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Google’s Hummingbird: A new strategy for perfect search results on Google

Have you ever tried searching for one sentence in a whole big book, with no order of contents? It’s messy and chaotic. Searching digitally is still a better option. This is the reason why people loved the Search Engine Optimization techniques Penguin and Panda. Everyone felt that this is enough to make the searching process simple. But the new Google ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm is bliss for those who thought Penguin and Panda are ultimate.

Google’s Hummingbird Update

SEO practitioners worldwide are accepting that the Hummingbird is only a fine tuned and doubly able version of the semantic searching capability of Google. This is because; Hummingbird is more about searching depending on the whole sentence, to provide the most relevant search results.

Why is Hummingbird special?

With the given existing options, when you want to search in Google about “ What is meant by a pediatrician “, then Google search will sort all the web documents which talk about “ What is”, “ Meant by”, “ What is meant by”, “ What a Pediatrician” etc. Of course, this list of web documents will also contain pages which talk about “What is meant by a pediatrician “. But the purpose of the search is to find the meaning of Pediatrician, so these many web pages which have popped up as a result of the search may not serve the purpose.

But with the new algorithm Hummingbird, Google searches all web pages for the whole sentence which has 99.9% chances to serve better in terms of relativity. If you are to search for “What is a Pediatrician” then only those web pages will pop-up in the search results which have the whole term. The ranking of these web pages to get place in first page of the search will happen depending on the completeness of the sentence that matches with the searching sentence.

Though there were many updates rolled out to the existing algorithms Penguin and Panda, according to Google search chief, Hummingbird is a completely re-written version which has dramatic changes from the current version.

Hummingbird and Google

Google has been re-iterating about understanding the intention of a search from long time. It was always about the meaning but not the word alone. This is where reliability between the given searching phrases and the top ranked results on page1, play a key role. Like in the example quoted above if someone is searching for the meaning of pediatrician and if the first page of the search result is all about addresses of famous pediatricians, then the search is futile.

By this new creation, Google has proved that they have improvised the ability to handle search queries that are complex. This needs a lot of efforts put into effective indexing of billions of web documents. This algorithm also proves that the knowledge graph of Google is definitely getting enriched, in order to accommodate this “sentence based search” criterion.

We see that many people today are using mobile devices and voice options for searching. This means that now it is largely about the intention/meaning of the search and little about the word. The new strategy adopted by Google is absolutely dynamic enough to the changing needs of people.

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