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Features of Web Application Development

Web Application Development Service
for future

Sophisticated web applications are built with strong focus on the four fundamental principals; usability, performance, scalability, and security, the heart of our custom web application development process.

For a successful web application development, VOCSO team evaluates latest trends and advancements in technology platforms to lay out the foundation of a strong and effective investment. Whether it is B2B or B2C, a solution that is cost effective, unique, and surpasses your expectations is what we aim for in our custom web development engagement with your business.

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Web Application Development Introduction Video

Web Application Development Service Introduction Video

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Go 4 Custom Web Applications
here is why

Web applications well mapped with the business needs are a game changer.

Why compromise with the “standard” features of off the shelf softwares. Go custom!

  • Amazing custom built web app - shaped from your idea

    Most of the web applications are built around ideas to solve problems or improve business efficiencies. We work with you develop your idea into a full fledged web application.

  • Recurring Revenue Generation - using SaaS ( Software as a Service ) model

    Productize your idea into a beautifully crafted SaaS platform. This is an enticing model for revenue generation, as it appeals to individuals and smaller businesses who can't afford the enterprise softwares.

  • Easy to Manage, Secure, Scalable & Made for future

    Custom web applications built with the right approach are easy to manage and scale up. The MVC framework allows segragation of desig and data from the business logic. Off the shelf softwares are comparatively easy to exploit, whereas custom web apps can have different layers of security.

  • Leverage 3rd Party Tools & APIs for Faster Development

    Custom development can leverage the existing third party tools and APIs that you already work with. For example, integration with payment gateway, CRM, google tools, calendar or even internet enabled hardware devices.

  • High Application Maintainability - Low Cost of Ownership

    Custom web application can be hosted at your own premises or a hosting of your choice, giving you full control of application and data. There are no rental to be paid for the ownership except for those third party tools, wich are very low.

  • Strategically Designed For Best User Experience Across Devices

    Give people the freedom to use web application across desktops, or smartphones and tablets on the go. Simplyfing the features and layout based on the screen for best user experience.

Technology & Platforms Expertise

to create the perfect web applications

Core Technology & Platforms that we use to develop highly scalable and robut web applications

Expert hands on Third party Tools & API Integration

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Web Application Case Studies
custom built

These are some of the many case studies we feel proud boasting about

MULTI-Website web application for IncarExperts INC, Swedesboro(NJ), USA based startup

IncarExperts started as a buying group for caraudio retailers representing 204 store locations working as a $220 million collective. The startup needed an efficient way to create and manage the website for their member stores.

We customized our proprietary MultiSite engine to help them manage their operations and even attract new dealer members. Eventually this platform became a driving force behind the startups acquisition by MERA, USA. Here is a brief list of services rendered...

  • Custom made MULTI-Site Engine to create/manage 200+ stores

  • Store locator for finding stores using zip code

  • Twilio Integration - connecting prospects to Stores

  • Mobile app for store owners

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white-arrow, Email Scheduling & Tracking SaaS Application, NewZealand based startup

Listboom founder, Mark Magill from Newzeland came up with an idea to enhance the success of their marketing emails. While there were so many emailing services that allowed bulk emailing, listboom wanted to provide marketers with a way to schedule email in days, weeks and months in advance and be able to track when it was read. Giving marketers the ability to know when their prospects read their email is definitely a huge power. As this would aid them in better & successful followups.

VOCSO worked closely to brainstorm on the best user experience and developed a no frills Web application. The web service allows prospects to subscribe their accounts online and setup their account in minutes. Here are some highlights.

  • Self managed SaaS application

  • Integrated with Amazon SES & Sendgrid for email tracking.

  • Acquired more than 700 subscribers till Dec, 2015

  • Recurring source of revenue - integrated with recurly for payments

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Logistics Bidding - Aggregator Web Application Platform, Indian Startup is a brain child of India entrepreneur Mr. Mohan Ramaswamy & Mr. Sukhveer Dhariwal. They wanted to build an agregator web application for the Logistics service industry to help Indian companies solve their logistics problems, mainly, reduce cost, better tracking & administration.

We developed an unparalleled logistics aggregator web application platform, that received great appreciation from all the stakeholders and investors. Some of the main features...

  • Bidding from transporter & fleet owners

  • Trucks suggestion based on load

  • Real Time Tracking - Integration with GPS device/service

  • Online booking & payments

  • Aggreement & documents management

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