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Are You Suffering From Website Shame?

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You must be wondering… website is something businesses feel proud of… but is that really the case with you?

Are you embarrassed when someone asks you about your website?

Have you ever said or thought one of the following:

1) My website is not up to date?

2) I don’t get any business from my website.

3) Website is not important for my business.

If any of this sounds like you, then yes my friend

“You have a Website SHAME”!!


Has someone ever told you one of this:

1) Your website did not open in IE.

2) It was hard to read in mobile/smart phones.

3) I couldn’t figure out what your company does.

Well then, yes you have a website shame!

Do you recall the moment, when you decided to get your business a website? Well yes it was supposed to become an important aspect of your branding, not only that… it was to function like a 24×7 lead generation channel. But the reality now is far from this. Instead of making you proud and becoming an asset to your business it’s contributing to your embarrassment.

Website shame is a severe business threatening illness!

Yes you read it right. And you my friend as an entrepreneur know this already and been ignoring. Why would you do that? How can you be ashamed of your business website and not do anything about it?

The good news is this disease has a cure.

But let’s find out what really caused this…

Remember how excited you were when you wanted to give your business a website to help you achieve your business goals?

You invited the proposals from web designers, did the comparison of previous work, interviewed few of them, verified the references/testimonials but all of sudden you selected the one that sounded the most pocket friendly. That’s not at all bad. Every business has to work with a budget, but not at the cost that you’re paying today.

Wake up…

1) What happened to the entrepreneurial lesson “Invest wisely”?

2) How come your next door neighbour’s son suddenly became the best choice for doing your website?

3) Oh yes… the $45 template from theme forest?

You knew you really wanted to work with that Vendor, but their pricing were high. I’m not saying hiring the vendor with highest pricing is always the right thing to do, but what you did was certainly not the best choice either.

Well now that you realize this, we can turn things around.

Plan a complete website revamp.

1) Put together a content strategy – it has to align with your business goals

2) Identify what do you want to achieve from website

3) Chose a website design vendor that understands Conversion, Engagement, User Psychology & Search Engines

4) Base your website on an easy to use Content Management Platform.

5) Focus on Value Proposition and CTA and not solely on graphics

6) Make your website Responsive.

I would love to see how you implement these. Website shame can be cured. Let’s help you with that.
Share your thoughts below.

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