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For Small Websites


  • 6 Targetted Keyphrases
  • 15 Relative Keyphrases
  • 6 Optimized Web Pages

Billed in advanced every 3 months

$349 Per
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Small to Medium Websites


  • 10 Targetted Keyphrases
  • 25 Relative Keyphrases
  • 10 Optimized Web Pages
Code Optimization

Billed in advanced every 3 months

$549 Per
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Medium to Large


  • 15 Targetted Keyphrases
  • 30 Relative Keyphrases
  • 15 Optimized Web Pages
Code Optimization
PR Writing & Distribution

Billed in advanced every 3 months

$799 Per
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For Medium to Large


  • 20 Targetted Keyphrases
  • 45 Relative Keyphrases
  • Complete Website Optimization
Guest Blogging
PR Writing & Distribution
Code Optimization
Digital Asset Creation

Billed in advanced every 3 months

$1,299 Per
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Compare Features of Each SEO Marketing Package

We make it easy for you to choose the right package. See exactly what you get when you subscribe to one of our affordable SEO packages. We have crafted each package carefully based on the business needs and the size of the website.).

Features Starter Visibility Performance Booster

Initial Analysis

Features Starter Visibility Performance Booster
In-depth Website Analysis
Initial Website Audit Report
Initial Backlinks Analysis
Competition Analysis
Relevant Keyword Research
Duplicate Content Check
Technical Advice on Website

On Page Optimization

Features Starter Visibility Performance Booster
Meta Tags Optimization
Site Structure Optimization
Improve URLs Structure
Content Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization
Images Optimization
Heading Tags Optimization
Effective Use of Robots.txt
HTML Code Optimization
Functionality Issue Resolve
Sitemap Creation
Load Time Optimization
Page Speed Optimization
Google Analytics Setup
Webmaster Tools Setup
Add Google Rating

SEO Content Marketing and Link Acquisition

Features Starter Visibility Performance Booster
Blog Writing & Posting 1 2 2 3
PR Writing & Distribution 1 1 2
Guest Posting 1 2 3
Article Submission 1 2 3 3
Forums & Discussion 5 10 15 25
DOC / PDF Submission 1 2 2 2
Blog Commenting 10 15 25 40
Video Marketing 1
Infographic Distribution 1 2
Business Profile Creation 5 5 10 20

Social Media Marketing

Features Starter Visibility Performance Booster
Social Submission
Facebook Page Setup
Facebook Ads Management
LinkedIn Page Setup
LinkedIn Ads Management
Twitter Profile Setup
Twitter Ads Management
Google+ Page Setup
Google Adwords Management
Pinterest Profile Setup
Audience Building
Other Social Pages Setup

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Features Starter Visibility Performance Booster
Directory Submission
Local Business Listing
Search Engine Optimization
Local Keywords Optimization
Google Business Listing
Bing Local Listing
Classified Submissions
Local Audience Building
Inbound Links Optimization
Outbound Links Optimization
Monitoring Online Reputation

Analytics & Reporting

Features Starter Visibility Performance Booster
Keywords Rank Report
Google Analytics Report
Activity Report
Monthly Action Plan

Achieve better SERP rankings, more organic traffic and increased long term returns

Our 5 step SEO optimization process ensures that your business gets the most out of our results drive SEO services:

  • 1.Analysis

    Learn, measure and understand the customer needs and website requirements to moving in the right marketing strategy. We prepare a clear analysis report for your website or mobile app to find out all of the SEO errors.
  • 2.Strategy

    Create powerful SEO strategies and implement these consistently to getting higher search engine rankings and improve organic traffic. We use 100% white hat search engine optimization tactics to grow your business.
  • 3.On-Site Optimization

    Make your web pages high quality that search engines and users love. We do effective On-Page optimization techniques For better ranking easily accessible for visitors. On-page optimization is one of the most important phases of search engine optimization.
  • 4.Content Marketing

    Follow the right content marketing strategies to engage your potential customers online. We focus to create valuable, relevant, and consistent content to make your web pages up to date, improve web pages visibility and get quality backlinks.
  • 5.Monitoring & Reporting

    Monitor the website performance like website ranking, traffic, user behavior, site content performance, customers need, business goal and much more and reporting these things to the client.

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frequently asked questions and answers about
our best SEO plans and pricing in india

How long before I can see results?

New sites take longer than old sites to show up in top results. Once the campaign starts, we will provide you with an expected timeline based on technical site review and keyword analysis. Generally, new campaigns can take 5-6 months whereas established sites may take 3-4 months to show improvements.

How will I know if the campaign is making any progress?

We do regular activity updates as well as send monthly rank reports for all the keywords that we are working on. In addition, we also provide detailed traffic and website usage reports to show how traffic source and conversions are improving.

Are your link building methods Google Penguin safe?

Yes, they are. We use a wide variety of anchor text which will be a mix of synonyms, plural/singular forms, combine keywords, brand only, whole sentences etc for all submissions. This prevents from over-optimizing anchor texts and creates a natural anchor text distribution.

Do I need to do anything extra to comply with changing search engine guidelines?

No, it's all taken care by us. Our processes and quality standards are constantly updated as per the latest changes in algorithms. From the link partners to the list of article directories, we review everything from time to time.

How will I get project updates?

We have a 24/7 online project management system where your campaign(s) are set up, complete with individual tasks and milestones. You can talk to the team, send files, see all project reports, updates and find communication logs here.

Who will work on my campaign?

VOCSO has a team of more than 20 experienced SEO professionals. We provide you an Account Manager who will be responsible for managing your campaign and will ensure that the campaign is on track. The Account Manager will

I want to take a min and talk about Deepak and Vocso team.We have outsourced web projects to many offshore companies but found Deepak understands the web content management and culture of US based firm and delivered the project with in time/budget . Also in terms of quality of product exceeds then anything else on which we work on offshore association I would recommend them for any web projects.

Rob Elliot

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