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How to Increase Blog Traffic Fast

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how to increase blog traffic fast

Textual content about everyday life, travel, marketing, or even finance. Nowadays, we can find blog posts on any topic, which usually answer the questions we have. One of the benefits of the internet is that you can get information about anything from knowledgeable people in 1 second.

However, blogging is not just socially important, since it has many effects on the lives of online businesses – webshops, online service providers. Blog interfaces help the business to increase the number of organic customers and visitors, it is also of outstanding importance from the SEO point of view, and it also has an impact on the conversion rate of the business.

Who would have thought that a simple text document could do so much? Below we show you how you can increase your traffic by running a blog interface.

Want to Increase Your Blog Traffic Fast? Follow These Easy Tactics

The importance of blogging

importance of blogging

Basically, you might think it is unnecessary to deal with this since not the same people buy the product as those who read the blog interface. Still, how can your blog boost your traffic?

Let us look at some data that might shed some light on the point:

  • According to statistics, there are more than 20 billion websites today, 72% of which have a blog interface.
  • These sites are considered to be the 5th most reliable source of information.
  • 77% of internet users read blogs regularly. This means an average of 3.1 billion people. Huge number, right?
  • 72% of those surveyed said that text content production is one of their strongest SEO tactics, which can increase organic traffic.
  • The website’s conversion rate increased by 93% as a result of promoting blog posts.

After hearing this information, you certainly no longer doubt that it is indeed worthwhile to address this topic. But what does a well-written, perfect post look like? Let us check it:

Choice of topic

blog topic

The theme of the textual content should match the theme of your website. So, if you have an online store that sells electronic devices, by no means write an article about “How you can care for your dachshund hair?”. While the topic is very cute, your visitors may not want to read about this information, but would rather get data about the benefits or features of the current desktops.

In addition, a poorly chosen topic can cause distrust and suspicion in visitors, as it will not be clear to them what your online store is all about, and they will not trust the content of your site. On the other hand, a well-chosen topic can build a loyal circle of customers or visitors, increase the amount of engagement (comments, reactions, activities), and, last but not least, play a role in increasing the conversion rate.

The focus is on quality

quality content

Producing quality content is a time-consuming process, but believe us it is worth it. There are two reasons why you need to take the time to make posts:

  • The Google search engine takes into account what content is on your page. It scans all referenced links and the structure of the article and judges your page as a reliable, quality, or unreliable website.
  • Keep in mind that visitors of your blog interface usually have some problem, they need information. If they find useless information, they will leave your site and they will not return to you for a possible purchase.

Whether it is SEO or the opinion of potential customers, quality content definitely helps to increase the conversion rate of your online business, even organically. Do not regret the time, rather post less, but in good quality.

Try to use subheadings, the right length, and try to break the text into paragraphs. Believe me, this is the key to improve your conversion rate when it comes to your blog interface.

Advertised articles

advertised articles

Now that you know what a good article looks like and how you can increase your traffic organically, let us see what other options you have. As in many places in the field of marketing and webshops today, social media appears like an excellent tool. More than 3 billion users in different age groups, and an average conversion rate of 17.3%. These numbers speak for themselves.

Nowadays, we tend to come across only product ads on social media interfaces, but who said you cannot post your articles on these pages? This is a perfect opportunity to boost your traffic.

We recommend that your text content appears regularly on your business’s social media interfaces, as this will allow your returning customers or visitors to receive new information on topics that are relevant to them. Do not forget new visitors who might never have found your website if Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram did not exist.

Initially, we recommend that you only share your content on your interface, do not start advertising your articles intensively right away. You might have to do this because you can assess who are the people who read your blog regularly and who they already know. You take measurements, collect demographic data about the target audience of your blog interface.

These analytics are needed so that you can get a complete picture of the groups you want and can reach. This is the basis for a conversion rate boosting campaign.

Once you have gathered the right information, your advertising campaign can begin. However, it does not matter what article you promote.

Think about the fact that these people may have never heard about you, they do not know what you are dealing with. Therefore, be sure to show them a blog article that can be linked to your products, as this will increase the chances that they will buy from you as soon as you read the article and your conversions may start to soar.

By this we do not mean that you make an entire article about your product, it may sound like a good idea, but it will not work well. Remember, you advertise a blog article, not a specific product. Your new visitor probably clicked on your ad because they had a problem and inferred from the title of the article that this could provide him with a solution, they are not counting on product promotion.

Illustrated with an example: – If you sell used cell phones, you have to share content that highlights the benefits of buying a used phone, or one that describes why people should switch from an Android device to an iOS base, or vice versa. This will subconsciously arouse demand in the reader and they may buy a used phone from you on their next purchase, or even right after reading the article without even advertising your specific products.
Interesting right? And believe us, it works.

Be SEO-Friendly

Technical SEO Factors 1024 x 650

Image Source – Top Technical SEO Factors that Matter in 2021

You have probably heard of the importance of Search Engine Optimization. A transparent website for search engines, you can hear a plethora of external links and other technical settings when this topic comes up.

But did you know that a blog is a powerful tool for SEO to increase traffic to your website?
Written content provides perfect opportunities to place links in articles and links are the strongest parts of your blog from this angle. Search engines use this to map out what other websites your page links to, and this will be what gives your interface strength.

If you are trusted by reliable and strong websites, Google will judge you as such a page and place you in a higher position in the list of results. And a higher position can mean one thing: an increased conversion rate, even organically.

