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How We Grew ConsultEase YouTube Channel by 13,700% in 6 Months? [YouTube Marketing Case Study]

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If you are a YouTuber, you will agree with me that growing a YouTube channel is not a walk in the park.

However, with VOCSO’s tried and tested strategies, it’s very doable.

I am going to show you how VOCSO impacted a turn around on ConsultEase’s YouTube channel in just six months. ConsultEase’s youtube channel was able to see numbers rising. It’s subscribers base grew as much as 13,700% within 6 months of implementing VOCSO’s strategies.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Before the intervention of VOCSO, ConsultEase had published so many videos. The videos were of immense value to the audience. They did this constantly as experts had recommended.

They also shared several short videos on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They were working hard, doing everything accordingly. However, the growth was not good enough. It was easy to tell something was missing.

This is how ConsultEase’s youtube channel performance graph looked like before we started

youtube channel performance graph

At this juncture, ConsultEase had begun to look for serious ways to grow their channel. This is when VOCSO intervened. Content quality was great. The amount of audience who were engaging, were satisfied. And these were the good things to start with.

Thereafter, ConsultEase’s overall growth was amazing just in 6 months.

ConsultEase’s subscriber growth skyrocketed to 13,700%.

subscriber growth

Their monthly views grew rapidly by 24,870%

monthly views

And their watch time shot up by 26049%

watch time

And to say the least, people started to like, share and comment on their videos, in the larger number.

How Did This Happen?

I know, you’re eager to know how all these happened, the answer is not far fetched. I am also sure that you are not new to the wonders of SEO strategy. If you are aware of the efficiency of the SEO campaign in propelling your website to the limelight on the internet, Then, the same is also true for YouTube.

You may or may not be aware that YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet, in fact, the second most popular. Google only ranks higher than it.

ConsultEase’s Hidden Weapon: YouTube SEO

YouTube is a big search engine, not just some ordinary website. Therefore if you are going to succeed on YouTube, your videos have to rank! It’s that simple and a little more 🙂

Actually, It is through this way that we helped ConsultEase to rank their channel on YouTube very fast.

Their videos began to rank for keywords that are most commonly used in searches…

Keyword: “gst annual return checklist”

gst annual return checklist

Keyword: “gst on real estate”

gst on real estate

Keyword: “GST Registration Process in Hindi”

GST Registration Process in Hindi

Keyword: “Gstr 2 return filing”

Gstr 2 return filing

Keyword: “how to gst registration”

how to gst registration

Keyword : “how to take gst number in hindi”

how to take gst number in hindi

Their videos also started to appear on the first page for these keywords, leading to more views, more subscribers and ultimately more traffic.

The most effective approach to this is to start looking at YouTube as a search engine, and not some social media platform.

Now, we’re going to jump into the discussion, where I show you,

How ConsultEase Applied VOCSO’s Advice

Step #1: Look For Untapped Video Keywords

At YouTube, keywords are of great importance. Make sure to choose the proper keywords. If you do this well, youtube will have one more place to look for to identify the right audience to show your video for. Choose inappropriate keywords and you reduce your chances of reaching more audience. Back then, ConsultEase didn’t take out time to do some real keyword research.

Even though they made very professional and highly impactful videos, yet the videos could not see good traction.

So what was the challenge?

It’s simple, the videos were not optimized around keywords ( tags ) that people mostly search for.

Comparing these to the videos made after SEO optimization, you notice an exponential increase in the number of views.

The only difference to keep in mind here is Keywords. I’m not saying, keywords are everything, but they place their role well enough.

As it’s obvious from the results, the former were not optimized around the right keywords, the later were.

a) Create A List Of Seed Keywords

Seed keywords are concepts that define super broad topics. They are the base Keywords for SEO, and they do not eliminate competition.

Hence, you cannot optimize any of your videos around these keywords.

However, getting a list of Seed Keywords will prove helpful.

Examples of Seed Keywords for a fitness site are

  1. Paleo diet
  2. Fat loss
  3. Cardio workout
  4. Kettlebell workout

For a marketing site it would be

  1. Content marketing
  2. Social media
  3. Facebook page
  4. LinkedIn marketing

For ConsultEase, we identified these to be our seed keywords:

  1. GST Registration
  2. GST Returns
  3. GST Updates
  4. Learn GST
  5. GST Softwares, etc.

Change The Seed Keywords into Many Long-tail Keywords:


b) YouTube Suggest

  • Enter a seed keyword into the YouTube search engine.
  • Look out for the words that YouTube suggests.
  • Keep in mind that this works exactly like Google.

c) Tools That Help to Generate Long Tail Keywords

However if you want to ace this procedure, then consider using some of the tools below:

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a good keyword tool acquired by Neil Patel, which employs Google autocomplete to generate useful keyword ideas.


This tool helps to generate the Keywords you need to make important decisions.
This is the fact, however, with Ubersuggest, you might not be acquiring all the information you desire.

This tool provides you with information that is not in the Google keyword planner.

