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How Startups Can Increase Their Conversion by Re-Thinking Their UI Design

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If you wondered what user interface has to do with conversion rates, you’ve come to the right place. The answer is simple: EVERYTHING. When a user lands on a website, in the first few seconds he forms an impression. This impression helps him form an opinion, not just about the website, but the product and services being offered as well.

What is UI Design?

It is the design of user interface for software, on your computer, phones, tablets, cars, home appliances. The focus of a good UI design is to enrich the user experience by making interactions as simple, efficient and effective as possible. A good UI design will anticipate what a user will do, and focus on anticipating what users will prefer within the given website. The creation of UI design combines interaction design, information, architecture and visual design. Inherently, a UI design decodes the way a machine works to the way a person thinks.

What makes a UI design great?

There are a number of factors that determine whether a UI design is great or not, but there are three fundamental aspects that play a vital role in predicting the chances of making it successful.

1. Appealing to the target Audience

The first thing user will notice about your website is its aesthetic appeal. If it is attractive and piques the interest of the user, you can be sure he will spend more time on your website. When designing, learn about the target audience their preferences and understanding of technology and leverage the same in carving the perfect UI design. What may appeal to a teenage girl may not appeal at all to a granny.

2. Branding & Trust

A lot of websites are based on the simple square grid styles, but when a website breaks the monotony and tries a new design, it can hit a homerun. A successful business will carry the essential branding elements across different channels (website, social media, auto-mailers, newspapers, apps). It’s important to be consistent. Branding encourages trust, especially amongst the first time visitors. Further, UI designs can wisely incorporate trust-building elements. Featuring testimonials from a happy customer prominently, displaying logos of your partners/network and having a generous refund policy are few of many ways to build trust.

3. Giveaways for Lead Generation

People want to get a taste of your product or services before they invest seriously. Several successful markets use this as a tool to generate direct and serious leads. If you’re a consultant, offer a free 30 minutes one on one Skype call using a well-timed light box (popup window), which encourages them to enter their name and email. Neil Patel (a well-known internet marketer) has effectively utilized this clubbed with URGENCY and EXCLUSIVITY factors to get more leads.

4. The Call-To-Action & Psychology

If you thought having a shiny red “Buy Now” button will drive you loads of orders, you may be wrong. Pay some attention to details like the placement, color and size of the button. A Call to action placed well in sync with a very effective Value Proposition text will more like have an impact.

How can a good UI design improve your website’s conversion rate?

The potentially million dollar question: so you understand the basics of what UI design is and what elements make UI designs better, but how is this relevant to the conversion rate?

A good UI design does one very simple thing for you: it captures the user’s attention immediately and contributes towards building your brand. And this is vital to generate leads and revenues if the systems are coordinated well.

Let’s trace our roots back to why companies invest so heavily in maintaining a digital presence. It’s very important for companies to be visible and present in the crowded digital sphere, but websites can be essential tools in generating potential leads and clients. These are avenues for potential sales that can be grasped if the process is thought out carefully.

Take Amazon for example. Amazon’s business model is entirely virtual, and over the years, through innumerable tweaks, Amazon has maintained high growth and sales rates because of its ability to effectively convert and close users who visit their website. Their secret? Perfecting the UI design. Every day, different teams at Amazon work to evaluate how they improve customer experience through their website layout and user interface, and perfecting that interaction has allowed them higher conversion rates.

A great UI design will be results-oriented. It will look at the question of what features maximize conversion (appeal, ease, etc.) and enhance those features to augment results. It will create a positive space for the user by using the right color schemes and typography. It will eliminate room for error messages and smoothen all creases for a simple, fluid user experience. And it will keep improving its design constantly to take into consideration user feedback and statistics to grow even better.


UI designs are integral for the purposes of brand establishment and preservation. By enriching the user experience, a company can expect every click on their website to generate a lead or a potential sale. A good UI design will create an environment, which is conducive to such results, and will lead the user a step closer to conversion.

Deepak Chauhan About Deepak Chauhan Hi, I am Deepak Chauhan, a Digital Marketing Strategist. I'm the CEO & Co-Founder of VOCSO Digital Agency, a creative web design, development, and marketing agency based in India & USA.

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