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15 Best Web Development Tutorials for Beginners

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In the past few years, there has been an ever-growing demand for websites and consequently an equal increase in the number of website designers in the market. This is due to the ease and availability of tutorials all over the internet which teach people the basics of the art. Even as this information is readily available, it is important to have the ability to distinguish between tutorials that give you high-quality information from those that give you just the basic information. In this article, we are going to look at the 15 best web development tutorials that will guide you to creating a professional website.

1. W3Schools

W3Schools offers a rich resource to learn and practice both HTML and CSS. This website understands the principle of practice makes perfect because at the end of every topic, there is a ‘try it yourself’ link that takes you to an online coding platform and you have the chance to try out what you have learned. This is good for reinforcement.

2. Tizag

Tizag is a website that offers a wider variety of tutorials as compared with W3Schools. This is because in addition to HTML and CSS, they also offer PHP, MySQL and flash tutorials. This gives the learner a chance to comprehensively learn and equip themselves with website design skills to create powerful and dynamic websites.

3. Codecademy

Codecademy is a website that offers a wide variety of web development tutorials in an environment that promotes interactive learning. It has tutorials for more programming language than for tizag. The unique thing about codecademy is that your learning experience will be similar to that of an actual university, only that you can decide the timing and location of your lessons. During your learning process, you will get projects so as to help you practice the new skills you have acquired.

4. A List Apart

A list apart is another rich source for web design tutorials which will help you get to the top of your game. Its guides are aimed at making someone a better web designer and focus mainly on web standards.

5. Designing within Web Standards

This Designing within Web Standards a book which is freely available on the internet. It is written by the ‘God Father’ of web standards and it will give you a great insight into how to create web applications that are in line with the main website standards.

6. CSS Zen Garden

CSS Zen Garden provides an amazing and also fun platform to learn website design by just using CSS. They provide web design tutorials that teach you a wide variety of possibilities that you can achieve using CSS.

7. W3C Validator

This is a great online tool which helps you to check whether your website design has complied with the professional programming standards. W3C Validator tool examines your HTML and CSS to determine if your programming has valid code by checking it against W3C open standards in order to pinpoint which parts of your code need amending.

8. GitHub for Beginners

Github provides a platform for web designers and developers to collaborate in undertaking software development projects. Using Github, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of the trade and help you master the fundamentals of website design.

9. 30 Days to learn jQuery

jQuery is a programming language which enable you to create out of the box effects in your website. This is a client-side programming language and this means the page does not have to reload in order for the action to be executed. 30 days to learn jQuery provides the necessary tools and tutorials to enable you become a guru in jQuery.

10. Coding Pitfalls for Beginners

This tutorial gives you an insight on the commonly made mistakes that are made by programmers who are still learning. Coding Pitfalls for Beginners tutorial will help you avoid these mistakes and greatly reduce debugging time. Its main focus is in the Ruby, JavaScript and PHP programming languages.

11. PHP 101 for the Absolute Beginner

PHP is the server-side programming language used in creating highly dynamic websites. A majority of websites are coded using this language. PHP 101 tutorial will help you understand this coding language and give you a chance in creating dynamic and even database driven websites.

12. Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Ruby on rails is based on the Ruby language and it is one of the most popular web development frameworks. Ruby on rails can also be used to create powerful and dynamic web applications and this tutorial will give you the knowledge you need to master this programming language.

13. I Love Typography

I Love Typography is a website that provides web development tutorials and is mainly focussed on the typography aspect of website design. Typography in website design refers to the art of arranging your website into a pleasing and appropriate layout. On top of these tutorials, they also offer freebies which you can download and include in your designs.

14. Tutsplus

The good guys at tutsplus offer website design and web development tutorials on their website. They are free to use as you are on course to becoming a professional designer.

15. Mozilla Development Network

The Mozilla development network is from the team behind the Firefox web browser. They have web development tutorials classified from beginner to advanced level web programmer and they are mainly focussed on HTML, CSS and javascript.


In conclusion, irrespective of the web development tutorials you choose to follow, do not forget that website design is not only an art but a skill and practice will be the most important part of your learning. Do your research on the latest design trends to ensure that you are equipped with the latest web designing knowledge and techniques.

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