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Joomla Website Development
& customization services

Joomla is VOCSO’s preferred open source content management platform for building result driven digital solutions for its customers... for all the good reasons.

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CMS Critic

Best Free CMS

Market Share 2.5
million websites

more than 19,000
extensions & other popular
websites use joomla

Core Features

what’s special?

Joomla is an award-winning open source content management system (CMS), which enables you to build websites and powerful online applications.

Templating System

A truly MVC Based Template system that allows unparalleled level of customization.

Custom Fields
Nested Categories
& Tagging

The right features to manage and render different kind of content.

Truly Mobile
Ready Backend &
Front End

Great template system to build truly responsive websites. More interestingly the responsive backend allows you to manage your website from anywhere.


Build highly scalable web applications off the powerful MVC based CMS.

Multi-lingual out
of the box

Build websites for almost any language with support for over 65 languages.

Joomla & VOCSO
are a perfect team
for everything joomla

VOCSO has built efficient processes to produce, test and launch amazing joomla websites for small to med-sized businesses.

VOCSO has been building, customizing & managing amazing Joomla websites since 2009. We’re geared towards designing, testing and launching amazing websites at budget apt for small and medium-sized businesses.

We’ve shortlisted some useful joomla extensions after extensive research to provide a solution to almost all development requirements. Our creative designers are capable of creating designs that function per your need and look great.

Joomla Custom Website Design

Create a new website for your business with completely unique design.

Responsive Joomla Websites

Give your users richer user experience with responsive joomla website design.

Joomla Membership Websites

Want to offer exclusive content to multi-tier user base? We can design exclusive membership websites.

Joomla + Virtuemart Shopping Cart

Modify wordpress platform to achieve the goals of your website.

PSD to Joomla Conversion

Got PSD done by your inhouse designers or another team? Turn into into a complete website.

Joomla Website Migration

We help you in migrating to or from joomla without loosing any organic traffic.

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Joomla Design and Developement Portfolio
crafted with love

Enough talking! Look at some of our recent Joomla Development below...

  • Joomla Development

    Casa aquamarine

    Casa Aquamarine. Flexibility is our mark. Can be rented as one Villa, or as separate suites.

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we love Joomla
Open Source ...and you’ll love it too!

Joomla is one of the leading open source content management systems used by millions of websites including, eBay, General Electric, IKEA, Pizza Hut, McDonalds & over 3,300 government websites. We love Joomla and proudly recommend it to our clients if it matches their specific business needs.


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    Built in Search Engine
    Optimization Features

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    Caching &

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    Over 19000 ready to
    use extensions

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    A Truly MVC Based
    CMS Platform

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    Trusted by more than 3300
    government websites

Joomla’s Built in Search Engine
Optimization Features

joomla version 3.3 is the first website CMS that uses Microdata, that search engines and web crawlers extract to interpret and rank web pages with better relevancy.

Joomla knows how to handle duplicate URL's, and automatically tag them as canonical URL letting Google know that any ranking is to be applied to just one URL.

Easy control over seo metadata.

100s of free & paid extensions to quickly install & enhance SEO.


Caching & Compression

Full control over website caching & compression. Enabling it, drastically speeds up website loading which improves and enhances user experience. Faster loading web pages help retain visitors relatively longer. This also impacts the SEO rankings of the web pages positively.

Over 19,000 ready to use extensions

Joomla's real advantage is the extent to which it can be customized to suit each need. Currently there are over 19,000 (7,500+ in joomla extensions and more on other directories) extensions are available to customize and further extend a website's functionalities. It's in-built extension finder helps you find the right extension for every need.

VOCSO team helps you decide whether the existing extensions can get your job done or you need to develop a new one from scratch. Joomla's extension API allows our team to develop and deploy new extensions for your website.

Truly MVC Based Scalable CMS Platform

Joomla is based on the Model-View-Controller framework, which makes it a great base for building scalable web applications.

MVC means views are separate from business logic, that eliminates the restrictions on the level of customization possible with the design.

The superior template system lets us build the entire website off the single template or have different template for different section or menu item.

The powerful template overrides allows for customization of each part of the page

Trusted by more than 3325 Government Websites

Joomla is not only preferred by businesses, but it has emerged as a preferred choice for government websites in recent years. Italy's 771 Government Website are built on Joomla, whereas Spain's 220, USA's 180 & Chile's 135 websites are powered by Joomla.

The adaptation of Joomla as a CMS framework and/or as the base for building web applications by brands like Ikea, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, General Eletric, EBay & only proves that you can't go wrong with joomla for your business.

VOCSO is the best joomla development team to handle all your joomla
website development & customization projects.



To make it affordable for small businesses we are very competitively priced in our segment. Just request a quote and you will believe it.


Quality on time,
every time

We believe quality has to be delivered on time so it falls in line with the other efforts of your business.


12 Months
Unparalleled Support

VOCSO’s friendly support has your back when you screw up or you simply have a question.


Time to join over 600 smart

entrepreneurs. Take the plunge.

VOCSO & Joomla Are Perfect
for your Business website ...competitive edge!

Joomla is one of the leading open-source content management systems trusted by big enterprises and even governments.

VOCSO team deploys the right content management system for it’s customers business requirements. While making the decision to use joomla as a content management platform, we consider the following aspects...

  • - Whether it satisfies client’s business needs

  • - The future extensibility

  • - Client’s technical abilities to handle the website operations

Share with us your business requirements so we can evaluate if Joomla is the right fit for your website.

Web Application Development Introduction Video

Joomla Website Design Testimonial - Mark Magill

I want to take a min and talk about Deepak and Vocso team.We have outsourced web projects to many offshore companies but found Deepak understands the web content management and culture of US based firm and delivered the project with in time/budget . Also in terms of quality of product exceeds then anything else on which we work on offshore association I would recommend them for any web projects.

Rob Elliot
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