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Features of Web Application Development

Web Application Development Service
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Sophisticated web applications are built with strong focus on the four fundamental principals; usability, performance, scalability, and security, the heart of our custom web application development process.

For a successful web application development, VOCSO team evaluates latest trends and advancements in technology platforms to lay out the foundation of a strong and effective investment. Whether it is B2B or B2C, a solution that is cost effective, unique, and surpasses your expectations is what we aim for in our custom web development engagement with your business.

Web Application Development Introduction Video

Web Application Development Service Introduction Video

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Go 4 Custom Web Applications
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Web applications well mapped with the business needs are a game changer.

Why compromise with the “standard” features of off the shelf softwares. Go custom!

Technology & Platforms Expertise

to create the perfect web applications

Core Technology & Platforms that we use to develop highly scalable and robust web applications

Expert hands on Third party Tools & API Integration

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Web Application Case Studies
custom built

These are some of the many case studies we feel proud boasting about

MULTI-Website web application for IncarExperts INC, Swedesboro(NJ), USA based startup

IncarExperts started as a buying group for car audio retailers representing 204 store locations working as a $220 million collective. The startup needed an efficient way to create and manage the website for their member stores.

We customized our proprietary MultiSite engine to help them manage their operations and even attract new dealer members. Eventually this platform became a driving force behind the startups acquisition by MERA, USA. Here is a brief list of services rendered...

  • Custom made MULTI-Site Engine to create/manage 200+ stores

  • Store locator for finding stores using zip code

  • Twilio Integration - connecting prospects to Stores

  • Mobile app for store owners

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white-arrow, Email Scheduling & Tracking SaaS Application, NewZealand based startup

Listboom founder, Mark Magill from Newzeland came up with an idea to enhance the success of their marketing emails. While there were so many emailing services that allowed bulk emailing, listboom wanted to provide marketers with a way to schedule email in days, weeks and months in advance and be able to track when it was read. Giving marketers the ability to know when their prospects read their email is definitely a huge power. As this would aid them in better & successful followups.

VOCSO worked closely to brainstorm on the best user experience and developed a no frills Web application. The web service allows prospects to subscribe their accounts online and setup their account in minutes. Here are some highlights.

  • Self managed SaaS application

  • Integrated with Amazon SES & Sendgrid for email tracking.

  • Acquired more than 700 subscribers till Dec, 2015

  • Recurring source of revenue - integrated with recurly for payments

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Logistics Bidding - Aggregator Web Application Platform, Indian Startup is a brain child of India entrepreneur Mr. Mohan Ramaswamy & Mr. Sukhveer Dhariwal. They wanted to build an agregator web application for the Logistics service industry to help Indian companies solve their logistics problems, mainly, reduce cost, better tracking & administration.

We developed an unparalleled logistics aggregator web application platform, that received great appreciation from all the stakeholders and investors. Some of the main features...

  • Bidding from transporter & fleet owners

  • Trucks suggestion based on load

  • Real Time Tracking - Integration with GPS device/service

  • Online booking & payments

  • Aggreement & documents management

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Why should I choose VOCSO for web application development services?

As one of the leading web app development companies, VOCSO is committed to designing fidelity web solutions that equip you with an edge to outperform rivals. Our web development team is adept in dealing with various projects in a versatile, original, safe, scalable, and results driven manner. This can augment your ROI and create new revenue streams, so let’s see:

  • Innovative and driven culture

  • Adaptable to business requirements

  • Quality and safety compliance

  • Robust confidentiality

  • Great preliminary results

  • Guaranteed originality

  • Results orientated approach

  • Co-Development workforce

  • DevOps Enablement

  • Detailed Domain Knowledge

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Trust and Transparency

What is the ideal platform to develop web applications?

The best platforms used for this include AngularJS, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Laravel, Node.js, React.js, Ember.js, CakePHP, Phalcon, Zend, Express, Codeigniter, JSP,, and Knack. Developers can supercharge the development and maintenance of web apps, delivering optimal experience across all devices using these.

What technologies are used to create a web-based application?

