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Open Source Development

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    The most popular open source ecommerce solution
    that powers more than 240K + stores ( Ref. Magento Image Conf.
    keynote by Magento CEO, 2015)

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    Our clients love wordpress, so do we.
    It is easy to manage and has widespread support.

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    Joomla is our second love for the
    open source content management system development.

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    CakePHP is a widely used PHP based MVC Framework
    that enables us to develop highly managebale web

Open Source Development & Customization

the future

Open Source Development has never been so customizable! With VOCSO’s open source development team, you will see commonly structured & single framework websites like word press but completely customized and unique for you. It is no mystery that “unique” sells on the internet, and that is exactly what you will get with a web design company like VOCSO.

One of the key advantages of Open Source software is that it allows you to easily edit parts of the website with absolutely no website editing experience. Therefore after the website is built for you, you do not need to have any website experience to edit the content of your website.

Open source software is known for its high levels of security as the software has been tested on thousands if not millions of websites, so flaws in the code can quickly be established and corrected. The flexibility that open source software exhibits makes it a popular choice for many corporate, ecommerce, and blog sites, as they can be edited by an amateur and they are very cost effective.

Advantage of Open Source Development

  • Take Full Control
  • Fast Development
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Flexibility and Agility
  • Ability to Start Small
  • USe Better Talent
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Solid Information Security
  • The Future
Open source is the future. Web, mobile, and cloud solutions

we love
Open Source ...and you’ll love it too!

The minds at VOCSO has seen the world wide web evolving since over a decade and seen it impacting the web businsses. We know what’s going to help the new and already businesses. Here are the major differentiators.

Open Source
  • 1

    Ease of

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  • 3

    Wide Spread

  • 4

    Reduced Cost of

Ease of Management

Years of effort and experience has been put into making the open source solutions more reliable and easy to use. Open source platforms are built keeping in mind the growing needs and scalability. Even after customizing these platforms to suit your business needs, VOCSO team ensures the ease of management is not lost.

Ease of Management

Faster Development

VOCSO’s open source developers make use of the right platforms and extensions needed to accomplish the required features faster. It’s imperative to select the right platform and tools for specific business needs by close assessment and foreseeing the future needs.

Faster Development

Wide Spread Support

Open source platforms ( specially those recommended by VOCSO) have widespread developer network. What this means for you, is the advantage of never getting locked down in a situation. There are always workaround or solutions for every requirements. In addition, this allows you to switch to or from other open source developers without worrying about knowledge transfer.

Wide Spread Support

Reduced Cost of Owenership

Who doesn’t like to save on the development cost. With VOCSO’s affordable open source development solutions your business can cut down on the overall cost of ownership. The savings you make, can invest into other important things, like upgrading your server, driving traffic or anything else more important.

Reduced Cost of Owenership

Open Source Development platforms

Among the many services that VOCSO specializes in, open source development and customization is one that sticks out among the rest. Our ability to excel with open source development software has become a favorite among customers looking for a professional look and feel with the ability to alter and change it for specific applications. VOCSO is a web design company that has the experience in programming to deliver these open source customization services, whereas the competition is often just able to design the “face” or homepage of your website.

Among the many open source software applications available, we specialize in but are not limited to:

Get mobile-ready and user-friendly on Joomla, the most trusted CMS. VOCSO’s Joomla website development service is apt for businesses of medium to large size. Looking for affordable Joomla customization services, get a free quote now.


Rely on VOCSO for the best Magento website design and customization services. Start selling more online, with the powerful and reliable shopping cart solution.


Get your business website developed with a CMS that powers millions of websites. VOCSO creates awesome WordPress sites that are suitable for any business and easily manageable.


CodeIgniter remains the best PHP MVC framework with small foot print to develop full featured web apps, web portal, CMS, eCommerce and much more.


Leverage the flexible database access and scaffolding features of all powerful CakePHP framework to develop small to complex web applications. Build fast and grow with VOCSO.


Build most powerful and ambitious digital experiences with powerful open source platform, Drupal. Drupal powers the high end web applications and websites.


Let’s build your ecommerce store, fast with the legacy shopping cart solution: OSCommerce. Join the community of over 300,000 ecommerce store owners.


