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6 Actionable Mobile App Marketing Tactics

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There was once a time when people used to focus on the traditional means of marketing. After which came in the use of websites, with which also started the use of digital marketing. Digital marketing is basically using various digital mediums so as to increase the awareness and sales of your products or services. But again, as technology progressed, the need for some newer mediums to get advertisements arose. And then came in smartphones. Undoubtedly they have brought in a radical change in the marketing world. And now just after mobile phones came, the websites started becoming responsive. But that was not enough, now the technology needed to improve further, for which came in the need of mobile applications (apps). Be it the App Store or be it the Play Store, both came into existence because of this and since that day there has been no turning back.

Now there are so many applications of the same niche, giving people almost the same things because of which there is an extremely high competition between all these applications. Now comes in the question about how to beat this competition and rise above all other competitors of yours so as to get the maximum number of people to use your application. Needless to say, your application must be great to use and the user-interface, as well as the user experience, should be class apart. Aside from that, we will tell you how to market your apps so that you get the maximum downloads:

#1. Contact Influencers

Contacting influencers is something that is extremely important, no matter what your application’s niche is. You need to ensure that the blogs and influencers that you target should have a really vast and active audience that is related to your niche. Because let’s face it. We all love visiting a lot of tech guru’s sites before buying any product online. If you rank on top if their lists you are bound to do well in terms of marketing.

#2. Get 5 Star Rating and Good Reviews

Users mostly go by the word of mouth and reviews of others’ on your application. So make sure that the application you are thinking of launching is tested for a great User Interface and User Experience beforehand, and not just that ask your users to give the app a 5-star rating and some good reviews. This would not just bring your application’s ranking up but would also encourage them to think of your brand and application as a trustworthy one.

#3. Guest Blogging

Just as we do for SEO, it is equally important to get into guest blogging so as to get more and more downloads for your applications. Find various blogs that are related to your niche and write articles for them. Why it is so important to do that is because this will not just give you backlinks but would also give word to the outside world about what your application is about. Make sure that your blogs are to the point and have good quality content.

#4. Optimise For App Store

It is extremely important to know about the right keywords using which you can better target the users. Hire a good copywriter, it is an investment that would pay you really well because it is so that knowing the exact statements what the people would be typing to find an application, the most suitable descriptions for them, all of it is very important so as to achieve a good community that comes right to your application on the app store.

#5. Create a Buzz

Creating a buzz is extremely important in order to market your brand. You need to ensure that you target all social media platforms and create something which is sort of an event. Say you are launching an application related to brain exercises. You can very well hold a low-cost event, which would also create a buzz and get many people to your event. And once you get all these people, make sure you market it on social media, as SMO is also very important. The influencers that we talked about earlier, make sure you collaborate with them on such events and build a great audience.

#6. Social Media Sharing

As mentioned earlier, Social Media Sharing is something that is essential for the popularity of your applications. In order to not just create a buzz but make your brand and application look more trustworthy and known to the general audience, you need to have a strong social media presence. To achieve this you can use various social media applications and platforms that are there.

Undoubtedly Facebook is an extremely important social media platform as there are more than 1.3 billion people using it every day, apart from that there are more, such as Instagram, which again has been bought by Facebook itself but still is a very different application altogether. Twitter undoubtedly is the best application used to create a worldwide buzz of any topic and then there are more such as Snapchat too, which have a different purpose altogether. All these platforms have their own USP’s and it is up to us how best we can use them to their maximum potential.


Strategies mentioned above are all implemented and working on various apps for Android and IOS as well. By implementing all these strategies you can indicate your progress in the form of Downloads, Active Users, and Screen Views. After all these strategies User Interface plays an extremely important role while developing your app as retaining your users is much more.

Raj Kishore About Raj Kishore A digital marketing consultant at VOCSO. I've been working in digital marketing since 2010 and I am an expert at generating leads online via SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Site/Landing Page Testing and Optimization, and Display and Remarketing.

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