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How to Produce Quality Content on a Budget

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Ever since the new algorithms of Google Panda and Penguin were released, having high-quality content is the only way to get the top 10 results. Getting high-quality content on a lower budget has become a major problem for content writers and marketing companies. There have to be innovative methods in which great quality can be generated with fewer budgets.

Want to know some excellent ways to produce high-quality content even if you have low-budget. See below:

1. Get organized and efficient

Efficiently writing content in our own way is a cheaper to get more quality without spending money. But, as an author, I constantly find myself baffled at the low output I produce on some days even after trying hard. Juggling multiple activities may be a morale boost but in reality, is taxing and makes one slower. So it is better to organize your activities so that you do one activity at a time and with maximum efficiency.

By this, it is easier to monitor the performance and take incremental corrective action on activities such as planning, researching, creating the first draft; proofreading etc. Utilizing available resources at peak efficiency gets directly translated into high-quality content. One of my strategies is to divide tasks into subtasks and tackle repetitive tasks at a certain time of day. During morning when the mind is fresh, I take on creative activities and prepare the outline for 20 contents at one time which can be expanded later. This results in a high quality work at great speed and I can write more articles than ever before. This strategy works for other tasks such as doing research, content editing, proofreading etc.

2. Capitalize on that expertise of yours

The first advice which I give to people asking for ideas to create quality content is that find a subject in which you are passionate about, become an expert in that area and write articles with deep insights. In case of writing about a subject in which you have an expertise, words flow naturally, ideas are born in flashes, and you can explain difficult concepts in that particular field in a simple manner which normal people can understand and appreciate. This is a highly valued skill in the content marketing area. For example, having a degree in Finance will enable you to write about tax returns, being a physicist means you can write about the significance of a new scientific discovery etc. and the best part is you can produce great, interesting articles without relying on others’ expertise.

3. Experiment with different content structures

You can develop the same idea into a text article, an infographic, blog post, small ebooks etc. there is no limitation to reframing and expanding the same idea into engaging content pieces. You can also make YouTube videos give short insights; include animation and other interactive methods to explain the concept. This gives the audience multiple ways to understand the content in the way they have always wanted. As a prolific author, I sketch ideas with bullet points and expand them into an article, books by increasing the depth of research on each of the points. You can get feedback from people what they like most and create content according to your user’s taste.

4. Transformation and re-introduction

Sometimes when I get stuck for lack of ideas, I try to imagine the articles which I have written earlier at a different angle. This gives me great new angles which I try to develop into full articles later on. Look at the archives you can able to find a lot of inspiring threads to pick up for articles which need to be written. Recreate something using your existing creation at an altogether new angle which will ensure that the work is completed in less time and effort. Look at a result of a poll or an informative video; once you go through the content definitely the threads coming will be entirely with a different perspective and creativity. For quality content, Update a piece of new information to content from news.

5. Individuals succeed but team does wonders

Teamwork is always paying a good result. When you want to complete a task in short and with quality content it’s always good to have a collaborative approach with team members and it works very well with me. It does not only reduce the effort and but also it will bring a new perspective to the article and you will have different views which will be cherishing the article by quality content. A team of 2 writers’ ideal for content creation and can split the content to create the same. The leader can proofread for the overall quality of the content, it’s not necessary to have high ranking writer can be chosen for your team it’s also good to select from low-cost quality writers which will ensure the timeliness and innovation. As a professional blogger and CEO at VOCSO, I know the value of team efforts and how having a team of good and efficient writers can ensure the reliable content creation for an online brand.

6. Opinion matters and it makes Difference

Taking surveys and polls definitely works well for product reviews in which you can approach audience and get to post reviews about products they have used. You can always get different opinions and the content posted on the reviews by some expert reviewers you can able to easily use for quality content creation. It’s an added advantage for the people visiting your blog to have their content published in a well-established area. Conducting an interview with a customer will provide you different insights and thoughts for the creation of content with low effort. Polls and surveys on products are an excellent way to collaborate a huge number of users. For generating insights on topics which needs to have multiple dimension thoughts reflecting in an article.

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