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What is A/B Testing

A/B Testing ( also called Split or Bucket Testing ) is the art of comparing two or more variations of the same web page or app screen and find out which one performs better in terms of achieving the goals. Half of the users are presented with the variations of the page or screen and the data is collected for further analysis.

To perform A/B testing, one has to take an existing web page or screen and make the changes to create a new version. The changes could be as subtle as modifying color, positioning, headline, pricing or a Call to Action ( CTA ) button or as major as completely changing the layout or redesigning the page with different elements. Then visitors are served either main version or the modified one. Analytics data is used to compare the results generated from the different versions over the set time. You can compare different metrices such as no. of clicks, bounce rate, average time on page or even the form submission, depending on which one is more important to you.

Based on the results, you may further want to continue the tests or settle with the better performing version.

Although, google allows for these experiments, abusing these tools can negatively impact your search ranking. is a well known A/B Testing tool out there.

What is Above the Fold?

The term “”Above the Fold”” was initially used to describe the content on the front page of a printed newspaper, visible when it’s folded horizontally. In Web Design, it refers to the area of the web page that is visible to the users without scrolling the web page. Sections of a web page accessible after the scroll is called “”Below the fold””.

It’s a proven fact that visitors engage more with the content and elements above the fold. That’s why designers are adviced to place the key elements such as primary business goals, value proposition and primary Call to Action ( CTA ) above the fold in order to have maximum engagement.

There is no fixed size or height that defines the area above the fold. This varies based on the computer or mobie device, operating system, browsers, browser toolbars and the screen resolution. It’s upto the designers to use responsive website design techniques to ascertain the key elements are visible above the fold.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link which gives more opportunities to user to find more results from one website to another website. It’s also called as Incoming links and Inbound Links. Building backlinks for a website is an element of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are several easy ways to create backlinks like Blog commenting, Bookmarking, Q&A, Image sharing and video sharing, etc.

Why we use bootstrap?

Bootstrap as name suggested “it’s a loop at the back of a boot; which is used to pull it on.” Similarly, in terms of web, bootstrap (front-end framework) is a backbone, which is used to develop mobile responsive websites using front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Various versions of bootstrap are now available with the latest one being 4.1.x.

Now the first question which arises: why we use bootstrap? So today I tell you the benefits of using bootstrap:
1. Easy to understand: You only need to download the files from get boostrap and unzipping the folder and include CSS and js in head section.

2. Easily customize grid columns: It consists of 12-column (responsive) grid, layouts and components. Offsetting and nesting is complementary provided by bootstrap which is applicable for both fixed and fluid width layouts.

3. Consists of pre styled html components: Designer’s sometimes may face some challenges to build dropdowns, alert, progress bar, nav bars etc. Bootstrap offers a cup of tea to designer by developing pre style components. Hence being a great feature, Bootstrap provide numerous of advantages of using this pre style components.

4. Support and good documentation: Bootstrap provides very good documentation with examples that someone new can easily grab and can create mobile friendly websites.

Hope you enjoyed reading the reasons of bootstrap, now the count begins and let’s start making superb website design by using bootstrap

What is Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage rate of visitors to your website who leave your website after visiting only one page to the all visitors. It does not matter how much or very little time they spend on the one page on which they come first; If they do not click on an internal link to visit another page on your site, that counts as a bounce.

Based on the bounce rate, Google is able to decide whether any Web page is potential or not. The low bounce rate is essentially good. It shows the interest of people towards your website.

Also if your website’s bounce rate drops too much then you should have to worry about your website, it may have some development errors which needs to be rectify as soon as possible.


Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique used to send different content to human and search engines. It’s a black-hat SEO technique used by websites to deceive search engines in ranking a web page higher than would otherwise rank lower or not rank at all. In this technique, different content is delivered based on the IP Address or the User-Agent HTTP header of the web browser requesting the page.

This technique is also used to trick search engine users to visit pornographic or spammy web pages cloaked by non-pornographic search engine results.

Cloaking can also be a functional technique in cases of content that’s not locatable, such as non-textual media embedded in video or adobe flash objects. Using cloaking it is possible to inform search engines about the content in these media formats, however, this technique is not required anymore for regular SEO practices.

What is CPC (Cost Per Click)?

CPC or Cost Per Click is a payment method used by Google Ads, where the advertisement price depends on the number of clicks the ad gets. It is used to measures the amount paid for each click in a PPC marketing campaign. When an online user clicks in this campaign, it transfers to the advertiser’s web site.
It is mostly used by all the advertisers because it talks about per click payment. The cost per click rate depends on the product and your market. In some cases, it also depends on the keyword competition and its success rate. If the same keyword use by many people, then this means there will be a higher competition in that keyword and CPC cost also increase. In the same way, CPC is very low for low competition keywords.

What is an Electronic-wallet?

