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How to Excel at Developing Mobile Apps? 7 Ways to Build an Excellent App

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How excel developing mobile apps

Mobile applications are taking over the world by storm. The increased interest of people in using smartphones and mobile apps have influenced businesses to change their approaches. And more and more companies are shifting to mobile apps to reach the maximum of their potential audiences.

The total number of mobile apps available has crossed the mark of million. The increased interest of businesses in mobile applications has caused the growth of the development industry. And numerous mobile app development firms are serving businesses by developing mobile apps according to their demand.

Business-Centric Mobile Apps: Why Is It Necessary?

The development of business-centric applications supports the needs of businesses and their customers alike. It works as a platform for them to connect and ensures they remain in touch throughout the time. As users can remotely have access to the services, they can ask businesses for their requirements.

This way, businesses also can reach the maximum of their audiences as the app solutions get released on the app stores that are global entities. The expansion of business operations and increased customer satisfaction are achieved through the app solution. And this helps drive exponential business growth and profits.

However, choosing the right method of app development matters as it heavily depends upon the set of audiences your app solution intends to serve.

7 Ways to Develop an Excellent App Solution

Developing an app solution for your customers is not enough. Businesses should ensure that the app they provide to users is error-free and efficient to provide excellent support to customers.

1. Native Applications

The most basic way but the best is native applications. The native app is platform-dependent, and there are different app solutions required for each platform your potential app users use.

Java is used for developing native Android apps, and Objective C is used for native iOS app development. The introduction of Kotlin and Swift has resulted in a switch to these new languages from Java and Objective C. However, the best practices of developing native apps still depend on Java and Objective C.

Moreover, native applications can deliver the best user experience as they can access all the device-specific features. However, developing native apps for your business is expensive as different platform-specific applications are required to be developed.

2. Applications Built With WebViews

Hybrid app development uses WebViews to enhance functionalities. This approach delivers applications using JavaScript as the base language for development. It limits the use of features as it can not access the device-specific features.

Moreover, the size of these apps is larger than native apps as it requires an integration of multiple software libraries that can allow it to function correctly. It uses WebViews to deliver an excellent experience to app users.

To introduce features in this app solution, the integration of more libraries is required, and it adds up to the size of the app. Using different platforms like Ionic, Adobe PhoneGap, and more, this type of app can be developed.

These apps can run on every platform without requiring to create different applications for each platform. The base code remains the same for the app solution; only the design changes are needed according to the platform. (i.e., Android, iOS, Windows or any other)

3. React Native

Cross-platform app development holds many cards in its bay. React Native allows developing the app solution using JavaScript code but also allows native-like experience using the features it includes.

React Native uses the JavaScript code and other pre-built JavaScript libraries to enable excellent user experience. The app solutions developed using React Native also bags excellent support from experienced developer communities.

Because they support and encourage excellent development of apps with the Github community support. For example, a developer can opt for developing an app like uber using React Native as most of the functions he/she can find over the Github using the community support developers have started.

It helps develop excellent app solutions that turn out to be extremely user-friendly and device-friendly also.

4. Flutter Development

Flutter is a new software UI kit introduced by Google. It supports the development of web apps, native apps, and desktop apps too. Flutter uses DART programming language to support the development of these new modules, and it helps with the integration of features that businesses want to add to their apps to offer extended support.

Flutter is comparatively new in the app development market, but the support offered by Google for the development of apps using Flutter is incredible. Flutter focuses extensively on delivering an excellent user experience that can help businesses reach out to the maximum of their customers and earn their recommendation.

5. PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

Depending on the web browser compatibility of user devices, PWAs offer excellent user experience through delivering perfect app solutions that are platform-independent and run through the browsers installed on user devices. Progressive web applications are here to replace the native development as they also work with similar features and take up much lesser space on the devices of users.

Leading applications are also switching to PWAs to deliver excellent user experience. For example, Pinterest introduced its own PWA for users who successfully increased their engagement by 60% and 44% revenue increase through user-generated ads.

These are the primary ways to develop an excellent app solution. The more business starts engaging in their customer requirements, and they can easily deliver an app solution that focuses on its users and fulfills their demands on mobile devices. Apart from selecting an excellent platform, it is required to keep other criteria in mind.

However, if a business has limited time to get their app launched in the market, there are many ways of obtaining an excellent app solution that helps deliver the best user experience.