The various technologies that web app developers should have expertise in are:

Client Side Scripting Technologies: Server Side Scripting Technologies: Web Development Frameworks: Libraries: Databases: Protocols: Data Formats:
HTML PHP Ruby on Rails jQuery MongoDB HTTP JSON
CSS Zend Angular Underscore Redis DDP XML
JavaScript Framework Yii PostgreSQL REST CSV
Ajax ASP Meteor JS MySQL
jQuery ASP.NET Express.js Oracle
MooTools ColdFusion Zend SQL Server
Dojo Toolkit Ruby on Rails Django
Perl Laravel
Python Node.js

What is a modern web application?

Modern Web Applications (MWA) is a cross between toolsets and methods leading to flexible, modular, and lightweight apps. These should be continuous, globally available, and universally compatible, supporting all devices and screen sizes.

Users expect apps to be secure, flexible, scalable to handle demand spikes whilst maintaining quality. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is such an example that enables users to download mobile versions of sites on their phones to browse offline.

What are the types of web applications?

The multiple types of web apps as per content display are: Static web apps - developed in HTML, CSS, jQuery and CSS, displaying restricted content. Only a webmaster can modify these by downloading the HTML code, editing, and rehosting.

Dynamic web apps: These are usually developed in PHP and ASP and have a content management system where administrators can conveniently edit the content. This is updated with each user interaction, enabling ample features to be implemented.

E-commerce apps: These resemble shopping or mobile sites where developers design a management panel for administrators to edit entries. Electronic payments via PayPal or credit card are also possible. The native integration with mobile devices is unparalleled.

Portal web apps: These are web-accessible, interactive tools that deliver forums, browsers, email, etc. They can be deployed to monitor user activity on sites.

Animated web apps: These present content with animated effects via Flash technology, promoting creativity, engagement and are contemporary. Nevertheless, they’re incompatible with web positioning and SEO optimization.

Web apps with content management system: These are popular in blogs, articles, media, and so on, where content frequently changes. The content managers used in identical settings include WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

How long does it take to build a web application?

This duration can vary vastly, depending on the project scope, user flows, and design complexity. The development involves multiple stages, commencing with an understanding of the need to deploy and scale.

What are your hiring models?

We provide pricing models as per your project requirements:

  • Dedicated Hiring

  • On an Hourly Basis

  • Full-time


How to find a suitable web application development company?

To discover the ideal brand, you need to preview the experience, efficiency and hone that technology. We can predict productivity and advise how to reach your aim effectively.

How native apps and web apps are different?

A native app is installed on the phone’s OS and active net connectivity isn’t required, whilst web based protocol runs on a browser, hence needs a connection.

Can you develop progressive web applications?

Yes, we do develop PWS with web apps installed on user’s home screens (which can also be accessed offline, as push notifications are activated).

What is the difference between a website and a web application?

On a website, a user merely views the data, however, doesn’t possess access to modify it. However, web-based applications are highly interactive, hence users have full control rights.

Will I get the copyright of the source code?

Of course! A suitable license will be assigned to you with the personalized source code which our web developers designed for your project. Being a top web development company in India, we uphold transparency with intellectual property rights. You’ll always be given the chance to review the T&Cs of ownership prior to inception.

Can I see my website during the development phase?

Why not - we actually welcome it. We design your site and upload it onto the server for you to monitor the development using secret login credentials.

Why outsource dedicated teams in web development services?

High productivity and low cost are key to success. With dedicated teams available on-demand, you can be sure of reaching your milestones quickly.

What is your unique approach and process as a web application development company?

Innovative techniques, reliable models, and web app service accelerators. We are a top custom web app development company with strategic expertise, creativity, UI/UX design, development, and maintenance.

By starting your project with VOCSO, you have a dedicated and skilled team continuously supporting you. Every process is customer-focused, designed to minimize operational overheads, resolve IT resourcing constraints and make you competitive. We begin with a detailed analysis of your needs and forge our relationship with after-sales support and updates.

Our Unique Approach and Process:

  • Research and Discovery

  • Validating and Honing Concepts

  • Design and Prototyping

  • Development

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Maintenance and Support

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