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Responsive website design allows your content to flows seamlessly like water across multiple devices hence increasing engagement & effectiveness.

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Responsive website design is not only a luxury or a nice to have option, it’s a necessity to provide a richer cross device experience.

This is such a huge price you’re paying just because your website is not responsive to different screen sizes. Responsive website design works as both, on page and off page strategy.

Mobile friendliness of a website recognized by major search engines as a strong ranking signal. By optimizing your website for tablets and smartphones in addition to PCs, you attract more traffic, more engagement and generate more leads.

  • Simpler & Adaptive Navigation
  • Mobile Friendliness is a strong ranking signal for Google
  • Reduce abandonment & bounce rate
  • Over 1 billion people use mobile devices to browse websites
  • Mobile usage increased more than 130% between 2010 to 2015
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  • tablet
  • computers

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Hi! My name is Anthony & Clark we are working with Deepak and Manoj from a year and we are very impressed and satisfy with Vocso web studio and there development team and helping designer customized E-commerce websites and CMS,They both are efficient to deliver the imaginary requirements in few hrs.We can trust on them so we highly recommend Vocso web studios we working with these guys and give them chance.

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Technically Speaking...

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Trust me, you wouldn’t want to get your hands dirty with all the technical stuff, but in case you’re curious...

Increasing Mobile Browsing Trend

Over 1 Billion people are browsing internet via mobile phones & it jumped by over 30% between 2012 to 2015

Almost 18% decrease in bounce rate.

This means more opportunities & customers for you.

Boostrap + CSS 3 + jQuery

True Responsive Website with Bootstrap 3 + CSS3 and jQuery. Less time chasing the perfection.

Comparitively 27% less distraction on smartphones

Surveys have shown users on smartphones and tablets are more attentive because of less distraction.

Strong Ranking Signal for Search Engines

Not only people, but search engine also loves responsive websites.

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What is responsive website design?

This essentially enables your site to display correctly on any device for a perfect aspect ratio. The device agnostic approach ensures universal support and compatibility across the spectrum, irrespective of screen size or OS.

It’s imperative to make your content ergonomically presented for better readability. This enhances the user experience and journey.

A great responsive site designing company such as us at VOCSO will revitalise your existing website or offer a new design. Such revisions will improve your visibility and discoverability. By making a mobile ergonomic website, you can outrank your rivals.

What are the advantages of deploying an Indian responsive web design company?

Outsourcing this development work to a professional site creation brand in India has its benefits. This is cheaper and faster in terms of reaching your business goals. Here are just some of the perks of doing so:

  • Detailed R&D

  • Continual trends and industry insights

  • Resource optimization

  • Robust frameworks

  • Dependable continuous support

We at VOCSO pride ourselves on offering quality service by analyzing your enterprise quickly and effectively. Our supercharged development is backed by agile methodology to deliver stellar results.

What tools at VOCSO do you use for designing responsive websites?

The aim is to establish a consistent user experience across all mobile devices. This supports SEO, commerce and of course, adds to the wonderful visitor journey whenever they access your website. These are an array of platforms used:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Edge Inspect and Reflow

  • Gridset

  • Wirefy

  • Gumby 2

  • Bootstrap

  • Invision

  • Export Kit

  • FitVids

  • Blueberry

  • Webflow

  • Style Tiles

  • UXPin

  • Templated

  • Colorlib

  • Simbla

  • Browserstack

Will my website work on all screens?

Our plethora of tools will ensure that this is made possible. We customize all themes to reach your customers, engaging them every time. The functionality will be seamless and service focused, along with an appealing outlay.

VOCSO’s experienced designer and developer teams follow this protocol and incorporate the front end with a potent backend that works seamlessly on all devices. Increase your customer engagement and outreach with a website that is pleasing to operate and converts more visitors.

We produce personalized sites which invite further lead volumes and revenue. This empowers you to make better and crucial business decisions. Reach out to us to discuss further…

How does responsive differ from mobile-friendly web design?

