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6 Things You Should Expect from Your Mobile Advertising Agency

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The present business is all about your advertising your product or service the right way. If you deliver your idea in an impressive way then no matter how good your product is, you won’t be making as much money as you would do if you advertised it right. For example, while looking for a private tutor for your courses you do not go for the people who have described themselves poorly, instead, you will be attracted towards a more well-described service provider. You just need to keep this in mind when your area advertising your product.

The technology has made advertisement much easier for service providers. There are many platforms through which you can advertise. You have print media, social media platforms, and electronic media. However, there is one more medium through which you can advertise and that is the mobiles.

Mobile advertising has become a whole new trend in the present century. With the mobile technology getting more and handier and spreading like fire in a forest, many agencies have been established that specifically provide their services for mobile adverting. You need to hire an agency suiting the best of your requirements and budget and they will do the advertising for you.


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Basically, mobile advertising works in a way that different SMS messages are sent to your phones advertising a product. These numbers are usually collected from mobile companies or maybe you provided your number while signing up for their website. This is business is flourishing day by day and a tough competition is being seen in fighting for the budgets of the companies and getting contracts.

However, choosing the right kind of agency for the advertisement of your product or service is very important. If you choose the wrong agency, it might turn out to be a big mistake. The agency you are choosing must be compatible with you and your service so that both of you can work hand in hand and produce quality results. It is just like choosing a private tutor for you if both of you understand each other only when the grades will improve otherwise you might be going further down with the grades and that is not good.

There are certain things that you should expect from your mobile advertising company, as to how they communicate with you, how much they understand you and much more that will be further discussed. Let’s list down a few things that you should expect from your mobile advertising company.

1. Select an agency of experts

The first and foremost step would be finding people that are more experienced and experts in this field. There are many new learners in the industry, they may take a project from you but are not experienced and are just learning through your project. Well, you don’t have an extra dollar for their learning. We are trying to do a business here.

To find the right kind of people for you, you may take the second opinion from someone, someone who has an idea or has worked before with such agencies and knows how much to pay, who is experienced and who is not.


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So, you should be expecting your agency to be more skilled and experienced in their field of work. You might have to do a little research on your own too because it will be difficult to find the right agency for yourself because they all say that they have experienced so who is telling the truth, only your own research can tell you that.

2. The agency must specialize in various domains

Don’t get stuck with an agency who just has one direction of work and there is no variety in their work. Your agency must have diverse expertise and they must provide their services in different domains. With all the agencies telling you that they are experienced and can work in your required field, you will now need to be a bit sharper. Have a good research in your field and ask them the different areas that they have worked in, the kind of methods they use, the algorithms they run and how diverse they have been in their previous work. Only then you will be able to find out which agency is the best for you and which agency will advertise you in the best viable way. Just imagine one private tutor teaching various subjects, this is just like that.

3. If it has no connections in the industry, it is not the right place for you

You will find many agencies that might tell you that your project is their only job; however, they have other incentives too maybe to become a technology business, an ad worker something between that. It is important to research that you are talking to the right people and they have no other motives rather than mobile advertising. If you find them to be a network or a demand-side platform masked as an agency partner, you might as well find another agency, because they will only waste your time, energy and money. Select someone having some mobile measurement partners such as Appsflyer, Adjust etc. and does not use web solutions for example Mix panel, Google Analytics and a few more.


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4. They should be intelligent enough to measure success

The agency should fit your budget. Different agencies are working on different budgets. You need to choose the one suiting the best of your requirements and budget. For example, if you choose a company who has 1 million dollars or more per month but you have a budget of $10,000 then defiantly you are not going to be a top priority for the agency. Choose an agency that works around your budget.

5. Communication

The major part of this would be the communication between you and your agency. Choose an agency which is more attentive to your requirements and communicates with you very effectively. The communication gap can prove to be a disaster for your product advertising.

6. How passionate they are

You should be expecting a more passionate group of people for your work. You need to have more active and creative minds behind your advertisements, only when your product will attract customers and paying to the agency will finally be worth it.

Hope these tips will help you find a better agency or maybe a private tutor too.

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