5 Advantages of Choosing a Dedicated Hosting Provider

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    Whether your business is large or in its beginning stages, you are going to be faced with the decision of choosing a web host for your website. Although the most common option is shared web hosting, it does not necessarily mean that it will be the right choice for your site. In shared hosting, a single server hosts hundreds of website which has its own drawbacks.

    Dedicated hosting is probably best for companies that want more control as other types of web hosts do not offer that. With a dedicated server, a single website will be hosted on one machine. Despite the popularity of shared hosting, many companies prefer dedicated web hosts. With dedicated hosting, clients rent a server from the dedicated hosting provider and have exclusive use of their server’s resources. The web host company will provide the client with a CPU, RAM, and disk space that they need. You can visit Hostiserver for reliable hosting plans. If you are not sure if a dedicated server is an excellent option for you, here are five advantages of dedicated hosting to help you understand.

    1. Full Control

    As already mentioned above, one of the advantages of a dedicated server is that you get to have full control and access to your website and what goes on it. All the benefits of a dedicated host are an extension of this major factor which is its exclusivity. In a dedicated hosting provider, you get the resources of a single server. With a dedicated server, there won’t be any bad scripts or spikes in bandwidth usage will not slow your server down. You will not have to share web resources with other businesses or worry about issues such as another site’s script using up all of the CPU or clogging the entire ram, which will send your site to cold storage.

    When the resources of your web server are devoted only to your applications, you will gain direct access to the hardware whenever you want to. You will be able to administer every aspect of the way your server operates. These factors also end up guaranteeing maximum uptime for your website. Shared hosting is best for sites receiving low to medium traffic, and if your website receives lots of traffic, a dedicated server will provide stability and reliability that you need.

    2. Flexible Hosting

    Dedicated servers allow their clients the flexibility where they can customize the server to the clients’ unique needs for RAM, CPU, disk space and software. On the other hand, with shared hosting, a customer is pretty much limited to the applications and the software and operating environment is already downloaded on the server. The company will either offer software their client does not need or lacks things that they do need.

    Organizations are attracted to a customizable server environment that caters to their needs. They can choose the software they need which allows them more control over the configuration of their dedicated server. You can also install a different operating system if you want to and you can choose how much memory a single web task will be allowed to use. Install your own database server, and you can run tasks that consume as little CPU as you want. Owning a fixed IP address is a big deal for a lot of websites, and dedicated hosting gives you just that. Some shared hosting providers allow you to use a dedicated IP address, but the costs are higher while other hosting providers fail to provide even that. In dedicated hosting, you will be using your own IP to access your web server despite facing any DNS issues. You will have a unique IP address which is really for a large e-commerce website that requires SSL for credit card processing.

    3. Security

    Security may be the top priority for any website owner, and it is no wonder why. The Internet is the common ground of hacking and viruses corrupting the data of many people, so you need to focus on protecting your information. Because with a dedicated server you will not be sharing space with a malicious website or a potential spammer, you will be safe from unnecessary hacks. Dedicated hosting also allows enhanced security, which is important for companies that are handling sensitive transactions. In dedicated hosting, the security is improved as compared to shared hosting. In a shared hosting model, if other websites being hosted on the same server are hacked, it would be really easy for the hackers to gain access to your website. When you have dedicated hosting, your website won’t be as vulnerable to security threats on other websites. Check out what type of SSL Certificate your business website actually need to make it more secure.

    4. No Maintenance Equipment Required

    If a company does not have the time and resources to manage a server themselves, dedicated hosting provides a low-cost way to access all the resources of a full server. A dedicated hosting company handles the cost of maintaining the server equipment and reducing the expenses and improving the return on investment.

    5. Better Performance

    In the light of all the advantages mentioned above, it is not a surprise that the performance on the dedicated server is excellent. You will not require any kind of resource limiter for keeping your tasks from using the available resources. Your software will be much more efficient, and you will not have to share the memory cache. Because your web pages will not be required to share resources with the other pages, they will draw upon the power of your disks, CPU, and network hardware. You will be allowed to access hardware without virtualization and optimize the system to meet the needs of any particular application.


    All of these advantages also come with a price, but the advantages of dedicated hosting do surpass the drawbacks. However, you need to analyze your needs to understand whether a shared hosting plan will be good for you or a dedicated hosting plan. Websites that deal with heavy traffic, or have strict requirements for security and customization, will find that a dedicated hosting provider to be their best option.

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