A mobile ergonomic web design outlines any design which presents on mobile devices correctly. Hence, you may need 2 versions, including for desktops. Although you can manage 2 such separate entities, it’ll become taxing in terms of time and cost.

A responsive web design, however, displays on all devices or screen sizes. This offers universal support for all users. It’s effective to handle just one site.

At VOCSO, we use responsive design for new websites rather than mobile design as we believe that these provide a synchronous experience. It’s also more affordable, convenient, and future-proof/supportive than other approaches.

What types of responsive web design services VOCSO is offering?

As a leading responsive website development company in India and also operating from the USA and UAE, VOCSO will ensure that your site is prepared for the future, across all devices by:

  • Responsive web enablement for all legacy applications

  • Personalized responsive web portal solutions

  • A responsive E-commerce site, forums, and blogs

  • Creating responsive site layouts

  • Responsive site development

  • Custom web design & open source development

  • Detailed testing services

What timeframe for building a website?

This can vary, although there are more specific schedules for corporate and eCommerce sites (as per their page volumes and site features). It can take around 1 - 1.5 months for business sites, ranging from 10 -100 categories.

For personalized sites, all businesses their individual needs and methodology. In the case of eCommerce website development and custom website development on any platform, the timeframe can be different. With collaboration, we can offer you a realistic approximate timeline for planning and executing a project.

Do we produce SEO ergonomic sites?

As a results-driven SEO company, VOCSO is renowned for curating SEO-friendly websites which are fully on-page optimized (in terms of title, meta tags, content/image/header tag/hyperlink optimization, XML sitemaps, etc). We perform thorough and advanced SEO tool implementation (within dedicated plans). We provide basic SEO with every newly designed website. If you want dedicated SEO services to get found your website pages in Google with your relevant keywords you will have to get an SEO plan or package.

Next steps - how to begin?

Upon receiving payment for the project, our customer support team will contact you. They’ll then coordinate between you and the development team, throughout the entire lifecycle.


Why choose VOCSO unlike other responsive design agencies in your industry?

Our expert web designers deploy CSS media queries and practice industry-leading designs, guaranteeing great site UI and UX delivery across all screen sizes. We ensure that your site responds to varying demands with great scalability and adjusts accordingly. Whether designing a site from inception or revising a legacy application, we pledge to create a digital following to survive current industry trends and acquire more customers.

Do you provide aftercare?

Absolutely (subject to the agreed contractual terms). We offer preventative and mitigative maintenance services. This upholds our status as the best responsive website design company. As an experienced custom website design company, we know website maintenance services essential for any business. Ready to keep your website up to date? Compare our customizable website maintenance packages.

How to monitor the progress of my project?

Our centralized tracking client systems enable directly connecting with our project managers and team members. Furthermore, as a leading mobile web design company, we distribute formal live reports among clients. These serve as progress updates.

Are templates used?

Based on our client's needs, we use templates and customization. We understand that every business is unique and they require unique solutions. Hence we offer unique designs and solutions.

Are your designs affordable?

The price depends on the customizations and edits required for either new or existing sites. Elementary designs will naturally be nominally and competitively priced. At VOCSO you get your brand new website with experienced web developers at an affordable price. See our website design packages.

Being a local business owner, should I switch to responsive websites?

Why not? This helps to present your business more efficiently and improves retention rates. The sophisticated and immersive user experience, irrespective of how or from where they view your site, adds to this.

According to Think With Google 76% of people using their smartphones for searching for something nearby and visit a business within a day.

What’s the cost of a website?

This depends on how many pages you want to create on your website, custom design, and development or template usage, eCommerce for online marketplace sales, inquiry forms, search engine optimization for your website pages, website features or functionalities, and other things that matter for determining the cost of a website. We’ll be able to provide a fairly accurate quote. Please contact us to find out more.

Have you designed sites for our domain?

We possess a versatile portfolio experience of over a decade. You may request us for sample URLs to demonstrate our ability to create stellar product/service pages.

Can you share samples of site designs?

Of course! Please access our website designing portfolio here.

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