VOCSO builds modern front-end web applications with jQuery without compromising on the performance that comes from writing numerous lines of code in Javascript.

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Open Source Web and Development Portfolio
crafted with love

Enough talking! Look at some of our recent Open Source Development below...

Understand your business

your business

We start with requirement gathering through predefined questionnaire & scheduled discussions to understand the said and unsaid goals.

Select the right platform

Select the right

Prepare a matrix of requirement with the available open source platforms and take a call on what’s right for short and long term goals.


Design &

Here comes the part we passionately love doing. The actual design & customization needed to achieve goals set forth.

ready to take the plunge?

reach out to us... even if you’re not!

VOCSO helps you Leverage
The Benefits of Open Source... simple & unbiased!

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    100s of customized open source projects delivered

  • parlled-support

    12 Months Unparalleled Support

  • hiring-options

    Flexible & Competitive Hiring Options

  • well-managed

    Transparent & Well Managed Execution

To sum it up, VOCSO is a Web Design Company dedicated to delivering the best quality open source development & open source customization services available for any company who wants a reliable digital partner.

With VOCSO’s open source solutions your company or website will achieve the individual goals that have been set in said project.Our developers will work closely with you in a well planned mannner to identify and execute your goals in a time effective manner. Fortunately for us, we don’t need to talk about it much… Our customers do all of the talking for us.

VOCSO makes a promise before taking on a new project.This promise will carry on throughout the project and never lose its meaning. Goal analysis & achievement are the two building blocks to each one of these promises. If you do not succeed than we did not do our job.

Web Application Development Introduction Video

web application development service introduction video

What is an open source CMS?

This is a content management system that is managed by a designated developer community (instead of being run by an individual proprietor). The source code is freely available to everyone, meaning that anyone can edit or modify it to design their own functional platform. This unparalleled flexibility is key. Secondly, a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) built and managed through an individual or particular company. If you want to go with a proprietary CMS to build a website and maintain it then you will have to pay a license fee that may be charged on a monthly basis.

What are your specialisations in open source development services?

Our highly skilled open source developers can handle scaled projects in various domains. We have detailed expertise, empowering us to manage differing project needs. These include Shopping Cart, CRM, Portals, CMS, and alternative web properties. The open source customization solutions delivered by us are:

  • Maintenance and Support

  • Portal, Intranet & Extranet Design

  • Open Source Migration

  • Open Source Customization

  • Social Networking Solutions

  • eCommerce Customization

  • Migration to Other Platforms

  • Design Integration

  • Website & Content Management

  • Open Source Software Management

  • Open Source Software Integration

  • New Features Development

What CMS platforms do you use for building my website?

VOCSO is an established yet quickly evolving and adaptive open source development company. We offer fully customized website design and development solutions for enterprises, startups and corporates. Our approach is to deliver fidelity and customised services to fulfill your commercial aims. Dependable sites and apps are deployed for our clients. The team continually applies revised and updated technologies to utilise your budget efficiently. This delivers ideal development services as per organisational needs. The following CMS platforms are available, although we keep expanding this range:

#1. Joomla
Get your mobile ready website developed on Joomla from VOCSO. Joomla website development solutions offered by VOCSO are fully customized and affordable.

#2. Magento
VOCSO has been a highly recommended Magento development services provider for the last 10 years. Present your business online with a potent and genuine shopping cart development. Ping us for a highly scalable and reasonably priced Ecommerce marketplace solution.

#3. Drupal
This delivers a robust and exciting experience with our array of detailed development services. Made with a dedicated community Drupal is an open source platform used for building excellent digital experiences. We have expertise in Drupal website design and customization. Hire a professional Drupal developer from VOCSO and we'll help you build a custom website developed on Drupal CMS to meet your business needs with a great user experience.

#4. Wordpress
We’re the #1 WordPress development company in India and also operating from the USA and UAE. Being established in web development, we offer efficient WordPress development with a backed quality pledge.

What frameworks can you use for my project?

