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Landing Page or Lead Capture Page

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What is a Landing Page?

Landing page is a jargon used randomly by the digital marketers to refer to a page where the visitors usually “land” in the pursuit for a particular product or service. The landing page is focused on just one specific goal.

It’s seen that successful landing pages are placed distinctly away from the main website pages, usually have no global navigation. This is done in a view to eliminate any distractions or unnecessary options that may drive user away from the specific goal of the landing page.

Types of Landing Pages…

There are 3 major types of landing pages.

  1. Lead Capture ( or Lead Generation) Landing Pages
  2. Click Through Landing Pages
  3. Launch or Coming Soon Pages

Lead Capture ( or Lead Generation Landing Pages

The purpose of lead capture pages is to capture email and other contact details of the visitors with a goal to market or reach out to them in future. The page offers some value ( usually some ebook for the target audience )  in exchange of the contact details.  Some of the best scenarios to use these landing pages are …

– Consultation for professional services
– eBook & Whitepaper downloads
– Free Trials
– Discount Vouchers


Click Through Landing Pages

As the term indicates, the goal of Click Through Landing Pages, is to direct the user to the another page. It’s widely used by the ecommerce websites to persuade the users to a specific product page. Click through pages educate the visitors beforehand, hence increasing the chances of conversion. This is also used by membership and SaaS portals to warm up the visitors before sending them to registration pages.


Launch or Coming Soon Pages

Launch pages are very popular now amongst startups who setup launch or coming soon pages to capture email addresses of people interested in the services with a view to market to them when the service is available in future. This helps in building a database of prospective subscribers and buyers.



Creating a highly converting landing page…

Creating an effective and highly converting landing page in itself takes a lot of research, experiments, learning and improvements, however there are some no brainers, that every landing page designer must pay attention to.

  1. Be clear about the goals and stay focussed
  2. Remove any distractions or optional information that may lead the user away
  3. Do not use a global navigation with many links
  4. Include trust building elements e.g. testimonials, trust seals, etc
  5. If you’re using a lead capture form, just keep the fields to only the most essential ones. Do not ask a lot of information that you may not need initially. Usually stick to the name and contact details
  6. Allow them to call or chat with you, if they don’t feel like filling your form.

Deepak Chauhan About Deepak Chauhan
Hi, I am Deepak Chauhan, a Digital Marketing Strategist. I'm the CEO & Co-Founder of VOCSO Technologies, a creative web design, development, marketing agency based out of India & USA. I love to blog about my experiences and strategies to help new startups. When I'm not working, I'm either traveling, playing foosball, cricket or learning photography.

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