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See How Prakash Laser Doubled Organic Search Traffic in Just 6 Months - SEO Service Case Study eBook
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Prakash Industries are a pioneer in printing and laser cutting. The 20 year of a great successful venture by Prakash Industries reflects its ability to deliver. The laser is being used for cutting, marking, and even for engraving information on various applications. Prakash Laser is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of laser cutting, marking, engraving, and printing machines. Prakash Industries are using the most updated technology for their laser machines. They have developed computer programs for operating and adjusting the speed according to need. Their workforce is quite experienced and highly qualified. Prakash Industries have also maintained a 100% customer satisfaction level.

The primary aim of PRAKASH LASER was to increase the number of website traffic organically and Google search engines ranking on certain targeting keywords to sale laser cutting, marking, and engraving machines. There was another reason to get hired our SEO services by PRAKASH that they want to build a strong web presence on the web.


  • With our efforts, PRAKASH LASER began to received 83.83% more organic traffic.
  • With our efforts, PRAKASH LASER began to increase 102.14% goal conversion rate.
  • With our efforts, Radvision World Consultancy began to see higher Google SERPs rankings for over 100 key phrases on the web. Website rankings improved
  • almost 93% keywords are in Google top 10.
  • Download the eBook to know what we did increase the Google organic search traffic to the Prakash Laser website
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