To make your blog interface SEO-friendly, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Pay attention to the number and quality of the links. Do not use too many links, as search engines perceive this as a form of spamming.
  • Pay attention to the structure. Always divide the text into smaller paragraphs and watch for the use of headings and subheadings.
  • Optimize your keywords. If your article is about the used car market, try to get that word to appear in the article, but not too often. Use replacement words, synonyms, strive for naturalness.

If you pay attention to these, you are guaranteed a better chance of increasing your traffic with a plain article.

The importance of images

importance of images

Who would want to read an empty, unanimous essay? You know the answer to that, presumably no one. This is one of the reasons why you should always include images in your articles.

But now you are sure to wonder how this can increase your traffic. Strange, but image content does play a big role in getting your blog conversation as many as possible.

First of all, we would like to highlight the user experience, which can contribute to this. A raw, long text document has an alarming effect on visitors to your site.

Who has time for that? I can write that too. And similar comments or thoughts are born in the minds of the potential reader.

Visitors to your site need fast and reliable information. No matter how much you write your best article, they won’t read it if it takes them too long at first glance, and it can also happen that they will immediately switch to one of your competitor’s pages.

Images make your blog post more enjoyable in terms of user experience, make it airier, and thus give visitors a better chance of staying on your site. And the more time they spend on your website, the more likely they will buy from you, which will increase your conversion rate.

This may not be surprising information for you, but did you know that images have big importance from an SEO angle? SEO is often seen as a common link between blogging and increasing conversions, and this is no different here, among other things.

Relevant images are a great way to help you get a greater place in SERP, which means that you have a bigger chance to get more clicks on your page. Sounds great, right?

To illustrate with an example: – If you have a restaurant for which you have already made an online store and are writing an article on how to make buffalo chicken wings properly, it is a good idea to place pictures within the topic. Include a picture of chicken wings, possibly spices or sauces. This makes it easier for search engines to work, as it’s not enough that your text is well written within the topic, but you’ve even sprinkled your article with relevant images so they can crawl more easily.

Of course, we do not put a buffalo chicken wing picture here right now – though we really like it – because that is not our topic. If you have not already done so, take a close look at what images we use in this article, it may even give you a good start in choosing the right image material.

Believe us, this will be rewarded by the search engines and your reward will be an increase in traffic or clicks.

Use the power of comments

Use the power of comments

You must have come across the term social proof. Interestingly, there is still a bit of resentment in people these days when they shop online or read blogs. Do they think that the product will arrive in good condition? Do they provide reliable information? Or simply whether they can really trust this online store.

You need to dispel these issues as this is a milestone if you want to increase your sales. We have heard many stories already when the product was already in the cart, but because of the uncertainty, the potential buyer withdrew from the purchase.

However, you can eliminate this by creating a comment section. We recommend that this is definitely an integral part of your blog interface, as this will be where people can share their opinions with other visitors.

If they see the positive feedback from previous readers during your article, they will find you reliable and people-centered, which immediately dispels this uncertainty. And if your blog interface has been found useful and has developed a positive opinion, it can even be returning visitors.

But what about conversions? With this small step, believe us, that you are already on the right track.

If they see feedback below your articles, it will also affect the purchases of your products. They will buy your products with a greater sense of security and even in larger numbers.

The focus here is on increasing loyalty, which is one of the most important activities in the life of your business. And social proof is a great way to get repeat customers and increase your conversion rate.

Showcase your high-performing items

showcase your high performing items

The blog interface is not just a platform for sharing text content. This part of your website is perfect for raising the profile of your website or for promoting your products.

We recommend that you analyze your website. See which CTA, image, logo, or even mascot is performing well and be a permanent feature of your blog. There are plenty of ways to do this, but we think the best way is to run an A / B test on that item or use some kind of data visualization tool.

Using heatmaps can be a good tool for this, which is very effective if you want to measure the well-performing elements of your website. It marks popular places in red and less popular ones in blue.

With such an analysis, you get a clear idea of ​​what elements might be worth displaying on your blog interface as well. With this, your one-time visitors who only go to your site for blogs will know the distinctive colors and motifs of your website, so they will have a better chance of visiting you when you run an advertising campaign.

During the A / B tests, try to ask your existing customer base, as they are the ones who know best what grabbed them on your website. Send them a personal, direct email, or use social media in order to reach them and ask them boldly.

With this simple but effective step, you can achieve a conversion rate increase of up to 14% in the future. Shocking, but true.


We would not even think about how many opportunities there are in blog interfaces. Do not let them get lost.

Make sure you produce quality content, always tailored to the needs of your visitors, but do not deviate from your main profile. Promote your content, because if they do not meet you, it is not all worth it. Focus on SEO, believe us, organic purchases are more worthwhile than paid ones. We work with many companies who want more online exposure but don’t know where or how to start when they have limited time and resources available. Let us help give you the tools needed to grow your website’s visibility so that potential clients can find what they’re looking for. After all, we understand how complicated SEO can seem at first glance! Contact our team today for a free consultation about increasing blog traffic fast through search engine optimization services!.

As everywhere, analytics comes up here, do not regret the time for regular measurements, be in the picture with the current situation. Use this article as a kind of guide that you read here is a perfect foundation for your conversion rate to soar using your blog interface.

We hope we can help you.

Raj Kishore About Raj Kishore A digital marketing consultant at VOCSO. I've been working in digital marketing since 2010 and I am an expert at generating leads online via SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Site/Landing Page Testing and Optimization, and Display and Remarketing.

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