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Hybrid Mobile app
Development Service
more platforms at less cost

Get your mobile apps into more hands with our award winning hybrid mobile app development service. We combine the power of html5 and jQuery with the powerful hybrid app development frameworks like Ionic & PhoneGap.

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Cross Platform
App Development Frameworks

Choosing the right framework is the first big step. VOCSO Team works with the following hybrid app development frameworks.

Hybrid applications by VOCSO leverage the best of both web & native mobile platforms. Every hybrid framework offer their core benefits. But VOCSO ensures your hybrid app development is geared towards reducing the cost of development, making you ready to go to market early and giving your app in more people’s hand on multiple platforms.

We combine the power of jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 to develop Hybrid applications with the latest frameworks such as phonegap, ionic and others.


Advantages of
Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app development may not always be the best bet, but read this before you decide...

Native App

  • Native UI allows users to get around easily
  • Seamless access to device hardware/software e.g. GSP, location, shake, calendar etc
  • Best Security
  • Best User Experience
  • Offline Mode

Hybrid App

  • Portability to multiple mobile platforms with one base code
  • Access to hardware/software through external plug-ins
  • Comparatively faster development
  • Reasonable initial cost of development
  • Faster Speed to Market

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VOCSO for Hybrid
App Development

Why Clients Choose us

Here are some reasons why clients from across the world believe we are a trusted Hybrid Apps development company in India.

  • Agile hybrid application development methodology
  • Competitive rates for hybrid application developers
  • Complete quality assurance testing before “Going Live”
  • Hybrid team of developers, UI/UX designers and strategists
  • Open & collaborative workflow between team and clients
  • Responsive and adaptive design specialists
  • Proven track record of successful mobile app project delivery
  • Shorter development times translating to lower costs for clients
  • MVP or Full app development - always on time

Impressed? We are eager to learn about your unique idea to
put through our magical process.

  • Latest Mobile apps developed by VOCSO

    Avantha Employee Engagement Apps

    Mobile App Development Services/Features

    • Mobile apps for iOS & Android
    • Secure Access - domain based authentication
    • Newsletter publishing
    • Real time Analytics
    • Commenting & Bookmarking
    • Push Notifications
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Awards and Recognitions

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What is the ideal process of Hybrid app development?

We treat every task distinctively for personalization, nevertheless, our cross platforms include:

  • Comprehension and evaluation of operational needs

  • Capturing possibilities and progressive technologies

  • Wireframing and app data flow architecture creation

  • Mobile & web app visuals and user experience design

  • Project management and code structuring

  • Integrating third party mobile & web APIs

  • Automated, manual, and user acceptance gauging

  • Integrating best app tracking and analytics tools

  • Publishing applications on Apple, Google, and Windows stores

  • Marketing and user data evaluation for invention

  • Product maintenance and support

How do you make apps differently from other Hybrid applications development companies?

We are sought after as an agency for leading and design companies. This is what we do:

1. Latest Hybrid Frameworks Our developers continually update applying revised cross-platform development frameworks. We discover and advise the ideal choices for your business, application features, performance, UI, and UX requirements.

2. Feature-rich Products We’re adept at coding detailed features in hybrid frameworks. We develop your product in stages, wrap under the ideal framework, real device user testing and produce your feature-rich cross-platform app.

3. Attractive UI/UX Our designers sketch user-first designs and our engineers deploy design elements of cross-platform frameworks. We create a native interface and user experience via the hybrid approach on both iOS and Android devices.

4. Native Performance Our cross-platform app developers engineer products with optimized performance. We’re aware of how to use the right APIs and enable quick data processing. This delivers hybrid applications with native type functionality.

5. Hand-Coded & Scalable We hand-code your product from inception for simplified, short, and well-documented code. Our team designs scalable code architecture to offer ultimate support feature upgrades in the future.

Why Hybrids are better than natives?

The advantage of these is that they’re usually more convenient to develop than native apps. They also need less maintenance, however, the pace of this depends solely on the user’s browser speed. Overall, hybrid apps will always be outperformed by their native counterparts.

