10 Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2018

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1. Live Streaming

It is not a new thing that on social media videos make their position stand out among the audience, without any doubt. It is also expected in the coming year that videos are moving into a new paragon such as live videos and video content. According to the statistics, video streaming has pushed 75% traffic on the internet traffic in 2017. And there is no barrier in its path in the future as well. It is also research that users watch live streams 3x more than the prerecorded video. Social media platform work on that to use on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, so to give the better experience of users by improving feeds and with new features.

2. Mobile Video

According to the report of Recode, mobile video trend will be becoming increase in 49% in 2018 and roughly up to $18 billion. On the other side ads without mobile video has fallen to 1.5 % that is a loss of $15 billion. It is also found that watching videos on laptop and computer become decrease in the first attempt. In 2018 watching videos on smartphones, tablets are becoming increase by 25%. After the study, it is also found that viewer watch video on smartphones more than 36 minutes but on personal computers and laptops less than 19 minutes.



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3. Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is also called growth driven strategies, this is a marketing process design to achieve profit goals. As you known that SEO is the best hacking strategy because with this strategy companies are able to track and target large audience who are searching your product and services. But we are not neglecting that technologies have transition every time, that’s why new search engine arrives in every year. So for that companies maintain their strategy in a way to fulfill the need of the audience. How their audience reaches you and your product. Introduce different deals, challenges and other types of contest. This will also help your company to convert your lead into the sale.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The new trend of marketing in 2018 is to integrate big data and machine learning. Artificial intelligence gives huge impact and understanding on the companies that how to market your product and services to our consumers. The audience wants high-quality content, advance product lifecycle. Implementing AI strategy required high cost and well maintain IT infrastructure. As well as hiring experienced and qualified people according to your business requirement. As well as such advanced technology and strategies will give an effective result if your company is committed toward your goals. In one report it is found that using artificial intelligence in a marketing campaign will give high performance to marketing team than the normal campaign. There are 57% entrepreneurs who already using AI in their business and declare that it is an essential element to keep track and engage with your customers. It is also found over the past two years AI growth up to 53%.



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5. Explainer Videos

Another trend of marketing for 2018 is explainer videos. These videos are small and simple videos that give information to specific product and service of your company. This will boost your entire performance and result. In such videos visual element plays an important role, it helps viewers to understand your point that you want to deliver to your audience in few sentences. According to the statistics, it is 4times more powerful than to read whole content from your website. For example, in a healthcare industry, it works very effectively. Doctors and concern person design animated videos to explain patients regarding their complicated disease and recovery process, this will help them to an educated patient and their family, even useful when the doctor’s panel conducted a meeting on any critical disease.

6. ChatBots

You can also see this trend implementing in many companies that are chatbots. Chatbots are most valuable and effective rising trend that help business for effective communication. It contributes to execute your marketing strategy effectively and enhance customer support experience. Even it is predicted that in 2020 85% communication will be conducted via chatbots, according to the Gartner. The functioning of the chatbots is, it executes in a predefined workflow and help in customer engagement and help in creating fast communication by providing possible suggestion and answer the question. Now users become more aware of it and entrepreneur will accept its presence.



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7. Viral Content

There are the various meaning of viral as per different field and industry. Like when a doctor hears viral they think any disease that is spread in a particular area. But when marketers hear the word viral it means spread brand awareness. Every business wants that their content becomes viral in the eyes of the audience through different social media platform. Marketing team plays an important role to make content worthy so to convert leads into sales and profit. Also if you want to make your content viral you need to be more focus, authentic, relatable, sometimes funny, and witty.

8. Geofencing

As it is very common that human always carries mobile devices with them. Where ever we go it is always with us. It is estimated on average each mobile user will trigger their phones 75 times in a day. Which mean people engaged with their smartphones whole day in different locations. the new technology trend uses marketers to get knowledge of their customers and to target audience by tracking their locations like when they will enter in a certain place, how much time they will stay in one place or which place people stay too long. All such information you will get with the help of geo-fencing. It works by sending the notification to the users when they find customers are active in a required area. In these specific locations, marketers will send offers, different deals and promotional messages to avail discounts. This would be the best approach for the marketers to build engagement with the users.



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9. Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are same as digital influencers Micro influencers get 4 times more comment on a post than macro-influencers in Micro-influencers people post on precise niche topics. There are 90% consumers who believe in peer communication and 33% people believe in ads. In one study it is found that there are 32% internet users who disable ad block in 2017. So, for this reason, marketers use micro influencers to eliminate such gap in 2018.

10. Brand Blog

Another strategy that company follows to grab users through their amazing content by producing their own blog for your website. Activities like update company profile, create stories, guest post, introduce new trends and keep an eye on customers need. Blogging will help marketers increase brand awareness and keep engaging with the customers. All these things you will be done when you have your own website.

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