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How To Adopt A Creative Web Design

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Inspiration and creativity are critical to achieving high success in any web development project. Already, there are several inspirational posts on creative website designs in the web design community offering helpful and productive insights on how web designers can increase creativity in web design. However, if you are looking to be effective at boosting your web design services, you must be willing to adopt creativity skills in web design and not base all your inspiration on other sites, as this can result in the lack of innovation and specialization.

As a matter of fact, you need to be willing to adopt creative web design skills if you really want to evolve and become a better web designer. Most folks start off as visual designers before rising to learning more about usability, accessibility, user experience, conversion or user interface. However, it’s important to understand that without a high-level of creativity, a designer cannot make meaningful progress. If you are looking to boost your level of creativity in web designs, here are some helpful tips to consider.

Start On Paper

The first step to achieving creativity in web design is by giving the pencil and paper a chance. Of course, your project design process can be based on anything that seems to work best for you, however, it is not advisable to start coding from the onset or launch Photoshop to design. In fact, paper tends to work well for most prospective designers who are looking to be creative in their own way.

You can use paper to develop more intricate mockups. Most designers basically use paper to start their designs before transferring them electronically. Through this means, you can easily run through a few different layout possibilities. But this does not mean that it’s the only way to be creative; there are several different ways by which you can be even more creative.

Improve Your Photoshop Skills

When it comes to handling web development in Photoshop, a high level of creativity is often involved. A well-skilled designer can create just about anything in Photoshop. Every now and then, they are always able to deliver unique or creative services to their clients. One of the most effective ways to adopt creative web design experience is by improving your Photoshop skills.

When it comes to visual design, a high level of creativity is required. As a matter of fact, you can boost your creative skills by merely playing with hierarchy, visual balance, and spacing. Try different interesting font combinations or color schemes through which you can design clever hover and scrolling effects or original illustrations.

Experiment With Fonts

As an aspiring web design service provider, you can make a whole lot of difference by changing the typography or the fonts of a design. Unlike color schemes, you only need to make a few subtle changes on the typography and creativity sets in. Even in certain situations where it’s difficult to specifically identify what looks so good, you can give your site a professional, complete look by apply excellent typography.

As earlier mentioned, one of the easiest ways to do this is by spending quality time playing around with different colors, fonts, and font sizes. Do not be restricted to a particular set of fonts. Extend your range and try new fonts. There are several sites online with a good number of fonts on display. Visiting them and seeing things for yourself can be very helpful. From there, you can easily make appropriate choices on the fonts you need.

Experiment With Backgrounds

In recent times, the use of large background images has become more and more popular. Actually, the use of large images has not been challenging as it used to be as there now seems to be a significant improvement to its use. Having a creative background image may just seem to be the right thing to do particularly if you are looking to create a unique site.

However, try not to be too complex with your background designs. There are several creative ways by which you can get your design simplified. It’s all about doing less and making the site look better and not about hiding content or features. Actually, you need more creativity to effectively establish a minimal site than making it look complex.

Feel Free to Try Different Color Schemes

There is no right or wrong rule for developing a creative web design. But interestingly, it’s the final result that determines your site’s level of creativity. As you try to develop something creative, one of the most beneficial things to consider is experimentation. And experimenting with color is one aspect that cannot be overlooked even at the professional level of web development. You can check out these free color palette generators to get beautiful color schemes or combinations for your designs.

You may have a clue of what you want to design, but when you get it into the system and then it finally comes out on screen, the whole story tends to be entirely different. If you have a design that appears to be incomplete, it’s best you try experimenting with color. You can give your entire design a whole new look by simply playing around with color combinations. In reality, there is no better to be more creative than this.

Get Inspiration Offline

As is the nature of a web design service provider, you tend to spend long hours online every day. However, if you plan to become a creative web designer, it’s good you consider getting inspiration offline. In case you do not know, there is a whole world of inspiration around you that you tend not to be concerned about.

As a matter of fact, there are several excellent sources offline that you can easily translate into creativity online, such as interior design and printed publications. Other design types include clothing, photography, nature and the outdoors. There is more to these and they can only be identified or experienced when you get offline for a while.


In conclusion, the need to plan and develop creative ways of solving users’ problems on the web can never be overemphasized. Interestingly, this can only be achieved through meaningful creativity. You can direct your users/visitors right into your call-to-action by simply enhancing your visual patterns which in turn helps to increase the conversion rate.

No doubt, there is so much room for creativity in the industry, however, you must always remember to stick to common website prototypes, design standards, and conventions without deviating to the left or to the right. When it comes to designing websites, there is so much to achieve. So, ensure to be creative and have fun. But don’t let your creativity work against you. In other words, be careful how and where you use it.

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