Ubersuggest Report

When you type in your seed keyword in Ubersuggest, it generates a lot of keywords that are really meaningful and can be effectively used in your video optimization.

Ubersuggest Report 3

It segregates each long tail keyword alphabetically and gives you the chance to make your pick seamlessly. Thus, you will not miss any keyword that could inspire the turn around you require on your channel.

2. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator tool is made for users who handle diverse online marketplaces.
Is also has keyword ranking, great long tail keywords, real time suggestions and also niches.
The keyword suite covers like seven products which include Google autocomplete, Google shopping, eBay, Bing, Amazon, YouTube and Etsy.

keyword tool dominator

Even though the full suite costs about $129, keyword tool denominator offers discounts sometimes, which makes the price affordable.

The free trial is also a viable option as it let’s you make keyword searches up to three times in a day.


This keyword tool is very helpful in that you get an exceedingly diverse stream of Google autocomplete.

This tool does not just give accurate long-tail keywords, it actually beats other keyword tools at doing it.

This tool generates around 750 ideas for every seed keyword you enter into the search bar.
It covers the interest of internet marketers in several niches and places around the world.

This is because you can check out several countries and languages too.

Keywordtool Research

It has great ideas, however the paid version is more effective than it’s free version. So to create SEO videos that ranks on you tube, you should consider getting the paid version, which is about $48 a month.

Once you have acquired the paid version, you enjoy the following benefits.

  • It shows you the average number of times each term gets searched. This gives you a major insight to creating a keyword video that ranks.
  • It helps you to know the most profitable keywords. This is because it shows you the figures that advertisers pay for those keywords, using Google AdWords, for their businesses.
  • It also reveals to you the extent of competitiveness of the keyword, this is according to the way that marketers scramble for the keyword.

This tool Is fast and convenient to use, it also promises a 30-day money back guarantee.

4. Wordtracker

Did you ever think about the fact that your competitor is valuable enough to give you the best keyword data? Are you in need of some Keyword suggestions?

There are several tools out there that can help you in keyword generation. However, you may omit a vital link if you don’t pry into what your competitor’s do.


This is what Wordtracker does for you, it helps you to know your competitors’ SEO strengths.

This means that you can visit a competitor’s page or channel and conduct some real keyword digging. After a couple of minutes you should be acquainted with your competitor’s major tools.
To say the least, this is exhausting and time ripping too and you can also omit a few good keywords.

Here you can begin to plan on how you can outdo your competitors by picking the best converting keywords and leaving out the rest.

After you have employed any of the keywords tools above.

The Next thing to do is

d). The Keyword Competition Analysis

What you want to do is to optimize your videos around keywords, which gets myriads of searches and are not so competitive.

How then do you locate this amazing keywords?

ConsultEase applied a par excellent chrome extension by name Tubebuddy.


Tubebuddy gives you an elucidate statistics of every keyword in the search results.

That way, you are aware of every competitive keyword.

So now you have analyzed and collated your keywords.

Now, make the video.

Step #2: Create Videos, Which Are Optimized For Watch Time

If you have to name one important factor that will drive youtube’s love to your channel and videos, it will watchtime. It is through this method that ConsultEase boosted their watch time to 61%.

video watch time data

First off, you have to understand that YouTube has the singular aim of keeping people on YouTube. That way they can get to make more money from ads.

Consequently, for this reason, YouTube algorithm bestows a lot of importance on watch time.

I’ll explain it for those of you who are wondering what exactly watch time is.

Watch Time is the full time taken to watch a YouTube video since its start.

YouTube likes videos that boast a lot of watch time.

Infact YouTube has gone ahead to reveal, that videos and channels with a lot of watch time are more likely to rank higher in search results and recommend it to more and more viewers.

Simply put, the longer people watch your videos, the higher they will spread.
So how can you create a video that people won’t stop watching?

These are the Five Fundamental Steps, which ConsultEase took to boost their average watch time by 61%.

1. They Made Longer Videos

It doesn’t matter what the so-called experts tell you, I have found out by practical means that long videos perform a lot better than short videos.

log time videos

Last year, in the largest YouTube ranking factor, we discovered that long videos ranked higher than the short videos on the average level.

ConsultEase started out with shorter videos that always laid fallow.

However, since they started to publish longer videos, the videos have racked up more watch time and by extension, more ranking.

2. They Cut Out The Superfluous Introductions To The Videos

The first 15 seconds of your video is very instrumental, according to YouTube. Your video has to catch your viewers attention in the first fifteen seconds, it’s that simple. Your intro should preview what your watcher will learn in Simple and clear terms. Back then, ConsultEase spent a lot of time on making redundant intros.

However right now, their intros are sharp previews, which help to keep the attention of viewers.

3. They Integrated “Pattern Interrupts” In Their Videos

If you wish for people to watch your videos all the way to the end, then you have to add pattern interrupts.

This strategy works so well, more like magic.
Pattern interrupts are the major reasons for the increase of ConsultEase’s watch time.