An electronic-wallet is a virtual wallet allowing the user to use various online payment services.
E-wallet is a digital version of our purse. The use of e-wallet is the same as a credit or debit card. Firstly the user has to put money in the wallet. After this, users can use the money store in the wallet to pay for online services such as online shopping, bill payment, recharge, ticket booking, money transfer, buy movie tickets, and much more. It is must be linked to a person’s bank account to make payments. The main purpose of electronic-wallet is to make easy paperless money transactions.

What Is Google Seller Ratings (GSRs) Extension?

Google seller ratings are an excellent feature added to a new Google Adwords extension type. It’s an amazing feature that specially developed for Google paid advertisers. Any advertisers who are using Google paid advertising platform can use this extension to get maximize benefits from your advertising campaign. This extension type works automatically with text ads and able you to show high seller ratings from the reputed source from around the web.

How It Help Advertisers?

Seller ratings help advertisers to improve the performance of text ads and able to earn more qualified leads from your paid marketing campaign on Google search network. There are two different types of rating extensions first one is seller ratings and the second one is review extensions. If you’re going to use reviews from the third party website in your ads then review extensions are very helpful. Seller ratings are only eligible for the advertisers who are going to advertise their products and services on the Search Network. Seller ratings show your customers that you are offering quality service on the web earn more qualified leads for your business through the Google advertising services. Want to read more on seller rating before you begin? Here is the Google own tutorials article on Seller ratings that you may like!

ICO or Initial Coin Offering

ICO is the abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering. And as you can guess, it allows companies to create their coince/currency. It’s a strategy used by new cryptocurrency companies to offer some units of a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange against popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It’s been a trend since last few years to gather funds for the development of new cryptocurrencies. Ethereum ICO’s success encouraged more and more upcoming cryptocurrency companies to offer their pre-created tokens to be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

ICO’s are usually integrated into the actual development project. Ripple is suggested to be the first ICO based cryptocurrency platform, which sold around 100 billion XRP ( Ripple ) token to fund their Ripple payment system development.

ICO has become an ideal choice for raising funds without giving away the ownership, like it happens in traditional approach like Bank or VC funding.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology designed to attract visitors and prospective buyers towards a brand rather than pushing outwards for the purpose of lead generation. It uses a combination of various digital marketing channels such as SEO, content marketing, social media in creative way to increase reach and pull traffic in the hopes of finally converting.

Inbound marketing methodology differentiates itself in a way that it uses content to educate/inform the prospects rather than pushing sales. This way it presents the brand as a reliable resource and create the pathway for future purchase.

Inbound marketing is a term coined by the provider of inbound marketing software.

What is keyword?

A keyword is a seo term searched by user to find the relevant content pages. Sometime it is also termed as Search Query. A keyword can be a word or, more often a set of words.

Keywords with one or two words known as short-tail keywords while keywords with three or more words are considered as long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are by far the best and easiest to get the best results in search engines.

Keywords are highly valuable and important because keywords combine information between the content of websites and what people search for in search engines. By using relevant keywords in the websites, the need of the users is met, the website ranks high on the search engine, and it drives organic traffic.

What is Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a Black Hat SEO practice to artificially increase the search ranking of a website where a certain keyword is repeated again and again on the same page in order to misguide search engine spiders that the content is relevant to this keyword. Major search engines penalize or banned websites either temporarily or permanently period of time for keyword stuffing.

Due to more Keyword stuffing major search engines have stopped factoring in Meta Tags. This is the reason Google introduces the Penguin algorithm (which is updated from time to time by Google developers) to identify and punish websites that use Keyword stuffing.

Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet is a digital marketing technique used by modern marketers to lure potential buyers into giving their contact details such as email or phone number in exchange of something of value.

Ideally marketers offer a piece of digital downloadable content such as a whitepaper, report, ebook, checklist, insights, case study or a video. Email or other contact details are something users don’t give away easily. Hence marketers need to incentivize the users into giving their contact details. This is an effective technique to warm up the prospective buyers. By giving something of value for free, you’re letting them have a taste of your offer and prove your value.

What makes a Good Lead Magnet?
A good lead magnet should reflect one or more of the following traits…
1) Solve a real problem for your target buyer persona.
2) Promise and deliver an easy to digest resource quickly.
3) Demonstrate your value proposition
4) Something of high perceived value.
5) Addresses something specific with out generalizing or confusing.

Whatever your lead magnet is, after consuming the same, the prospect should ideally be warmed up and positive towards buying your product or service in future.

What is Link Farming?

Link farming is a way to increase relevant incoming links to your website. The purpose of use this tactic is link popularity to increase the Google PageRank. A link farm can be a website or a group of websites having a large number of outgoing links other sites without any relevant categorization. It also calls reciprocal link exchange that is a black hat technique to build links in this way. Link farming was created to help increase PageRank by building relevant links, however, in current times, Google and other major search engines are not accepting this unnatural way to get appearing at the higher rank position on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

What is the Future of Link Farming?

