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Digital Signage – Benefits of Using Digital Signage Advertising for Brands

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Digital signage provides a specialized form of displaying multimedia or video content in public places for advertising and informational purposes. Digital signs typically consist of playback or computer devices that are connected to bright and large digital screens such as plasma displays or LCDs.

Dynamic Signs

  • Digital signs are used in auto dealerships, banks, bus and train stations, airports, medical facilities, office buildings, libraries, schools, department stores and various public venues.
  • When the display has been connected to a computer, real time updates of information on the screen can be achieved through a propriety network or internet connection.
  • The process of transmitting and storing data is streamlined through compression that reduces file size.
  • Multiple screens can be employed by the system when extra large displays are desirable.



There are numerous advantages linked to using digital signs rather than paper signs.

  • While paper signs need physical travel and individual replacement, you can easily and conveniently update digital signs by remote control.
  • Since digital signs do not require paint or paper, they are an environmentally friendly option unlike the challenge of using traditional signs.
  • Digital signs can deliver sound, visual content and be animated.


Significance of Digital Signs

Digital signage encompasses an industry that is growing rapidly with digital signs that are designed to market to, entertain or inform people that see them. Digital signage technology is often read about, which can make it is easy to forget what this technology is actually about.

It involves achieving communication results above and beyond what can be expected from non-digital strategies. The technology is trendy but many business managers seek to add value to marketing efforts their businesses. This forms the basis of why it is important to use digital signs.

Increasing Visibility

Cutting through the marketing clutter that is created by other businesses from store front signs, in magazines and newspapers, on TV and radio is among the major problems that retailers face when dealing with self-promotion. Digital signage helps to clear away these distractions by directing and attracting the attention of potential buyers that are in a store and ready to make a purchase.

Building Relationships

Well-positioned digital sign messages instead of an ordinary TV that displays a new channel can make it easier for retailers to promote products and offers that are aimed at the audience of digital signage. Within a corporate setting, digital signs in lobbies, for example, are useful for welcoming guests, vendors and other visitors when they arrive. This is a simple yet effective move that demonstrates goodwill.

Brand Identity

Customers have several options between you and the increasing online shops as well as brick and motor competition. With the large number of brands and sellers in different industries, offering a competitive product is no longer enough. You need to be able to convey appealing, consistent and clear messages about your product and brand.

Delivering Important Information

During emergencies, digital signage networks that are already in existence can provide crucial messages that alert customers, employees and various guests about shelters, exit locations and other important information.
There are digital signage systems that are capable of instantly displaying local alerts through third-party sources to provide text alerts and coordinate signage for giving updated information to everyone concerned.

Saving Time

Preparing a printed, static sign is usually time consuming, expensive and labor intensive. A similar message can be produced and displayed much faster with digital signage for your business. Additionally, the ongoing cost of printing a new sign in accordance with changing need versus easily updating digital signs, it will take a much shorter time to yield the returns from investing in a digital sign.

Attracting more Attention

One of the major disadvantages of print signs is that they are static. Human beings are naturally attracted to motion. The eyes are instantly drawn to objects that move. Digital signs that display videos full of motion offer dynamism. This taps into the innate tendency of humans to demand and hold attention.

Increasing Employee Efficiency

Within a production environment, emails do not work effectively. In an environment where management needs to be able to communicate crucial information to several workers, digital signage can covey this type of information to the workface. This is necessary for maintaining an efficient and safe working environment.

Evolution of Digital Signage

  • In the past, satellite and cable TV technologies were used by large organizations to broadcast business news, management briefings, employee training programs and corporate communication. Management found it difficult to communicate with staff since employees were spread across different states and countries.
  • As time went on, small and medium sized companies moved VCR tapes around the country and the rest of the word. Employees viewed company news broadcasts through parcels that were dispatched to business locations, stores and branch offices. Meeting rooms were even converted into dedicated viewing areas for this purpose.
  • VCR tapes were gradually replaced by CDs, DVDs and the internet. Easier access to expertise, less complexity, lower costs and technological breakthroughs were the driving forces behind TV adoptions in the corporate world.
  • Corporate TV is often regarded as the pioneer of digital signage. Digital signs have evolved into a vital communication medium that can be used for various applications.


Reasons to Consider Digital Signs

There are several reasons why digital signs are effective and essential alternatives for communication that managers and professional communicators can no longer do without.

  • Digital signage is used as an effective motivational and communication tool. Different kinds of content such as wayfinding, financial information, sports results, weather reports and news can be displayed.
  • Digital signs are used in locations like movie theatres, sports arenas, fitness centers, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants, retail stores, government offices and business premises.
  • Digital signage is suitable for educating, training, motivating and informing staff at various levels.
  • Digital signs sell, reinforce positive messages and help you get your points across.
  • Digital signs are an effective way to reach audiences during downtime that can be used more productively.



With digital signage you can target any demographic, gender, age group or specific audience. Businesses may have been the initial medium but virtually any entity can install panel displays for the purpose of sharing targeted content with all types of audiences.

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