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How to Use a Paraphrasing Tool to Improve Your SEO

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How to Use a Paraphrasing Tool to Improve Your

Paraphrasing is the action of rewriting ideas and words of other people by using different vocabulary but keeping the meaning intact. It is a fundamental skill of writing and it allows writers to channel their personality in their work.
Paraphrasing has many other uses and benefits. Content writers can testify to that fact since they have to compete with so many other writers who are creating content in the same niche. There are tools available online that can paraphrase text automatically. They are commonly known as paraphrasing tools.

Paraphrasing tool finds a lot of use in SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the process/activities by which the visibility of a website is boosted and as a result, it shows up higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you want to write content that ranks, there are a few things you need to keep in mind and Paraphrasing is one of them. SEO involves many things and some of them include metrics related to user satisfaction. We will see how paraphrasing tools can improve some of those metrics and improve SEO.

How Can Paraphrasers Enhance SEO

Paraphrasing is a technique of rewriting sentences in order to make them seem more original and less of a copy. It is a common practice among writers and bloggers online, especially if they expect that their content will be published on various platforms including social media sites and news websites. Let’s read in detail about the benefits of paraphrasing and how it can improve SEO.

1. Decrease Reading Difficulty

What is the purpose of content writing? It is to provide valuable information and knowledge to its readers. But sometimes writers forget that their audience consists of many different types of people. All these people have different education levels and by extension different literacy rates.

A vast majority of people are not capable of understanding complex writing and technical jargon. That’s why writers have to convey their message using easier vocabulary and dumbing things down. That way most people are able to engage with the content successfully. Paraphrasing is one technique that can reduce the difficulty of reading the text.
Successful engagement results in reduced bounce rate and increased dwell time which are important ranking factors and improve your SEO. A paraphraser can help decrease the reading difficulty automatically. A lot of paraphrasing tools like come with the option to increase readability (otherwise known as decreasing reading difficulty).

Paraphrasing tools are much faster than humans and most of the time the results are admirable. They can save a writer’s time and effort and let them focus on other tasks.

2. Improve the Feel

When we say feel or tone when referring to writing, we are talking about the emotions that the reader perceives. Different words have different connotations associated with them depending on the person. For example, take the word “struggle”. Its literal meaning is to exert a violent effort. But for some people struggle invokes the idea of futility i.e., a futile effort, one which cannot succeed.

Paraphrasers that employ artificial intelligence can detect these “tones” and they can change them as well. Many paraphrasers come with options to change the tone to different styles such as:

  • Casual
  • Convincing
  • Formal
  • Positive

Etc., etc. Having the right tone when writing about certain topics can impact how the audience may perceive them. If your tone is positive and invokes good feelings then the readers will be more accepting of your advice and suggestions provided in the content.

And since that improves user engagement, they may be inclined to read more of such stuff and browse the blog. All of this signifies a happy user and that improves several ranking factors such as dwell time, and how deep the user went into the site, which ultimately improves the SEO.

3. Diversify Keyword Usage

In SEO keywords are of paramount importance. They are the bread and butter by which SEO specialists raise a site’s ranking to the top of the first page.

Keywords are the search terms that users enter into search engines when searching for something. They are what search engines use to see which website will provide the best value to the searcher.

SEO involves optimizing the website for keywords it should rank for. For example, a clothing shop may rank for “men’s apparel”, “women’s Jackets”, and stuff like that. You can use keyword research tools available on the web for finding relevant keywords related to your website pages.

However, using the same keywords over and over results in keyword stuffing which is a bad practice and can be penalized by search engines. Unfortunately, it is an easy mistake to make.

But with paraphrasers that can be rectified. Paraphrasers can simply replace the instances of words that are used too much with their synonyms, resulting in different versions of keywords being used.

This prevents keyword stuffing while also letting your site rank for the alternate keywords, boosting its visibility in the SERPS.

4. Decrease in Recurrence

By this point, you should have realized that content does not have much to do with technical SEO. Rather it is used for attracting and retaining visitors. How much time the visitors spend on your site, how many pages they visit, and whether they bounced or not, are the metrics that calculate user engagement and content relevancy.

If these metrics are not suitable then the SEO is considered bad and as such the SERPs ranking also decreases. One way of lowering these metrics is to have a lot of repetition in your article.

Recurring words and phrases in articles are very off-putting to read, readers like to be kept interested and a good way to do that is to diversify your vocabulary. On the other hand, the recurring text becomes boring and can turn the readers away.

With paraphrasers, exploiting a large vocabulary becomes much easier. Even the simplest paraphrasing tools can effectively reduce the saturation of frequently occurring words/phrases. Hence, they can improve the SEO this way as well.

5. Eliminate Accidental Plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism is the act of unintentionally and unknowingly copying the words or ideas of others and using them in your work. To the writer, it seems as if they came up with the words themselves but they turn out to be the same as a different author.

This type of plagiarism is innocent but unfortunately, the world does not see it that way. Search engines such as Google and Bing can detect whether the content on a website is duplicated or not. They penalize the websites that have indulged in plagiarism by either:

  • Decreasing their SERP rank,
  • Delisting them from their index.

Both outcomes are antithetical to SEO. With paraphrasers though, this kind of plagiarism can be easily removed. Since authors in digital marketing are always recycling the same ideas, they use completely different wording to portray their content as unique. Paraphrasers can be used to do the same and avoid plagiarism. Read how content plagiarism affects SEO and how to avoid it.

6. Improve the Delivery

It has already been established by this point that SEO is very reliant on user satisfaction and engagement. Plenty of ways in which paraphrasing improves the SEO of content are related to improving the user experience.

This tip is also one of them. Content delivery is relevant to SEO because it directly affects how the readers perceive your message. If the delivery is not correct, the reader will have difficulty getting the correct message.

This may lead them to be dissatisfied with the article, and cause them to leave the page. Obviously, this does not reflect well on the stats such as dwell time which in turn signals the search engines to reduce the SERP ranking.
However, with AI paraphrasing tools, the delivery of content can be improved easily. Since AI tools are able to understand the context, they can reword the sentences to make their delivery right. Once the delivery is correct and readers have no confusion in relation to the article, they will naturally spend more time on the page and possibly move further into the website using the internal links.

This signals to the search engines that the content is relevant and useful to the people who visit this page. Consequently, the SERP ranking of the page is increased.

7. Reduce Grammar Mistakes

One thing that is sure to make readers upset is bad grammar. When some article has many spelling mistakes, and incorrect or missing punctuation, it becomes difficult to read.

It also gives the impression that the article was written by a novice who is not well versed in the topic. Nobody wants to read anything like this, so most people will just leave the webpage.

Obviously, this will result in low dwell time, high bounce rates, and practically no conversions. This will directly result in poor SEO since search engines use these metrics to determine whether some content is useful and relevant or not.

However, with paraphrasing tools, this matter can be rectified. The best paraphrasing tools not only rephrase the text but also correct any grammatical mistakes present. That way the text is improved to a great degree and readers do not have to deal with bad grammar.


SEO is important for digital marketing as online platforms are always websites. Websites need to match with Google SEO trends for boosting their search visibility. This article shed light on how paraphrasing tools can be used to improve the SEO of content.

The seven methods that were discussed are actionable, but they require the author to put in some time and effort for proofreading. Then they will find the faults that can be rectified by paraphrasers. By applying these methods to your own writing, you can improve the SEO of your own website.

Raj Kishore About Raj Kishore A digital marketing consultant at VOCSO. I've been working in digital marketing since 2010 and I am an expert at generating leads online via SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Site/Landing Page Testing and Optimization, and Display and Remarketing.

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