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Have you ever asked yourself what kind of content is the most shared of Twitter? Have you tried to create the most exciting content to post on Twitter in order to get your posts shared by more users? Whether it is memes, quotes, or blog posts, there has to be a certain type of content that can help your traffic and branding more.

Some studies made on Twitter actually show what is the most exciting content shared by Twitter users. For instance, one of these studies has been analyzing 398,582 tweets and 1,000 Twitter users in order to figure out the most shared content. As expected, the results of the study show that not all the content on Twitter is created equal and certain types of content stand out from the crowd and overpass the rest.

Twitter images are shared more than videos

The results of the study are somehow surprising, because it seems that on Twitter users tweet images 361 percent more than videos. Even more concluding is to study the number of retweets and favorites. In these categories images are getting 128 percent more retweets than videos. However, for the favorites the situation is reversed, as videos get 49 percent more favorites than images.

For the online marketer that means it is best to brand a product by using images than videos. Producing images is, anyways, quicker and easier than producing videos, and requires fewer resources as well.

What about the type of image content that is most shared? The study has shown that 62 percent of the images shared were humor based, while only 38 percent were other image types. So if you try to maximize your marketing and branding efforts on Twitter, it is best to find a way to infuse humor into your corporate brand.

On Twitter text outperforms images

Another surprising and counter-intuitive result of the study is that on Twitter text performed better than images. From all the tweet analyzed, 93 percent were text based with no images or videos. What is even more intriguing is that 65 percent of those text based tweets also contained a link. The link is important for online marketers because it can drive traffic back to their website. It seems that on Twitter tweets with links get retweeted 86 percent more often. One important rule is to keep your tweet under 100 characters, because that can also get 17 percent more sharing.

Focus on how to and list based type of content

The analysis of the text based tweets discovered that what did extremely were tweets that linked to list based and how to articles. They received on average three times more retweets. In the category of content about personal matters, tweets about luxury lifestyle did the best. So you can tweet about a fancy house, watch, car, vacation, or yacht, if you want to get more retweets and favorites.

On Twitter quotes outperform questions

Another result of the study is that quotes tend to get an impressive 847 percent more retweets than questions. The users who tweeted quotes on Twitter also have 43 percent more followers. On the other side, questions seem to get more interaction and replies than quotes. They have 1,050 percent more replies than quotes, because they are an appropriate mean for interaction and conversation. One conclusion from these findings is that you can combine images and quotes as a mean to get more retweets. By branding your company with images and quotes, you can increase the number of Twitter users who will start seeing your company’s logo.

Memes are not among the preferences of Twitter users

On Facebook memes perform well, but compared to Facebook on Twitter are not as many memes passed around and they make up the smallest percentage of Twitter tweets.

That means you would not get results in increasing your traffic or branding if you try using memes on Twitter.


If you are an online marketer trying to get the most results from Twitter for increasing traffic, then consider creating list based and how content on your website. Then share it and push it out on Twitter. If you want to get the best results for your branding on Twitter, then the best way is to create image based quotes for your company’s logo and push them out on Twitter.

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