You might be wondering what pattern interrupts are?

Pattern interrupts are simply elements, which you incorporate into your videos that are different from the rest of the video.

They can be on-screen graphics, sound effects, Broll, animations, different camera angles, they can even be new background and settings etc.

This makes your videos not to be static. The dynamic nature of videos with pattern interrupts help to keep the attention of your watchers and this is seen with ConsultEase. When they started to incorporate pattern interrupts, they advanced their watch time by a solid, 2minutes and 11seconds. A phenomenal 61% increase.

4. They Scripted Each Line

This quality preparation Does not fail to yield quality delivery.
It’s important for you to script out whatever you want to discuss before you commence.
Don’t just jump in the video and start rattling, otherwise your video will be filled with a lot of incoherent rubbish. As was the case with ConsultEase, back in the days.

Carefully outline your script and the pattern, which you want your video to take before you begin to shoot. This will give your videos a major quality, making your delivery flawless.

5. Consultease Evaluated What Was Already Working

The strategies I discussed above are applicable anywhere.

However, there is no gainsaying that every niche has its peculiar challenges.

Therefore, before you conclude your script. Check out what’s already proven and working well.
It’s simple to ascertain this, analyze the top 3 ranking videos of your keyword and check out what qualities they have in common.

A typical example is when you type in the keywords “social media marketing” in youtube search bar. The top three results that show up have all these in common.

They cited a lot of examples

i. Two are less than ten minutes one is 22minutes and also ranks highest.
ii. Instagram, influencer marketing, mobile first and live video were all cited in the videos.
iii. Two of the videos stress that the tips are for the current year.

You just have to integrate these proven facts in your own videos.

That’s exactly what ConsultEase did.

Step #3: Optimize Your YouTube Videos

1. First Off, ConsultEase Keyword-optimized The Titles Of Their Videos

Studies show that there is a feeble relationship between titles that are rich in Keywords and rankings.

Optimize Video Title

So you should keep in mind that keyword optimized titles are not extremely useful.

That does not also mean that keyword optimized titles are totally useless.
Infact when ConsultEase began to make use of Keyword-rich titles their views stepped up.

2. Secondly, They Chose Titles That Were Made To Maximize CTR

Research has shown the click-through-rates help to make your videos rank. This is because CTR is one of the algorithms that youtube employ to promote videos.

Optimize CTR

The more the number of clicks people make on your video, the more likely it is YouTube will promote it, it’s that simple.

One of the most effective ways to get a lot of clicks is to use power words.
Power words are words that inspire people to click on your video. Words such as powerful, proven, awesome, excellent, effective, hack, guide, technique etc.

3. They Used Video Descriptions That Are Seo-friendly And Keyword-rich

YouTube recommends that you use long descriptions for your videos, else you will miss a lot of views. And also YouTube recommends that you should include important keywords in the beginning of your description.

It’s also important that you should write a compelling and SEO-friendly description, to make your video snippet to click on.

These are the basic tactics we have used for YouTube video’s description to boost Consultease’s Ranking.

Make sure to write a full description for each video you publish.

4. Consultease Optimized Their Video Tags

It is no news that keywords optimized tags are more than necessary. ConsultEase uses 3-5 tags, which involve their target Keywords and those within close range.


Thereafter, they fire up TubeBuddy.

Typing their target Keywords into the tag explorer box. And then applies any relevant Keywords that TubeBuddy brings.

Final step is to spy on your competitor’s video tags. This step is also crucial as it helps your videos rank with your competitors videos. Your videos also pop out next to that of competitors as suggested videos.

5. Make Use Of Outstanding Thumbnails

Thumbnails are important. This is also one of the reasons why ConsultEase videos did not rank initially. However, when they stepped up there thumbnails everything changed for good.

Outstanding Thumbnails

YouTube recommends a custom thumbnail, as 90% of the videos that rank high on YouTube use custom thumbnails.

6. Create And Boost Optimized Playlists

Most times YouTubers don’t pay attention to playlists. However, they do help to get more views and subscribers.

youtube playlist

How does this happen?

Playlists shoot up your session time. You might be wondering what session time is? Session time is the length of time people spend on YouTube after they begin to watch your videos.

Session time is also a critical factor in ranking.

For example, if someone closes their browser right after watching your video, you session time reduces and your video gets demoted.

Conversely, if someone watches more videos after yours, your session time increases and your video ranks.

This is the importance of playlists, once someone finishes with your video another video starts to play automatically.

This is also why youtube makes their videos into playlists.

Now, Your Turn Has Come

I’d love to hear from you now, what did you benefit from today’s study?
Or do you have a question?

Whichever it is, tell me, to do that, leave a quick comment below.

I will be here to personally attend to all your questions and comments.

Deepak Chauhan About Deepak Chauhan Hi, I am Deepak Chauhan, a Digital Marketing Strategist. I'm the CEO & Co-Founder of VOCSO Digital Agency, a creative web design, development, and marketing agency based in India & USA.

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