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Android App Development Agency

Project your online business to 1.6 billion Android OS users. Hire On-Demand Expert Android Developers for Custom app Development!

Launch your custom app with VOCSO's passionate android app development team

VOCSO is the best Android application development agency based both in the US and India. We provide these services to international and domestic clients. Our organisation works synergistically with highly dexterous Android app developers. Hire such experts from us on either an hourly or full time (dedicated monthly) basis to build advanced, feature-rich and secure mobile apps. Our remote team has over a decade of experience and have built 200+ enterprise grade mobile apps for MSMEs across various industry verticals.

Our apps are loaded with user-friendly features, to boost your business with the latest niche technology at a nominal cost. We develop the application by incorporating future-proof technology and trends by covering all significant aspects. Our developers are skilled with native programming languages like Java & Kotlin plus hybrid programming languages like Reactjs, Ionic & Flutter. Having quality Android app developers, excellent technological acumen, industry proven processes and testing. We deliver your dream Android app project with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What’s more is that it’s bug free bid farewell to glitches! We focus on usage ergonomics as well for a great customer experience.


Personalised Android App Development Services

Android UI Design

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Android UI Design

Mobile app design is merely the culmination of every process and component of the user interface (UI), as well as the user experience (UX) features of the application. Therefore, it encompasses details in color scheme, font, layout design, graphics, widgets, and buttons contained in the app.

Native Android Development

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Native Android Development

Native applications are those apps which are specifically designed and developed according to a particular platform. This allows the use of the device-specific hardware and software. A Native app can utilise the resources that are dedicated to a given OS without having an adverse effect on other functionality.

Hybrid Android App Development

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Hybrid Android App Development

We offer custom hybrid app development services for businesses & startups to engage users effectively. As the demand for feature-rich, safe and scalable apps across multiple platforms gathers momentum, cross platform application development is here to stay.

Android Web Backend Development

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Android Web Backend Development

For mobile and web apps, we often talk about the front- and back-ends. While the front-end defines the user interface, user interaction, and presentation of information, the back-end handles the business logic, data storage, and security. The front-end is the users' web browser or mobile device, and the back-end is the server(s) where data is stored and shared.

API Development

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API Development

VOCSO, as a digital consulting firm has recognised this shift in the importance of APIs, and the delivery of such scalable and secure development services for our clients. Over the past decade, our capabilities have grown in this area, becoming one of the leading experts in custom API development and integration.

Mobile app launching

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Mobile app launching

Finally, our mobile app development agency then launches your application on Playstore. We publish the solution by fulfilling all of your requirements and desired features. Moreover, we also provide installation guides, test cases, and user manuals for your convenience. We’ve got you covered!

App Support & Maintenance

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App Support & Maintenance

Our mobile app development agency provides 24*7 support & maintenance even post launching the app. Whenever you want help, we are always there for you. Simply contact us and we will solve all your queries. Furthermore, we also ensure that your application runs seamlessly and consistently by providing periodic servicing. Our stellar after sales service team will never let you down!

Our android app development Works

ABC Shiksha


Dialogg scans your business cards and helps you send your first introduction message ina a tap. it uses a powerful OCR technology and cloud to provide a seamless way to start a first dialog with new contacts.

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Card Contacts Cloud Sync
  • QR Code Generation
  • One Tap Introduction Message
  • Social Media Signup
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dialogg android app screen 1
dialogg android app screen 3
dialogg android app screen 4
dialogg android app screen 5
dialogg android app screen 6

ABC Shiksha

This mobile application is designed to provide good working knowledge and training on all subject areas that ABC deal with. When ABC's are on-boarded and start services, they may not have adequate knowledge on different aspects of their work.

  • Comprehensive training material and concepts
  • Basic and Advanced Training.
  • Adequate training
  • Training videos
abc shiksha android app screen 1
abc shiksha android app screen 2
abc shiksha android app screen 3
abc shiksha android app screen 4
abc shiksha android app screen 5
abc shiksha android app screen 6
abc shiksha android app screen 7


Avantha Global Communication app enables more than 25,000 employees of Avantha Group to have a secure access to company news, press releases and newsletters on the go.

  • Secure Access - domain based authentication
  • Newsletter publishing
  • Real time Analytics
  • Commenting & Bookmarking
  • Push Notifications
avantha android app screen 1
avantha android app screen 2
avantha android app screen 3
avantha android app screen 4
avantha android app screen 5
avantha android app screen 6
avantha android app screen 7


One individual with the name of Zero, whom could not see his own race die anymore and do nothing, decided to act.

ztaat android app screen 1
ztaat android app screen 2
ztaat android app screen 3
ztaat android app screen 4
ztaat android app screen 5
ztaat android app screen 6


Over 20,000 businesses rely on Consultease's platform to source consultants. It's fast, cost effective and easy. Doing business better.

  • Youtube Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • SEO
consultease android app screen 2
consultease android app screen 1
consultease android app screen 3
consultease android app screen 4
consultease android app screen 5
consultease android app screen 6

Why android app development with VOCSO

The Future - 70% year on year growth

According to statistics, over two-thirds of global mobile users use Android. Android app development can acquire larger audiences than compared to other platforms.

We develop apps using Java and Kotlin languages, Android Studio and Android SDK, with much scope. Akin to the iOS platform, we design Android applications for multiple domains including healthcare, fitness, education, navigation and many more...

The hard work behind simple apps

App development has overhauled existing and bred completely new industries. This has however introduced tricky operational issues, such as writing a lot of content or real time logistics. Ironically, these unseen challenges aren’t projected as being difficult at all. Nevertheless, there’s always versatile technology architecture and perfect coding working in the background. This ensures a sharp user experience.

Be it improving efficiency, promoting customer journeys or ousting rivals, VOCSO delivers expert protocol and advice for brilliant app development cum marketing. Our technically adept team with their thorough understanding of the market will promote your brand to thrive like never before.

Technology Stack

We understand the value of selecting the right tech stack for the android app development. Therefore, we take our time to cover up the major stacks as per the project requirement to build secure, reliable, and budget-friendly apps.


Android Studio

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React Native

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Visual Studio Code

Here is how we make great android apps

FAQs & Answers about our solutions

What is the cost for developing an Android app?

There is no fixed price. Charges entirely depend on the project's size, complexity & the level of features that you want in your application.

Do you build apps that are compatible with all Android devices and versions?

Yes we do. We've built multiple (native) apps that fully support both former and the newest Android devices and OS versions.

Which is your preferred language to develop Android apps -Java or Kotlin?

We can program both in Java and Kotlin. Java is preferred since it's the official language of Android. However, we also code on Kotlin to overcome the lack of features as well as the security issues found in Java.

Do you offer an app marketing service to promote my app?

Yes, we do provide marketing after the successful launch of an app. We devise a target driven promotional plan to advertise your brand on a global level.

Will you assist me to upload my Android app on the Play Store?

Yes. In fact, we take the entire onus of publishing an app on the Play Store. It is a part of our end-to-end Android app development solution.

How do you allocate the resources for my app development in Android?

We have several SMEs in our development and business analysis team. Therefore, we will start by looking into your app idea. We check which sector it belongs to and the respective technology stack it needs. Then the best suited SME who has experience in your chosen industry is assigned the task.

Will I be receiving any support after project completion?

Yes, we offer comprehensive post app launch maintenance support to our clients. Here we review design update requirements, UAT, version updates, etc. Our service includes 6 months complimentary maintenance. Please speak to our business analysts to find out more.

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