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Why Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail and What You Need To Do To See Real Results?

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Digital marketing has turned out into a route map to reach maximum potential clients in the shortest possible time. Not everybody who runs a digital marketing campaign is hitting the success stone. There are plenty of reasons for the digital marketing fails of the business owners. If you have implemented all the SEO strategies and still see low rankings, it is time to evaluate your strategies as well as your rankings. The current article is to highlight the reasons behind the failures of Digital marketing campaigns as well as ways to overcome the failures to see the real results. Using the right digital marketing tactics is the pillar of any successful business.

Many business owners that run digital marketing campaigns complain about the failure of their digital marketing campaigns in spite of all their marketing efforts to improve their rankings. Most of the business owners think there are some hidden strategies followed by competitors to achieve the desired ranking but, the problem is with the failure of synchronization between these strategies. Here is a list of strategies why most of the digital marketing strategies end up in a big failure.

Why do digital marketing campaign fail and ways to overcome them?

Lack of strategic goal

Most of the business owners today are aware of various SEO techniques that have to be implemented as a part of digital marketing strategy but lack goal of what they want to achieve through a digital marketing campaign. Lack of clarity about their digital marketing objectives like want to gain the attention of new customers, develop a relationship with the existing customers will end up in the failure of the campaign.


Lack of goal or no goal remains a primary reason for most of the digital marketing failures today. When you start a digital marketing effort for the website, establish a clear and concise direction for your marketing team about the objectives so that unique strategies can be implemented towards achieving the objective.

Lack of powerful value proposition

You should have a perfectly crafted value proposition tailored for your targeted customers to differentiate your online services from the competitors to encourage new customers and engage the existing customers. Many even fail to develop a competitive content marketing strategy to engage the customers through different platforms.


After you make initial offers to the customers, very less or no action is seen by the customers. To attract various segments of the customers with your offerings, you need to tailor your offering and promote through various digital marketing channels at the right time through content marketing to gain the attention of the new customers and engage existing customers.

Lack of understanding about customer

Digital marketing is the most measurable marketing strategy ever. Many digital marketing experts measure the number of visitors for the sites with the tools like Google analytics but fail to understand the customer intentions and requirements hence low on conversions. This remains one big reason for digital marketing failures.


In addition to the tools like Google analytics that helps to measure a number of visitors to the website each day, digital marketing even offers tools to analyze customer behavior on the site know the customer requirements through feedback tools. Using these digital marketing tools helps you establish value proposition of the customer and run digital marketing on the success path.

Failing to drive the traffic to the right place

Digital marketers will effort on driving the traffic to the website but fail to levy focus on where they are driving the traffic. If you are driving the traffic to an irrelevant page or ugly website, chances of the bounce rate are high. The traffic should be directed to right landing pages to increase conversions.


It is important to keep your website good looking and SEO optimized even before you initiate the digital marketing efforts. Driving the traffic to ugly or nontargeted web pages will increase the bounce rate and let the competitor capture your efforts. You should make an effort to drive the targeted traffic to the right landing pages not only to increase your customer base but also increase your conversion rates which is an ultimate goal of most of the digital marketing efforts of the business owners. Whether you are running the digital marketing campaign with the intention of digging deeper into customer relations or increasing the attention of potential customers for your products and services, driving the traffic to the right page is a very important digital marketing effort.

Content not delivered at the right time

Time plays a key role in the digital marketing journey, the marketing message or content should be tailored throughout the customer’s journey. This can be done only when you dig deeper into analytics to identify customer behavior and trends across various digital marketing channels.


Content is a king in the digital world. Your content marketing efforts should be targeted at delivering the right content to the customer at right time throughout their buying journey. Whether you are using the e-mail promotion techniques or working on the article and message promotion, you should ensure that the messages are delivered to the target audience at the right time to motivate their purchase decision. You should make analysis of buyer behavior and intentions through various tools offered in the digital marketing and customize your content promotional efforts accordingly.

Final note

Digital marketing campaigns can make or break your business in the online world. When planned strategically synchronizing different digital marketing tools, it can take your business to new highest. All your digital marketing be targeted towards the business goal in a synchronized way to establish a successful digital marketing path. Framing the digital marketing strategy based on the competitive analysis will enhance your success ways in digital marketing.

Raj Kishore About Raj Kishore A digital marketing consultant at VOCSO. I've been working in digital marketing since 2010 and I am an expert at generating leads online via SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Site/Landing Page Testing and Optimization, and Display and Remarketing.

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