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We design visually compelling logos with a great concept behind it.
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Designing an effective logo requires more than graphical skills –

you need to understand the brand, its customers, competitors and the message you want to convey through the logo.

VOCSO is a professional logo design company in India. We create 100% custom logos for online businesses and brands at the affordable cost. if you’re looking for creative logo design services, then VOCSO talented logo designers can help you a lot to get a right logo for your personal and business brand that simply and clearly present your brand Identity. A unique logo also makes you be noticed by your customers and actually can grow your business. We design a modern logo that communicates your brand visibility with your customers and fits right for your business.

Our designers know the effective use of visual elements, colors, and graphics while creating a logo for your organization. Are you looking for a modernist logo that communicates the brand message? Choose our logo design packages to get set ready to be quickly and easily recognize your business through our quality logo design solution.



Get to know the client requirements

It’s a very initial phase of logo design process where we try to absorb the client information and requirement to start work on the design a fresh and relevant logo that provides unique brand identity.

Research the industry & Brand Identity

Inside this process, we conduct a keen research focused on the client industry, targeting customers, business theme, and competitors. And design customized logo for your brand that separates you from the other players on the web.

Brainstorm, sketch, and execution

In this phase, we conceptualize some ideas and organize our creative resources to execute them digitally to give a visual shape for your logo. We sketch or present 2-3 initial logo designs to our client.

Iteration & Finalization

Once the logo's finished by the team, we send it for final approval of the logo design. These are our initial logo design process that we follow to start and finish a logo design for clients.

for your business

Are you looking for an affordable logo design company to design a unique logo? VOCSO is a creative design studio, offers professional logo design services at the lowest price in the industry. Choose our custom logo design pricing or packages to get designed your unique brand logo with no any hidden charges.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now and own the best logo for your business.


Logo Package


Apt for a startup looking to get their store online fast.

  • 3 Concepts
  • 2 Revisions
  • 2 Working Days
  • Web usage formats: JPG/PNG
  • Text logo
  • Free Stock Icon ( Optional )
  • Browser Icon
  • Full Copyright Ownership


Logo Package


Professional ecommerce store for medium size businesses

  • 6 Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 3 Working Days
  • Web usage formats: JPG/PNG
  • Source file ( PSD )
  • Text logo
  • Custom Graphic
  • Browser Icon
  • Full Copyright Ownership


Logo Package


Perfect ecommerce store for a branded ecommerce experience

  • 10 Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 4 Working Days
  • Web usage formats: JPG/PNG
  • Source file ( PSD )
  • Text logo
  • Custom Graphic
  • Browser Icon
  • Full Copyright Ownership
  • Free Letter head, envelop & business card design

Why is a logo important for a brand?

This is a text and visual representation of your company, as well as their identity. It needs to evoke interest to be memorable and should be relevant too. A simple yet effective design is what will foster trust among those who see it. This will then engage them further to (re)visit your website and use your brand. Being distinctive, recognizable, robust, and eternal to remain viable against the competition. This is what really works to drive your business.

Why are you superior to other logo design companies in India?

Your logo expresses your identity with a familiar and relatable visual for customers to follow. Here at VOCSO, a leading logo design solutions company based in and out of India understand just how imperative this is and harness the design accordingly. Our personalization ensures that you reach your audience across various market domains with ease. This helps to build your credibility.

We offer affordable logo design packages with pioneering elements including expert and distinctive designs. These engaging logos also augment your ranking by establishing the brand as a recognized and appreciated entity on digital platforms. We research, brainstorm and conceptualize ideas using a brief to fulfill all your requirements. Hence, we are the leading logo design company.

How long does the logo design process usually take?

This is usually a few weeks, although can be completed sooner (or extend beyond), depending on our current workload and the volume of revisions required. The blueprint will be shared within a couple of days of initial payment and we’ll simply build upon that. The research aspect to ideate and create themes can be a lengthy process at times.

How many logos do I receive?

During the design phase, we’ll offer you 3 logo designs (to target your needs) in our starter logo design plan. If you choose our professional logo design package then the number of logos will be 6 and in our ultimate logo package, the number of logo samples will be 10. Upon receiving final approval and payment, we release this design, offering full copyright ownership to you. The number of logos can be increased if you choose

What if I want to modify my logo?

Sure thing! We’ll always collaborate with you with a rationale as to why we’ve implemented our design. Your comments are welcome, as are any requests to edit. Up to 2 revisions are included within the basic logo plan, although additional ones are permissible at a reasonable additional cost. That’ll be adjusted to the final invoice. If you buy our professional and ultimate logo design packages then we provide unlimited revisions with your logo design.

What if I don’t like your initial version of the logo design?

We'll correspond with you, discuss what’s not working, and plan accordingly. Remember though that such designs are based on the starting criteria outlined and incorporates particular needs. Be it your enterprise details, rival marketing strategy, or target audience, always be aware.

The aims and objectives will be discussed, inclined plus catering more towards the functionality, rather than aesthetics. Nevertheless, the direction will always be focussed on being synchronous.

In case of any further discrepancies, we’re open to suggestions and can negotiate. Ultimately, however, if it doesn’t materialize, then a proportion of the fee will be retained and the work will be purged. Copyright issues can be considered.


What do I get once my logo design is completed?

Upon completion, multiple platforms will be enabled for you to access your logo from, including:

CMYK version – Complete colour printing consists of just 4 colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Combining these creates infinite combinations and this is required for same page formats - Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS)

Pure black version – As the name suggests, this is a pure black format of your logo, ideal for monochrome documents with great contrast (also provided in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format)

Pure white knockout – Superimpose your logo over a continuous dark colour or photo with a white version, resolving colour theme and visibility problems for best results. Provided in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format.

RGB version – Dissimilar to print colours, screens are made up of Red, Green, and Blue, combining each type of light to formulate a full colour spectrum. The logo will be in an optimized Jpeg file format and transparent PNG plus SVG (a vector version for digital use).

Favicon – A 32 x 32 logo size will be designed to be applied to your website.

Copyright Ownership – Will be transferred to the client

A PDF User Guideline Document – Describing how to use these logo files.

How much should you charge to design a logo?

We have multiple packages, although our start option begins from only $99. Our low price points are feasible with an adept team of professional logo designers. They are versatile to deal with multiple types of projects. Please refer below to find out more about the stationery design packages. The logo design packages can be found later on below.

Are there any other or hidden charges?

You’ll only ever pay the agreed upfront cost for a mutually agreeable logo design service - that’s it. Besides, our 100% client satisfaction and award-winning logo design relieves you of any concern in case things don’t work out as to plan.

How and when will I be updated on the logo design process?

You’d be assigned a particular Client Servicing Executive (CSE) who would be your port of call (right from the outset). They’ll provide you regular and timely progress updates on your professional logo design. You’ll always be kept informed and any feedback or suggestions will be exchanged via them to/from the development team for maximum efficiency.

Is my log design copyrighted?

Upon ordering a logo with us, having paid fully, you become the outright copyright owner of the final design (with no consequential element from our end). Hence, you’ll be able to apply this as a trademark. Nevertheless, if you did opt for the full refund based on being dissatisfied (exercising the guarantee), you’d not be entitled to this (we will instead).

Why is a custom logo design agency required for a professionally designed logo?

Whether it’s merchandising to brand or otherwise, customization plays a large role in engaging audiences. It conveys the right message to consumers and presents the information appropriately (according to vector specifications). Furthermore, it adds an evocative emotional element to the whole scene, as does the professional aspect. Custom logo design is a specialized area in which we excel. Get your custom logo now to build a memorable brand.

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