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7 iPhone App Development Trends to Watch Out

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The ever-growing surge of mobile apps have made the developer realize the fact that mobile apps are no longer an optional investment, they are a necessary investment. The app development industry is rising at an incredible speed making it a secret formula for a successful future of the industry.

The iOS app development trends keep on changing and the developers need to stay well informed about the trends. Last year we saw major iOS trends with huge updates and numerous exciting features which makes it important for iOS developers to keep in mind to stay tuned with the upcoming trends for their upcoming developments.

Without any further delay, let’s look at the upcoming trends that will be followed in the year 2018 for developing apps for you.

01. Augmented Reality Apps and ARKit

Augmented reality has been one of the most important features which Apple launched last year with iOS 11 in September. The augmented reality created great hype ever since it introduced allowing developers to build augmented reality and virtual reality apps for iPhone, iPad, and other devices. The AR apps enable users to interact with the real word in numerous ways.

You might have seen Snapchat and Instagram have integrated augmented reality in their apps providing a whole new engaging experience to the users. It entices developers to integrate AR technology into their apps. ARKit is a framework provided by Apple to create apps with AR experience for Apple devices.

02. Swift Language

Swift is a programming language by Apple which has been replaced by Objective-C to create apps. Swift language is one of the preferred languages by the developers in the app development process due to its simplicity and adaptability. Many developers have started to use this language to build apps without compromising on the quality and security of the apps. Apple introduced Swift 4 packed with advanced features to build safe and fast apps. When introducing Swift 4, Apple claimed swift language to be the easiest to learn language powerful language for iOS app development.

03. Artificial Intelligence and Learning for Siri

Siri has played a vital role in advancing the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) and contextual learning and being a favorite personal voice assistant who understands what we say and what we’re searching for. Now with artificial intelligence and contextual learning, Siri offers a GPS code when you send a message and helps you scan a QR code. It’s expected the coming year will bring new features in Siri for the iPhone users.

04. Apple Pay

Apple launched Apple Pay making it easier for the Apple users to make online payments. The rise in online shopping made Apple realize the need to introduce Apple wallet to make easy payments using different iOS devices- iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch.

The app can be used to book tickets, appointments, and shopping, sending and receiving money with friends and family. It’s one of the trending online payment making services online which is highly secured and you can make online payments without any worry. You don’t need to save your debit card and credit information and make hassle-free transactions. This indicates that Apple is going to introduce exciting something this year in Apple pay.

05. Apple’s HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit is an innovative technology introduced by Apple for home automation. The HomeKit device allows communication between smart devices, it has Siri integrated and you can command instructions to Siri on an iPhone device. In this regard, app developers are creating apps that will allow the connected device to follow the commands. The app will centralize the home device. Apple’s HomeKit is in the eyes of the developers and they’re looking at HomeKit to develop an app in this year.

6. Core Machine Learning

Core Machine learning has been introduced by Apple and has proven to be effective for tasks related Camera, QuickType, Siri. The developers and designers are researching how they can implement the abilities in the iOS app development. The developers have to utilize a couple of lines in the system code. The Core ML offers a level of communication for all iOS devices and face detection feature for understanding the language and develop games. The Core ML is a game-changing language which will develop high-quality interactive apps for gaming.

7. File Management

Apple introduced File management with iOS 11 software update. The file management has an app called Files. With this file, you can save all the files at a single location and they are saved securely. You might have saved your document, notes and files, videos and images at the different place but with this, you can create a folder and save all the files. This allows the user to have his files and apps organized in one place and he can manage and access all the files at a single place. This feature can be used by developers to introduce something exciting in the future for the iOS users.

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Final thoughts

Let’s pour in our final thoughts because we realize how the list can be never-ending. Apple surely knows how to value their customers and serve them well by introducing new technology and features. Every year new trends arise making it necessary for developers to adapt the trends in the app development to keep up with the competition. The year 2018 will witness a boom in the mobile app industry as developers are gearing up to win the app development battle and to stay ahead in the competitive arena. It’s about time to get started with the iOS app development trends. So get started now.

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