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7 Questions Every Website Home Page Should Answer

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There are some things that if your homepage can’t answer, then you need to question its viability. It is said that you have about ten seconds to make an impression, but in reality you have just five. So if you have got to make an impression on your client, it better be on the homepage, which is the face of your brand. Here are the answers your homepage will need:

1. What is the site all about?

The first thing the client should understand by an overview on the home page is the type of services you provide or what business you are running. You must have a value proposition for what your company does because without this the client is in no position to know what service you offer. If people can’t figure out what your company offers then they are unlikely to run a search on it.

It’s clear what this site is offering

Therefore, make sure that the question of what you offer is addressed briefly and in an articulate manner within a glimpse of the home page. It is advisable to use highlighted larger font for this purpose or do some creative stuff like circling on the important things.

2. Who is the target audience?

If the visitor cannot tell who the product is for then they cannot know if it is open, or may end up assuming it is open when it is not. Some sites provide an age restriction for users under 18, who are redirected to another site. Segmenting your services for the various potential users can be a good way to go. For example, if you are running an online store, then you could divide it into groceries, electronics, and so forth. Optionally, you could have a section for retail buyers and wholesale.

A detailed drop down for multiple audiences 

The idea is to be able to accommodate all your customers into your site so that the design is welcoming to all. You could make use of some online tools like Mobify and Squareup that are a help in this sector and rearrange your site for this.

3. How much am I parting with?

Being able to keep the client, thus far, is a step towards excellence in your site. Now they would like to see how much the service or goods they are acquiring will cost. In this case, you have to clearly outline the prices of each, preferably in a way that is easily relatable. Optionally, you could opt to do a product review for the items with an extra page which gives the product price therein. So you could have an upfront design for pricing, or you could choose to explain the product first, then give the pricing later in the review.

Upfront design for pricing

4. How does the product work?

This could just be a little tricky to give this information all in the homepage without looking bulky or squeezed. You could lay everything on the table using graphs and brief explanatory statements for products that require quick and un-detailed persuasion.

Large buttons make it easy to find out how this service works

For the wiser, a How it works’ button can be helpful. This is an option to having all the info in a single page.

5. Are you trustworthy?

The client should be able to find your design subtle yet trustworthy. If other people have used your product and have found it satisfactory, then this is to your advantage. Possibly put up a few testimonials of client feedback and you might be on your way to convincing a few more clients to take you up. People will always trust others and so testimonials sell your service.

i) Portfolio

Show the people what you have done to make them ‘more real

ii) Testimonials

Show the people giving testimonials to make them ‘more real

iii) Business Reviews

Customers love to check out your customer feedback

6. Getting started?

Now that you have convinced your client to take up your services, offer a step by step illustration of what is going to happen once they purchase the services, which includes the mode of payment and the reception date for the goods. Offer some free demo designs for your site. Discounts and freebies also work wonders.

Nudge people into the actions clearly

7. Sharing?

Have social media links where clients can follow or like your page for the sake of sharing your awesome services with their friends. A good service always calls for more clients.


Your site should be open yet informative to your potential clients. With this, your business may just see the upward surge it needed.

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