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Saas Development

Software as a Service(SaaS)

Software as a Service Development or Subscription Based Software Development

Are you a software vendor...

  • Trying to build a recurring source of revenue?
  • Interested in minimizing the support and maintenance cost?
  • Having a hard time providing upgrades to users?
  • In need of increasing customer base by minimizing installation cost and time?
Software as a Service is the perfect delivery model for your business.

SaaS or Software as a Service is an on demand software delivery model where the software is hosted at a central web server accessible to all subscribers and are offered as a subscription. It is becoming the choice of modern day internet software vendors (ISVs).

As per the reports from IDC & Gartner Group, SaaS market is going to exceed more than 80% of the total software solutions being sold in near future. Implementing a SaaS based software solution is easy and cost effective and hence businesses are switching away from traditional licensing model to subscription based model.

Advantages to Internet Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Ensures a stable recurring income
  • Reduced maintenance and support cost and overheads
  • Allows for easy future upgrades or bug fixes
  • Businesses can quickly adapt and learn as its cost effective compared to the traditional software which requires costly infrastructure
  • Ability to target customers with different needs and paying capacity with the help of flexible payment options
Advantages to Businesses
  • Zero Installation & low cost – business love it, because usually it takes no time or cost to setup the software.
  • Software is always up to date with automatic and FREE upgrades
  • Remote 24x7 access
  • Flexible payment options –chose subscription based on the need
  • Can easily switch to another provider
  • Low risk because of zero installation and low cost of setup

At VOCSO, we´ve the experience and expertise of developing SaaS based solutions. We´re one of the fastest growing SaaS development company in India. Our SaaS developers do every bit to ensure that your transition to SaaS is smooth.

We would be glad to help your business grow.

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