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Responsive Website Design Services
let content flow seamlessly

Responsive website design allows your content to flows seamlessly like water across multiple devices hence increasing engagement & effectiveness.

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You’re LOOSING on 67% OF YOUR opportunities

Responsive website design is not only a luxury or a nice to have option, it’s a necessity to provide a richer cross device experience.

This is such a huge price you’re paying just because your website is not responsive to different screen sizes. Responsive website design works as both, on page and off page strategy.

Mobile friendliness of a website recognized by major search engines as a strong ranking signal. By optimizing your website for tablets and smartphones in addition to PCs, you attract more traffic, more engagement and generate more leads.

  • Simpler & Adaptive Navigation
  • Mobile Friendliness is a strong ranking signal for Google
  • Reduce abandonment & bounce rate
  • Over 1 billion people use mobile devices to browse websites
  • Mobile usage increased more than 130% between 2010 to 2015
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I want to take a min and talk about Deepak and Vocso team.We have outsourced web projects to many offshore companies but found Deepak understands the web content management and culture of US based firm and delivered the project with in time/budget . Also in terms of quality of product exceeds then anything else on which we work on offshore association I would recommend them for any web projects.

Rob Elliot


Technically Speaking...

what’s the big deal?

Trust me, you wouldn’t want to get your hands dirty with all the technical stuff, but in case you’re curious...

Increasing Mobile Browsing Trend

Over 1 Billion people are browsing internet via mobile phones & it jumped by over 30% between 2012 to 2015

Almost 18% decrease in bounce rate.

This means more opportunities & customers for you.

Boostrap + CSS 3 + jQuery

True Responsive Website with Bootstrap 3 + CSS3 and jQuery. Less time chasing the perfection.

Comparitively 27% less distraction on smartphones

Surveys have shown users on smartphones and tablets are more attentive because of less distraction.

Strong Ranking Signal for Search Engines

Not only people, but search engine also loves responsive websites.

VOCSO is the best joomla development team to handle all your joomla
website development & customization projects.



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