Instagram Marketing Strategy for the Success of Online Business

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    Instagram is a popular social networking platform having 800 million and more active users. It even claims having business profiles of more than 8 million accounts. So, what will this mean for mobile-based photos and video share? Online brands want to take help of Instagram marketing strategy 2018 to engage more users, reach their targeted demographics and boost social value.

    Almost 65% Instagram users fall within the age group of 18 to 35 years which makes it a competitive network for reaching out this specific demographic. With more people joining Instagram, brands have great opportunity for more engagement with the fans.

    However, the success for popular brands on this Instagram platform requires much more than posting images—it’s actually the product of a brand identity with visual creativity, thoughtful strategy and community management. Let’s go through this blog to develop Instagram marketing strategy according to your business goals and greater results. You can effectively market your small business on Instagram with these tips. Let’s start to reach more new audiences and sell more stuff by following these Instagram strategies:

    Know your business goals

    It is said, “first things first” which clearly means important matters should be managed before other things. Some questions that may arise in your mind are, What are you looking for on Instagram? What is the function of your brand with Instagram? Whether you have posted one photo or you are an Instagram professional, consider these tips for Instagram marketing strategy.

    • What should Instagram enable to do when compared with other platforms?
    • Who are your targetted audience and who are the members active on this platform?
    • How can Instagram combine with other social networks in social marketing strategy?

    Instagram’s focus on sharing images provides a suitable platform to display your people culture, besides your own products and services. Instagram, being available on your mobile phone, is the suitable platform for displaying specific moment or captured visuals. This provides followers much better chance to deal with your particular brand.

    Based on your type of brand, key performance indicators and industry, Instagram marketing strategy need to target the following objectives:

    • Increase awareness of your online brand
    • Demonstrate the culture of company
    • Discuss about your entire team and hire new talents
    • Enhance engagement of customers and their loyalty
    • Showcase your own products and services
    • Boost and complement different event experiences
    • Incentivize the consumer engagement
    • Share news of industry or company
    • Build an engaged community
    • Connect with other influencers
    • Boost sales through more traffic

    Build Instagram content marketing strategy

    Content is said to be the basis of Instagram presence and B2C businesses are now using Instagram for the promotion of their products and services. However, other B2B companies focus on the culture and team recruitment of their company. The right method is the one that displays your brand in the best way. Depending on your targeted audience and business objectives, create a plan in order to deliver quality content for your community regularly.

    If you want to start, make sure you follow these effective steps to develop and produce high quality Instagram content:

    Develop content themes

    You need to evaluate your business objectives and know the features of your online brand for displaying them in Instagram content. Other than this, your products, culture, services and team members provide higher potentiality over time. After you create the list of particular content themes, include important subjects for the videos and images. The content topics should not only support the voice of your own brand but also visual images.

    Instagram photos having faces will generate 38% more likes in comparison to the ones without images. Developing content themes for what will exactly work is necessary to attain success. You may begin by using Instagram analytics tool to target content and know what will actually drive more engagement. After you collect the data, build content ideas around those visual images, whether they are photos having faces, dark-colored videos or images of your own products. A speedy Instagram audit will help you to get an idea on everything you should know.

    Find content ratio and medium

    Instagram had first begun as a photo-sharing application, however it has huge base of users who publish everything starting from videos, graphics and so on. Create proper balance of different kinds of content that will be suitable for your resources and the engagement from your targeted audience.

    If the video allows you to share a convincing story of your product, try to work it in your content often. In case you do not have proper resources for a video of high-quality, then use the video for particular promotions and campaigns. Quality matters for Instagram too and it is a wise decision to spend your valuable time in developing quality content.

    Instagram also offers different additional apps that enable you to become creative with the posts. The Instagram application consists of the following:

    1. Hyperlapse: This application lets users to click on stop-motion time-lapse. The camera will move at a shorter distance and the action performed for each shot clicked is quick.
    2. Layout: Images and videos can be combined together in one Instagram post by means of mirrored landscapes features and custom layouts.
    3. Boomerang: Boomerang plays a short video both forward and for nonstop motion.
      These additional applications enable consumers and brands to create unique and Instagram-related content without the need for video production or in-house designing.

    Create a content calendar

    If you want to set up and remain active on Instagram, know the frequency at which you can post. It will enable to know some memorable moments for posting on Instagram so that you can reach out to maximum targeted audience for better engagement.

    Afterwards, formulate a content calendar which will discuss about your own ideas and incorporate campaigns as well as dates. With Instagram Scheduling features, users can now choose, schedule and edit Instagram posts from the dashboard. Though you cannot plan posts directly on this platform, content can be developed by adding photos, videos and captions.

    Some quality content for this social platform will occur instantly, particularly if you want to emphasize on the events or culture of the company. By developing content and then setting a program beforehand, you enable the flexibility to make the most from opportunities. Make sure you post quickly to avail benefit of social engagement.

    User-based content

    If the members of Instagram like to share posts about your brand, then you have complete access to the storage of potential content. Generating content from fans will enable you to get more audience engagement and then create incentive for audience for sharing your posts. Different brands depend on Instagram user-based content for filling Instagram feeds.

    Instagram relies on UGC for the promotion of their brand online. However, a particular brand that completely ignores UGC is said to be AirBnB. Each image on this social platform is the right place where customers may book through its website. The company possesses a suitable landing page for the followers to search for all Instagram places that have been mentioned by customers.

    UGC may be rewarding, but the images you select to curate need to match with the aesthetic of your online brand. Don’t forget to assess users’ accounts and their posts before sharing content to make sure that it is appropriate for your brand along with their account. Give credit by tagging the name of photographer in the caption and give your fans an insight on how they can get featured.

    Experts working at DubSEO have said, you can share your posts easily with the new Instagram Reposting tool. Thus, the users can even Regram content directly from the application or plan content on your calendar.

    Sanjiv Barnwal About Sanjiv Barnwal Sanjiv Barnwal is responsible for improving companies organic search result on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many other big search engines. Sanjiv creates and launches SEO, PPC, and Facebook campaigns. Sanjiv also identifies areas of improvement and optimizes website content to improve the DubSEO website ranking on the major search engines. He is a writer who loves to write articles and blogs on different topics. Some of his great work includes – how to write SEO blogs, how to do Instagram marketing in London, why online marketing is gaining immense popularity and much more.

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