As we all know that the Google the largest search engine in the World is changing their ranking algorithm constantly and no longer accepting link farming or other ways to build unnatural links to rank on the first page of SERPs. If you are new to marketing industry then please don’t do that because it can harm your ranking and your website reputation. Google may also completely remove your website or pages from their organic search results. In the last couple of years, millions of websites were using link farming have already penalized by Google and other primary search engines. Now Google has clearly announced that link farm and other ways to build links like buy paid links, reciprocal linking, etc are against the webmaster quality guidelines and worthless for long-term search engine optimization strategy.

What Is Google Link Schemes?

Link schemes are the art of creating links for a website by the webmasters mistakenly and intentionally that is highly against the Google Webmaster quality guidelines. Inside the link schemes, Google has added all the link building activities which a person does to manipulate Google page rank and get high rank for certain keywords at the top of the Google organic search results. Most of the newbies in the SEO word assume only inbound link constitutes to Link schemes, however, it’s equally a bad practice to add both inbound and outbound links in an unnatural way.

Ignoring such links which come under the link scheme can badly damage your website ranking on Google. There are many link building activities that indicate or tell Google that a particular link is the part of a link scheme. Let’s see some bad practices of links generating to a website that Google strongly count under the links schemes;

1) Exchanging links for your services or products pages

2) Buying and selling links for money to pass on page rank

3) Excessive links building for an exact match keyword

4) Using a large number of keyword-rich anchor text links in your articles and guest posts

There are several other ways when Google realizes your links as part of link schemes.

If you think that the way you’re building links to your website does not fulfill the Google quality guidelines then go to your search console link reportimmediately and remove them fast.

Have you found links that are not adhering to the quality guidelines? Don’t wait until something bad happens. The best time to remove and disavow such links before getting bad impact by Google.

Now is the time to completely avoid creating links that can negatively impact your website and lose you a lot of money as well. The only way to get your website found on Google is providing a good experience to the users and search engines. Are you ready to build links to your new startup website, then make sure you know the guidelines of SEO whitehat and black hat to run your link building process.

Recommended blog on White Hat And Black Hat SEO

I hope this short information on Google Link Schemes will help you to understand and aware of some bad tactics of links.

Next to read by me: Link Farming

What is Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is a secure merchant service for eCommerce platforms to make or receive online payment from any digital channel. This is acts as a bridge between the Bank and the Merchant Website. It transfers payment for a merchant on a secure internet connection and then transfers the payment to the merchant’s bank account. All this work is done with the user’s permission.
Although there are many payment gateways to help you in online shopping or bill payment, there are some of the most used gateways includes PayPal, EBS, VISA, and Master Card.

What is API and how to create and use in php

What is API: API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. It is a set or rules that allows one piece of software application to talk to another. Those “rules” can include create, read, update and delete operations.

Where we can use API: REST(“REpresentational State Transfer”) API can be used by any application that can connect to the internet. If data from an application can be created, read, updated or deleted using another application, it usually means a REST API is used.

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page that appears after searching for different queries through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. A SERP gives you a list of web pages that are most relevant to the word typed by you in search engine.

A SERP is made up of organic search results, queries, ad and in some cases additional features like images and F&Q snippets for each search result. SERP will display a list of individual results based on the user’s location and preferences. SERP allows users to find the best options or answers they are searching for on the Internet.

What is SQL Injection?

SQL Injection(SQLi), a technique used by attackers to execute malicious SQL Code or extracting sensitive data from platform which could be anything from User lists, customer private data or company sensitive information. This is mainly possible from placing malicious code in SQL Statement in SQL Statements via web page input.

How it Happen?

SQL Injection usually happens at the time when the user is asked to input his authorization information, like their username/user id, but in this case, the attacker would put SQL Statement in input field instead of user id which would then run on your database without any suspicion. Simple example of SQL Injection could be as simple as setting password field to ‘password OR 1=1’.

How can you come to know if you are Vulnerable?

This could be accomplished by searching through source code for all the request calls to external sources and then examining each and every call carefully to be sure that every input field is filtered for checking SQL injections. Developers can be creative in their way by using SQL Parameters for running Queries. SQL parameters are added to an SQL query at its execution time, thus making the system secured from SQL Injections.

What is the Webinar?

A webinar is a word made up by compounding two words Web and Seminar. A webinar is an online real-time event done via the Internet in the presence of an online audience. A webinar is also known as web events, web lectures, online seminars, and virtual events. A webinar is two types, Paid webinar & Free webinar. It supports multiple presenters, easy file sharing & live chat with attendees.
Its main advantage is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You can watch the seminar comfortably on your computer, tablet or phone.
Some of the best software for conducting webinars are Google Meet, WebinarJam, Skype, ClickMeeting, WebinarNinja, GoTowebinar, & Livestorm.

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