6. App Builder

Whether you want to build a good overview of your app solution or need support for developing an app without needing to code, these customized app builders are here to help. There are many app builders available in the market that requires a user to drag and drop a module that they want to include in their app.

These app builders make it easier to deliver excellent app solutions without the need to write even a single line of code. Mostly, these are cloud-based, and hence, it becomes easier to continue your work of building an app from anywhere., TheAppBuilder, Appy Pie, and more are some excellent app builders available in the market.

7. White Label App Solutions

What if a business wants an authentic experience without needing to spend much time after app development? They can opt for any white label application available in the market. These app solutions are already developed using the best app development practices and include many features that a business needs in its app.

Upon purchasing, the app solution is handed over to the purchaser that they can modify according to their demands. The name, features, logo of the app and more can be customized according to the business’s requirements, and the solution is handed over to it.

Developing an excellent app solution requires to keep your potential audiences and other effective measures in mind. As the competition in the market is becoming cut-throat, it becomes mandatory to develop an app solution that caters to all user demands. Along with introducing newer concepts in the market.

Important Measures to Consider When Developing an App

developing an app

But to increase the count of app users, it is required to consider certain measures to ensure it delivers the best experience to your app users.

1. Know Your Audience

It is essential to understand what your potential users want. Without knowing their requirements, your app features might fail to impress and create a bigger issue by receiving not so good downloads. Also, based on the location of your app audiences, you can choose the right development approach from the above seven.

The app concept also heavily depends upon the requirements of your audiences. By conducting thorough market research and finding out the possible solution to fulfill their demands, you can construct an ideal app that your potential customers will love to use. It includes the features, functions, app layout, and other important details that define your app solution and its success in the future.

2. App Security

The mobile application must be secure from any potential attacks. Maintaining user privacy has become one of the crucial aspects of every business, and the app should follow the same.

Your app solution must not become an entry gate for hackers to access the devices, or else, they might uninstall it right away. To ensure your app remains secure from any potential threats, it is essential to keep on updating the security measures regularly.

Fix any bugs in the source code that might affect the security of your app and make it vulnerable to attacks. The app security needs are required to be addressed through best development practices and continuous development support to ensure the app is secure from any possible attacks.

3. App Performance

The application must provide excellent user experience, irrespective of the devices used. The user experience heavily depends on the user interface (UI) and UX of your mobile application, and it should be taken care of during the development phase. No crash issues, possible lags in the performance, or any other should be there to save your application from any vulnerable condition.

Before launching your app solution in the market, it is required to consider performing rigorous testing. It helps ensure the performance of the app is on the mark and also helps find out any possible holes in the source code. The app performance heavily relies on the best development practices and chosen app design.

Moreover, the application should be compatible with the device features and should not lag at any cost. Without putting much burden on the processor, it should run excellently over any mobile device. The device compatibility and reduced chances of device fragmentation are essential measures for app performance.

4. Monetization Model

Should the mobile app solely focus on improving user experience and delivering services? No. The app solution turns out to be beneficial and profit-driven with the right app monetization policy.

The world has changed, and so has the approaches. Advertising online has become one of the best ways to approach audiences, and a mobile app can prove to be of great use. If a business owns an app solution that is very much popular among customers, they can use the same to earn profits through third-party advertising as it also strives to deliver the best experience while helping increase the profits.

The more a business engages itself in monetization through the developed app solution, the more beneficiary, and user-friendly solutions are invented.

5. App Updates

How frequent should you send an app update for your users? There are no such limits explained. But too frequent app updates might affect the user interest negatively that can result in uninstall. Therefore, keeping the user experience and app update requirements in mind, the entire schedule of updates should be planned.

The ever-evolving trends of today require an app to change its appearance, and this can be done by offering updates regularly. Also, bug fixes, possible function or feature addition, and more are some of the reasons for app updates. Your app should walk with trends to enable a better user experience.


The need for business-centric app solutions influences development firms to offer their best support to benefit the most from the changing trends. Based on the budget and the user requirements, the businesses can ask for an excellent app solution that can deliver the best experience and help drive profits for companies. And professionals are also answering their development needs excellently.

Focusing upon the need of app users and choosing the best approach to fulfill their needs, a business can increase their profits and drive business growth through a dedicated app solution.

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