11 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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    The residents of the current Digital Age are addicted to the social networking sites. You will hardly find someone who doesn’t have a social media account. And it’s not just the contemporary generation, but people from all generational groupings are equally obsessed with the social media, pertaining to the entertainment value that they provide. This gives a massive marketing potential to the entrepreneurs and small business setups and through these widely and wildly-used forums, they can reach greater audiences and gain greater exposure.

    Running social media campaigns for small businesses is not an easy task. It involves a lot of hassle, consistency, and hard work. One has to be dedicated and full of innovative and creative idea to run an effective social media campaign. Coming up with new and innovative ideas for marketing campaigns is very challenging as the audience expect them to juggle the social media forums with engaging and entertaining posts. Followers and subscribers are hungry for creative and catchy content and that too recurrently. We are going to give you some amazing marketing tips for running effective campaigns on social media.

    1. Schedule a Series, on Daily, Weekly or Monthly Basis

    Instead of a bulk of random posts, start a series with opportunities to interact with your followers and fans on a consistent basis. Efficiently tackle topics and issues related to your products and your social media audience. Stay aware of the topics and queries that your audience wants to know about. The easiest and most hassle-free communication can be done through Twitter and it only involves a branded hashtag and you can start off. Schedule these sessions regularly. This is an effective way to engage followers and subscribers with your brand.

    This practice helps you know the concerns and queries of your followers quite well while making them realize that you care. Showing up regularly can be a solid milestone for you if you are a starter.

    2. Running a Contest or Hosting Giveaways

    People can’t say no to ‘free’. This is the psyche of followers, subscribers, and customers. Running a contest or giveaway is one of the most effective and impactful tricks that you can use on social media to effectively engage potential clients and customers. Instagram is best known for hosting such giveaways and brands have recognized the power of it. By running a contest with a free giveaway, they get a massive number of followers and subscribers when they ask subscribers to tag their friends in the post. Brands that run a contest often grow faster and gain a greater audience. All you need is:

    • Something that you are giving away, and ideally, it should be from your own product line and if it’s a joint venture with some other brand, you can mix the products of both.
    • Add terms and conditions and legally cover yourself. This will also make your giveaway contest look more legitimate. People will not take it as a scam.
    • Devise creative ways to enter the contest. Encourage hashtags and keep track of your followers.

    To spike the follower count and subscriber’s engagement contests are a great idea.

    3. Hosting AMA

    If you are on Reddit, you know it already. AMA (stands for ‘ask me anything’) is a series that offers an amazing opportunity to engage and educate your followers. AMA’s are Q&A sessions and you can easily share insightful knowledge and information about your brands and products. If you have had your initial struggles and now you have an influence in the industry, you have the credibility to host an AMA. Share personal stories, your challenges, and help people who are struggling. These sessions can help you engage larger audiences and gain more followers. Plus, You get to flaunt your success story and showcase the face of the successful business that you have today. You get to raise awareness about your brand and you don’t even have to be salesy or pushy about it. You get to learn the interests, concerns, and expectations of the audience.

    4. Share, Regram, Retweet and Repin

    Let your fans, followers, and subscribers do the talking. Not all the content on your social media account feed has to revolve around your own products. If you promote the content of your relevant brands, they do the same for you and you can engage more audience. Also, your followers acknowledge you as an active part of the industry. Also, encourage your followers to share, regram, retweet, and repin your posts on the respective social media platforms.

    5. Sharing Bite-Sized Videos

    Marketing through videos is an essential and effective marketing technique. Videos are catchy and gain attention. If made creatively, then get thousands of shares too. Brands should invest and make efforts to create innovative, catchy, engaging and bite-sized videos. One idea is to incorporate powerful social messages into your videos alongside your product campaign, and trust us; your video will be shared at an exponential rate.

    6. Take Benefit of What is Trending

    We all get to know what is trending through and on social media forums. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are your primary go-to-resources to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. You can always avail the benefit of the trending topics and make them a part of your campaigns, posts, videos, hashtags, and so on.

    7. Teaming Up With Other Brands

    Co-marketing and teaming up is essentially a win-win scenario. Team up with different brands whether it is hosting a giveaway together or conducting a campaign or promotion or a webinar. In this combined effort, each brand gets to have exposure effectively to other’s audience. Sync up and co-market with other brands and achieve massive exposure.

    8. Tutorials and How-to’s

    Blog posts are not essentially the only thing that your audience requires to get their enlightenment. Although, posts and articles are a good mode to deliver instructions and knowledge about your products, social media marketing tactics are way effective than the posts. Whether it is a makeup brand or a recipe page, tutorials are a great idea. For instance, makeup fans dig makeup tutorials. Make use of this marketing tool and you will reap great benefits. Consider making short yet comprehensive videos about your products. Social media users tend to watch shorter videos more.

    9. Go Live

    Live videos are compelling and have their distinct effect. People on Facebook spend a good while watching live videos as compared to the videos that are previously recorded. Consider live streaming whether you are conducting an AMS session or you are vlogging, or you want to respond to users in real-time, consider going live for a more interactive and personal connection.

    10. Giving Customers Coverage and Spotlight

    Give your valuable customers a shout-out that you appreciate and honor them as your customers. Share their experiences with your products, user-testimonials, and reviews in an effective manner to inspire others and get more customers. You can even share videos of your customers giving reviews. Post photos, video clips of people who are perhaps wearing your products (in case of makeup, clothing, footwear, bags, skin care, or relevant products). You can do this on weekly basis.

    11. Make Memes

    A sense of humor is a great thing to engage the audience and you shouldn’t be afraid to express some humor of your own products. Memes are in trend and satirical and humorous posts catch the attention of the users right away. Make them shareable.

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