How many years of experience VOCSO has as a cross-platform mobile app development company?

A fully customizable CMS provides a convenient way for a website setup and customization to go live. The WordPress settings help you customize the look of your website and functionality as well without losing the user experience.

We’re a reputed mobile app development company certified with ISO 27001. Our team of mobile app developers and designers have been designing hybrid frameworks since they began. We offer end-to-end hybrid app development services to create fidelity cross-platform mobile solutions since 2009.

Beginning with a single hybrid developer, we now have expanded to work on React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap, and other cross-platform technologies. We’ve successfully delivered bespoke cross-platform apps for multiple industries.

Being an app development company, we appreciate your business needs and create applications with a single code base for better market penetration.

What kind of tools & technologies you used in Hybrid App Development?

Designing a cross-platform application requires various design and development technologies. Check the ideal ones we work on to produce brilliant hybrid apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Mobile Technologies UI/UX Web & Hybrid Backend & Database Cloud & Push Notification App Analytics & Payments
Swift Sketch HTML5/CSS3 Node.JS GoogleAE Google Analytics
Objective C Photoshop MEAN Python AWS Flurry
Xcode Illustrator MERN Django Heroku Apple Pay
Java After Effects Backbone.JS Go Firebase Google Wallet
Kotlin InVision AngularJS PHP UrbanAirship Braintree
Android SDK Flinto Vue.Js PostgreSQL PushWoosh
React.Js/React Native MySQL
Flutter MongoDB
Node.js Redis
Laravel Cassandra
CodeIgniter ElasticSearch

Can we schedule a call to discuss my app idea and understand your technical capabilities?

We’re always accessible over the phone or via email to discuss your app idea, as per your convenience.

Do cross-platform apps support all iOS and Android features?

Yes, our apps are fully compatible with the latest and complex hardware features of iOS and Android devices.

How much budget-friendly hybrid app is and what is the cost?

Cross-platform apps are lightweight, meaning that about a third of the cost can be saved compared to the native approach. This does depend on application features and volumes of app platforms being developed.


Can you port an app from outdated hybrid frameworks to the latest ones?

Yes, we offer app upgrade services to port your hybrid app code wrapped in old technologies to the latest like React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin

Can we get all iOS and Android device features to the cross-platform app?

Yes, the apps we develop are synergized with features of iOS and Android devices. You may avail the latest and complex hardware features of iOS and Android devices using our Hybrid app development facilities.

Do you offer any other mobile app-related solutions?

We are a comprehensive solution for all your mobile app needs. Explore other related services to enrich your product development and performance.

  • React Native, Flutter, iOS, and Android App Development

  • Mobile App Strategy Consulting

Do You Provide a project manager to supervise the resources?

We offer an executive for all clients upon procuring resources, which is inclusive. The project manager will operate as a unified correspondence point, helping you address queries. They’ll also share project progress updates.

What capabilities does VOCSO offer?

Strategy – We’re globally recognized as a strategic software development partner, hence we churn investments into viable products.

Design – We have valuable experience in designing interactive & engaging interfaces to draw your users.

Development – Our software developers can differentiate between great and substandard code. For any technology and development type, you can definitely count on us.

Quality Assurance – We ensure that your application/product/software is devoid of glitches and operates seamlessly across various platforms.

Hosting and Monitoring – Maintaining fluid business operations requires secure tracking.

Ongoing Support – To uphold the responsive nature of your software/product/application, we’re always there ready to assist you.

How long does it take to start my project once I pay the initial charges?

Upon completing the initial formalities, the first project collaboration is instantly scheduled by our project/product manager.

Do you provide support and maintenance after the completion of the project?

Yes, of course. We provide support and maintenance, monitoring every post maintenance request, issue, glitches, etc.

How absolute is my ownership of the project?

You will always have full ownership of the complete project, including the copyright, source code, and intellectual property rights/patented trademarks (as applicable).

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