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Rich Media Ads: 5 Best Examples to Impress Your Audience

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Rich media banners are advertisements with advanced features such as video, sound or other items that appeal to users. These banners cause the banners to interact with the proposed content. To capture the attention of the public, they can take different forms: expanding or waving, among other things.

They also have the advantage of giving access to indicators based on user behavior, such as the number of expansions, different outputs and video readings to compile complete data on the success of the campaign.

Rich media banners are usually in HTML5 format. They can integrate multiple levels of content in one place, like videos, games, and banners etc. If you’re looking for clicks and a reputation as a brand, this is the ideal banner format.

According to a study, rich media banners increase the visitors three times as compared to standard display formats. The study analyzed 24,000 ads, representing more than 12 billion impressions. The probability is that a user will click, according to the results of the study, it is four times greater than a conventional banner. This probability can be multiplied by nine if the banner broadcasts a video.

1. Rich Media and Standard Formats

Standard format banners are traditionally designed in GIF, JPG or SWF (flash) formats. They can be static or animated, like a flash movie or an animated GIF. In terms of weight, static banners size usually do not exceed 40-50 kb maximum. But the rich media banners size can reach up to 10 Mb.

So, if you’re using rich media banners, keep in mind that the advertiser or creators must give the user the ability to close or stop the rich media banner.

2. That’s Why You Need to Incorporate the Following Features:

  • Mouse -Over or Mouse-Off: The user alone decides to open or close the extension of the banner by moving the mouse away.
  • Close Button: The banner must have a close button for the user to click and close as desired.
  • Play, Pause and Stop for Videos: The user must be able to choose to watch the video, stop it, or even turn off the sound, if necessary.


3. Benefits of Rich Media Banners


1. They Produce Statistical Data

Rich media banners let you track the interaction between your ad and your user. You have specific statistics, such as:

  • How long the user watches your ad.
  • When a user clicks on it.
  • In which part of the ad user clicks.
  • When the user leaves the page.
  • Stats about the number of users watched the video.


2. They Offer More Space

Rich media banners give you more flexibility to add graphics and text because you have more space than traditional banners. You can also include different calls to action on social networks or on the homepage of your website.

3. They have More Effects Online and Offline

Some studies support the idea that interaction with these types of banner ads enhances the brand image and purchase intentions of users both in the digital environment and in physical stores. The greater the exposure and interaction with advertising, the more positive the user’s behavior will be. See benefits of using digital signage advertising for brands.

This translates into more visits, more detailed browsing and more searches for your brand on the Internet.

4. Examples of Rich Media Banners


1.Skin Counter Expandable

This rich media banner ad format consists of a video banner and a skin initially in a fixed position. While flying over the video of the banner, a countdown of 3 seconds begins, at the end of which the layer is put in the full screen.

The skin has a close button in its upper right corner to completely remove the ad from the screen.

The enlarged layer displays the same video twice, one in the background and the other in the center. This creates a double visual effect for the user since the synchronization gives the impression that the elements of the video pass from one square to another. The layer has a close button. This format is designed to be a model so that it is not necessary to program anything.

2. Layered Banner Ad

This is a standard banner ad. When user hovered or clicked on it, it reveals a layer. This can be closed with the closing cross or when the animation ends. The banner has a button allowing the user to reopen the layer if that is his wish.

To view the layer, an opening button is inserted via a hover or click. The layer may have a transparent bottom and it must have a closing cross.

3. Expandable Banners

This format of rich media banners presents a folded advertisement whose size and position are to choose. By hovering over the cursor or clicking on it, the banner expands in both directions, left and down. You can also configure the direction of expansion.

Folded Banner:
In this type of banner ad, you must include an opening button. When this banner ad is clicked or flown over, it enlarges the dimensions of the ad.

Expanded Banner:
To collapse the ad, you must have a close button which activates by clicking or hovering. When this banner ad close, only the folded banner remains. It can be reopened as many times as the user wants by clicking or hovering over the folded banner.

4. Pushdown Expandable Ad

This format consists of an advertisement that gets bigger by moving the content of the website.
It displayed two times:

  • The advertisement is folded up and has a button to expand it. When it retracts, the content of the website moves back to its original location.
  • The ad appears in full, but it does not close until the user clicks the close button.


5. Expandable Overview

How does this type of rich media banner work? The ad is first collapsed and can be expanded by clicking or hovering over the mouse cursor.

This format consists of a banner that extends to the website content in the manner of a paper after a click or cursor hover. It folds by clicking on a close button. The folded banner must have an opening button, by clicking or hovering over the cursor, it extends the advertisement. Here some insights on the top tips to boost customer retention


In conclusion, we can say, when it comes to rich media banner advertising. Building better banner ads can give more leads in your pocket. But before going crazy, we have a piece of advice for you. Check with your publishing network, they have compatibility with these type of ad formats. Most of the time publishers have different rules and this can be tricky to navigate”.

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