strategy is one of essential and most important steps to implement into your digital strategy. Digital content strategy needs to be implemented on every phase like website/mobile app development and distribution or marketing. As a leading digital marketing agency over 10 years we recommend following things you must include in your content development and marketing strategy:

  • Mission statement/goals you want to achieve with the content.

  • Make sure you are aware about the buyer's personas and creating the content they want.

  • Spend time in your competitor analysis and develop a content strategy that helps you to remain competitive.

  • Go deep with your mobile users and develop your content strategy that works for these micro-moments.

  • In depth review of your current content to make it useful for your readers. Make sure your content is easy to read, accurate, and proper describing your products and services. Also, your content should stand for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness that follow Google's quality standards.

  • You don't need to do big things every time. Try to focus on facts and implement these into your business process, marketing and focus to delight your customers.

  • Consistently review your content strategies and go with that converts.

What is the best SEO Strategy for 2023?

Every business needs to do the right SEO strategy to rank their pages in Google SERPs. An SEO strategy consultant can help you with your technical SEO and content optimization to get your business on Search engines by targeting keywords and boost your organic traffic as well. As a leading SEO agency, we focus these things under our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consulting services:

  • Compile a keyword list (including short and long tail) to plan.

  • Analyse Google's first SERP to improve CRO on topics.

  • Have an innovative or superior design to boost backlinks, shares and comments for higher ranking

  • Incorporate a Hook for link building and CTAs to boost marketing

  • Optimise For On-Page/semantic SEO and search intent, including keywords optimisation, anchoring rich text with internal linking and short authoritative URLs. Suggestions also boost traffic and you can even try list posts

  • Create appealing content with digestible graphical imagery, blog banners, illustrations and earn links. Ensure media is compressed for speed.

  • Build or fix broken links and add links by performing competitor analysis. You can even use the evangelist template method.

  • Improve & update content to revise any anomalies.

What is a digital branding strategy?

This is a marketing outline which consists of various elements that help your business to thrive. These are namely brand visibility, lead generation and sales conversion. The online tools used for this drive brand awareness, interaction and promote user retention. This includes:

  • Brand identity design.

  • SEO and content, email plus social media marketing.

  • User experience (UX) design and paid advertising on different platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and others.

Always ensure that you have the appropriate brand voice, values, recognition, purpose, target audience and have performed the competitor analysis.

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