VOCSO is a respected brand providing detailed and efficient open source development services. Our fidelity infrastructure serves multiple domains according to fitment and clients needs. Whether it’s CakePHP, Ruby On Rails, Django (to name but a few), we apply the latest tools and technologies to deliver efficient services . We have the capability to deliver ideal services which are coveted for CMS development and alternative IT software solutions for stakeholders. Multiple web application frameworks are available, however VOCSO’s developers are skilled in these frameworks (amongst other aspects):

#1. Cake PHP
Get a comprehensive range of ready made and integrated resources, such as database access, authentication and multiple other features with our web app development.

#2. Ruby On Rails
Our adept developer team provides a stellar resourceful and teamwork journey.

#3. Codeigniter
This feature rich web app platform consisting of web portals, CMS, shopping carts and others is run qualitatively.

#4. YII
A convenient yet expansive site which is secure, quick, efficient and lightweight. Our dedicated developers are also experts in this technology.

Why should I hire VOCSO over other Open Source website development companies in India?

Incepted in 2009, VOCSO is a rapidly developing open source provider, providing efficient services globally. Our unique approach in serving our customers with convenient yet effective solutions is unparalleled. This experience across many web application platforms and development technologies reinforces our expertise in managing every complex project environment. Additional to fidelity services, we exceed convention by curating ready made protocol. This enhances consumer engagement with value for money. This is just some of the rationale for customers entrusting us to personalise their sites:

1. Commercial analysis
Our customer prioritisation scrutinises your goals by probing and collaborating innovative pathways.

2. Discover the appropriate platform
Design a model requirements with the right open source development platform from an array of services and take a call on what’s equitable for long term goals.

3. Personalised design
We focus on growth by adding value and minimising overheads.

4. Customised Development
Our team recognises the importance of analysis and hence we empower your site with distinction to outshine the competition.

5. Integrity
This is our foundation - we always act in the best interests of our clients and admit if or when we go wrong. We’ll always try to rectify our mistakes.

6. Resource efficiency
Here at VOCSO, we stretch your money to reap its full value. We continuously strive to provide the best and are happy to hear from you.


Where should I see your work samples?

VOCSO is a leading web application development company, specialising in open source development. Our pace has enabled us to serve many projects in various domains including Ecommerce, health & fitness and entertainment. Choose us and benefit from dedicated developers who innovate and deliver the latest highly scalable web solutions. This reduces costs. Check out our recent work.

What’s your Open Source CMS development process?

WordPress is one of the most robust CMS solutions and we’re great at designing potent sites, driving traffic and enriching your brand value. Versatile frameworks, personalised themes and advanced functionality all contribute to a brilliant masterpiece. VOCSO has a dedicated WP development team for this. We create and develop sites using these principles:

1. Project analysis
We research and understand your needs, collaborate, brainstorm and clarify everything ahead.

2. Wireframing and Planning
Wireframing, prototyping and practical gauging is undertaken prior to progressing with the design or entering development stages.

3. Graphic and UI Creation
Visual elements & plans (including design strategy, PSDs and screens are designed further down the project development process).

4. Development and Optimisation
Our developers design functional aspects, algorithms and various backend modules whilst incorporating them with the UI here.

5. First draft to finalisation
We present our project preliminary to our clients. Upon any requested edits being implemented (and approved), we publish this to go live.

6. Quality and Extension
Any modifications needed are applied, quality assurance and security audit is undertaken when the first draft is ready.

Why is Open Source web development best?

Ranging from web applications or a CMS, open source platforms are great for upcoming commercial growth. These don’t just forge strong foundations, however add flexibility and scalability.

Our development team ensures that you reap maximum benefit from any platform which we use. Upon analysing your needs, our design of web applications, portals and CMS will reinforce your business goals.

Do you use templates?

We only do so if our client requests this, otherwise original and personalised templates are preferable. Our dedicated template artist will assist you with the ideal layout. Customized solutions are the backbone of VOCSO web and mobile solutions.

Do you offer website maintenance support for websites developed on Open Source platforms?

VOCSO provides dependable and easy web maintenance services. This enables you to run your site reliably and keep it updated as well as professional. We offer site maintenance and server management. Our service plans are detailed and entail your entire web support requirements. These are universally suitable for both smaller businesses sporting single basic sites and larger organisations with multiple ones (needing regular updates). Compare our website design and development packages.

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