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Inbound Methodology & Inbound Marketing

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The Inbound Marketing Methodology Steps


One of the most powerful tools of the internet is the Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing makes use of content marketing strategies to generate interest in your products or services. By creating and sharing content that appeals to your specific segment of customers, you attract qualified prospects.

As depicted in the illustration above, the Inbound marketing methodology has four important steps.

Attract – Convert – Close – Delight

Step 1 – ATTRACT

By using the right keywords & content strategy and organic and social sources, you attract the right visitors, who have the potential of becoming the a good customer.


Step 2 – CONVERT

Once you’ve attracted the right visitors to your website, you want a way to be able to contact them in order to move them up the ladder. At the least you will require their email or phone number. Visitors will be more than happy to give you their contact details if you give them something that has value for them.  We call this “Lead Magnets” . This could be a discount voucher, some ebook or something else that can be consumed almost immediately ( usually within 5 to 10 minutes).


Step 3 – CLOSE

Now that you’ve the digital currency ( contact details), it’s time you make efforts to convert your leads into your customers. The goal here is to have them signup for your service or buy your product. This can be achieved by sensing the signals via a well planned marketing automation. There are various tools e.g. getdrip or mailchimp that will help you with this.

Step 4 – DELIGHT

Most people stop caring once they have closed the deal. But this is in essence an opportunity to show awesomeness of your company and delight your customers. By delighting your customers, you have two benefits

– your customers become loyal to you and start promoting your services and products to their network

– secondly, it allows you to up-sell to them and increase your customer lifetime value.

Reach out to them asking them to spare a few minutes to survey about their experience, this makes them feel valued.  Also because they are already your customers, you have an opportunity to create content or offers that are of their specific interest, hence increase your chances of up-selling.  It’s also recommended that you monitor your customers on social media and see if there are problems you can help them with.

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